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Are you looking for white label taxi app development? Hire our app developers to design, develop, and deploy a taxi booking app solution that’s affordable, reliable, and easy to use.

Taxi App Development Company
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With mobile technology and smartphones penetrating every aspect of our lives, there has been an exponential rise in various types of services. On-demand taxi app development solutions have gained prominence and have become a part of the routine life of metropolitan cities and small towns.

If you are looking to enter into this business, you are not late. And you’re certainly not at the wrong place either. We use our skills and competence to build on-demand taxi apps that are on par with giants like Uber.

Our developers are compatible and capable enough to create an app that is aesthetically pleasing to look at and has smooth functionality with no compromises being made on user convenience. User-friendly is an equally important target for us. Bug-free. Check. Latest technology. Check.

At Siddhi Infosoft, our team of well-equipped and passionate developers can build taxi app services with some fascinating features that match the demands of the users. Our past services have helped us establish ourselves in the market and leave an impact that paves the way for others. Our developers can work efficiently for all platforms, including Android and iOS. After discussion with our clients, we organize and structure features that are convenient to use and save users any hassle.



How does taxi booking app development solution work for passengers?

Looking for a cab

Upon downloading the app, users have to register their account on the app. As soon as this is done, they can open the app and gain exposure to the availability of the taxis nearby. One has to turn on the GPS on their phone for the app to be able to track the user’s location and connect with the drivers.

Book a ride

After entering the “where to” location, users can just tap on “book a ride”. Any of the nearby drivers accept the ride. The app gives an estimation of the arrival time. Moreover, users can track the taxis and accordingly plan. The ride information that becomes available after booking a taxi includes the car number, colour, model and driver’s name, ratings. The purpose of these details being made available is that users can share it with trusted contacts to ensure a safe ride. Once the driver arrives on the designated location, the app gives users a reminder for their ease. The push notifications like these help in building an efficient app in both iOS and Android.

Looking For Cab

Payment and Reviews

Most of our apps include multiple payment methods such as e-wallet, cash, credit card etc. The users may also leave behind a review of the ride. For instance, driver’s awareness of the routes, his conduct with the passenger etc are a few of the things that one can keep in mind while typing a review and rate the driver so as to aid the other customers in making an informed decision.

Features like access to the previous history of rides and emergency buttons, that direct automatic calls to the relevant departments, are some additional features that we include in our on-demand taxi apps to ensure that customers have a safe and hassle-free ride. The auto-fare also gives customers an idea beforehand about how much the trip would cost them. This eliminates any and every chances of confusion and makes the whole process regulated.

Payment and Review
Works For Drivers

How does on-demand taxi booking app development work for drivers?

Each driver registered on the app has a unique UI that is directly connected to the admin dashboard. This is a method to track all of the driver’s activities and locations. Driver’s unique account helps him to choose rides. Drivers can also keep a check on their total distances travelled, rides taken, and the cumulative and individual earning. The dashboard also gives drivers a view of their average ratings which, if needed, they can later work on improving.

Route algorithms designed efficiently help the rider in choosing the most time-saving and optimal route. The app is designed so as to allow the drivers to choose or reject any ride they wish.

How does taxi app development services work for the admin?

The app designed for admin is more sophisticated since it requires all the features to track the overall working of the system. The dashboard enables the admin to trace all the users, rides, and monetary earnings. The reports on money and each driver’s rides are also consistently functioning and accessible to the admin. Lastly, the admin app also needs a descriptive view of all the cars, their current locations, the drivers, and fares.

One of the new trends on the rise is carpooling. Developers at Siddhi Infosoft are quite skilled in including features like carpooling. This means people in or around the same region can carpool in one taxi if their drop-off locations are aligned or fall in the same route. Fare splitting is then done according to design algorithms that keep the traveled kilometers in the account of each passenger.

Siddhi Infosoft is a leading on-demand taxi app development company that helps to gauge the market share and catch up with the rest of the competitors with ease. We try our level best to encapsulate flawless admin, passenger, and driver apps that work smoothly without any technical glitches. The work does not only end with developing apps. It is our utmost aim to make changes, no matter how big or small, in the app whenever required by the client. Compared to our competitors in the ever-growing market, our service lies in the suitable price brackets while simultaneously providing results that can function anywhere and anytime.

Works For Admin

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