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What is an IoT platform?

Internet of things is a platform with a multi-layer technology that allows upfront, management, automation, and provisioning of all the connected devices within the IoT universe. Basically, it connects your hardware with the use of start-up-grade security mechanisms, wide-ranging data processing powers, and agile connectivity options. At Siddhi Infosoft, our experienced developers of IoT platform are able to provide a variety of ready-to-use features that speeds up the application development for the interconnected devices and especially focus on cross-device compatibility and scalability.

Therefore, an IoT platform can work differently for everyone, it all depends on the way you look at it. Commonly, it is denoted as middleware when it’s about how it connects remote devices to user applications and looks after the interactions between the application layers and hardware. It is also known as an IoT enablement platform or a cloud enablement platform to identify its core business value that empowers your standard devices with applications and services that are cloud-based.

IoT platform as the middleware

IoT platforms were invented in the form of IoT middleware. Its main purpose was to work as a mediator between the application layers and hardware. Its key tasks consisted of data collection from devices over various network topologies and protocols, device management, remote device control and configuration, and over-the-air firmware updates.

To be useful in real-life diverse IoT ecosystems, IoT middleware is required to support the incorporation with any associated device and merge in with the third-party applications the device uses. This freedom from overhanging software and underlying hardware enables an individual IoT platform for managing all kinds of connected devices in the same upfront way.

Latest IoT platforms go a step further and incorporate various important features into the application layers and hardware as well. Providing mechanisms for analytics and frontend, cloud-based deployment, and on-device data processing, some of them can manage IoT solution implementation easily and efficiently.

IoT Platform Middleware

Advanced IoT platforms

In addition to this, there are various important criteria that differentiates IoT platforms from one and another, for instance, customizability, scalability, code control, ease of use, deployment options, integration with third-party software, and the level of data security.


It is an important factor in the delivery speed. It is diligently related to, the worse connection of the components of a platform, integration APIs flexibility, and transparency of source code. For small and unchallenging IoT solutions suitable APIs are enough whereas, rapidly evolving, feature-rich IoT solutions typically require the developers to have a great command over the entire system, integration interfaces, its source code, data schemas, deployment options, security mechanisms, and connectivity.


Scalable (cloud native)

High-tech IoT platforms provides flexible scalability across various endpoints required by the client. This proficiency is sometimes taken for granted for public cloud deployments however, they should be specially tested in case of an on-premises deployment, including the load balancing capabilities of a platform for improved performance of the server group.



Data security consists of wide-ranging identity management, encryption, and agile deployment. End-to-end data flow encryption, which consists of device authentication, data at rest, private cloud infrastructure for sensitive data, and user access rights management – these are the basics of avoiding possibly compromising cracks in your IoT solution.

IoT Platform Business

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions & Consulting Company

Siddhi Infosoft’s IoT platforms play a crucial role for start-ups and smart device vendors, who use it to prepare their products with real-time monitoring functions, remote control, pluggable cloud services, configurable alerts and notifications and integration with smartphones and other devices of consumers.

On more ideal feature of Siddhi Infosoft’s IoT platform is cost optimization for the organizations in the, agriculture, industrial and transportation subdivisions by remote monitoring of vehicles and devices, prognostic equipment maintenance, gathering sensor data for actual production analytics ensuring security, and fleet delivery tracking.

Large-scale IoT clouds are ideal solutions for smart city, CSPs and smart energy integrators. By using Siddhi Infosoft’s IoT platform, your company is able to develop IoT infrastructures to deliver all types of new services for public service companies, regular clients and huge corporations. Some of them can be are connected car services, city-wide air quality monitoring, smart grid metering, smart building placements and several others.

Our IoT platform is an innovative and cutting-edge technology to improve and enhance customer experience in healthcare, retail, travelling domains and hospitality. It can easily be used to ensure tailored services and hassle-free interaction between the company and its the customers. In addition to this, an important feature is treatment solutions and remote patient monitoring which are user-friendly and convenient to use. It can save a lot of time on regular hospital visits. At Siddhi Infosoft, we make collecting comprehensive patient data extremely easy and effortless with our exceptional IoT solutions. On the other hand, retailers and various hospitality firms prefers rich data collection for creating private offerings and conduct efficient marketing.

IoT device management companies

Siddhi Infosoft is one of the leading IoT solutions provider. Our expert professionals empower organisations to scale and connect professionally by facilitating them to provide cutting-edge IoT powered solutions.

With an extensive experience, Our IoT application development empowers the businesses to fill the gap between the real and digital world. We take pride in having the finest IoT services providers working in our competent development team who are extremely motivated to innovatively development and design. Our exceptional IoT services enable the companies to flourish by renovating and renewing their network infrastructure, business operations and operational models.

At Siddhi Infosoft, our skilled and proficient team has worked a number of IoT projects, building end-to-end IoT solutions. The whole spectrum of Siddhi Infosoft’s services offer include consultation, integration and development of IoT solutions.

Our unparalleled IoT platforms serve as a bridge between the connected device’s sensors and data networks, empowering the IoT device to receive the transmitted data and information using a safe internet transfer protocol.

At Siddhi Infosoft, our professional and skilled development team provides seamless IoT services. Want to know more about our services? Contact the best IoT Company right now.

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