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We can help you to develop successful bike-sharing apps like Ofo and Mobike with an exclusive range of features. Give bike riders a convenient and pocket-friendly experience with our rent bike app solution.

Bike Sharing App Service

How to develop a bike rental app?

Bike-sharing schemes have expanded to a whopping number of 1500 throughout the world. This exponential increase has served a lot of purposes for people and governments alike. Siddhi Infosoft has played and is still playing its part to be a major contributor in the bike-sharing schemes operating in India.

To the normal public, the bike-sharing apps developed by Siddhi Infosoft come as a great opportunity to travel both long and short distances without having to own a bike. Bikes are easier to handle and drive in the alarming traffic of the big cities. It is also, no doubt, a much affordable option that comes without any additional baggage of having to spend bucks on regular maintenance of bikes.

Moreover, rent bike apps ease the burden off the government from public transport and aids in reducing congestion in the city by leaps and bounds. The real benefit of the efficient working of our apps is how it contributes towards making transport more eco-friendly in a metropolitan giant like India. The bike renting system is quickly gaining prominence in small and big towns alike.

Siddhi Infosoft with its finesse skills has made its mark. With our expertise in the department of developing bike-sharing apps, we promise efficient results that would not disappoint in the long run.

Let’s take a look at how are our bike-sharing apps generally operate. All you need is a smartphone to get started.

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Locate Bike App Image

Locate a bike near you

Don’t worry, this might sound highly technical but it isn’t. With the growing use of smartphones, everything is just a click away. Going to the station and renting a bike is a bit (or maybe a lot) hectic especially if the station is far away from your place. Our rent bike apps give customers the ease to find a bike nearby. using the GPS location tracker.

Unlocking the bike

Once you reach the location of the bike, it comes to unlocking the bike. The apps we develop allow the user to unlock the bike with a QR code. Each bike comes with its own personalized QR code. All you have to do is give a single tap on the “unlock” button and proceed with scanning the QR code. This automatically unlocks the bike. Since bike-sharing app development is meant to be efficient and make long and short distance travel anything but a hassle, our apps are designed to particular be categorized as “easy to use”. Locking and unlocking the bike becomes doable for people of all age groups owning a smartphone.

Ride away!

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Locking bike once the trip ends

As the trip ends, it’s time to find a location nearby where parking the bike is allowed. Lock the bike using the bike number that is fed into the bike rent app.

Making payment using the app

The mode of payment is constructed to be user-friendly and something that isn’t worrisome. Our bike rental apps come with an in-built e-wallet that makes it possible for the payment of each trip to be deducted automatically. This means there’s no hassle of carrying enough cash with you for each trip or waste time in making the payment. The apps also include a deposit option that customers can access anytime from the comfort of their homes.

Making Bike App

Access to history of the trips made

Do you think there’s no record of all the trips you’ve made in the past month? Well, you’re incredibly wrong there. Once you log in to the bike rent app with your personal account and mobile number, the app has a consistent history of all your trips, no matter how short or long it is. The tab of trip history will take you back to the very first ride you made, even if it was two years ago. The history includes your to and from locations, the payment, and times of beginning, and ending the trip.

Moreover, the apps also show the route taken for each journey so customers can also check the distance traveled on each trip. Such state-of-the-art features are in demand by all the customers and we ensure that bike-sharing app development is able to meet all of the demands with convenience.

The world is getting more and more information-centric with each passing day. We make it a point that our bike-sharing apps reflect this and give detailed access to all the data for the ease of customers.

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Advance booking of bike

In case customers want to book a bike in advance, that feature is also available on our apps. Advance booking helps with reaching the designated location on time. For instance, in order to ensure you are not late for a meeting, class, or doctor’s appointment, you can book a bike in advance.

These are just a handful of features that our on-demand bike-sharing apps include. Other features in the bike-sharing apps developed by us include geo-fencing, payment integration, etc. The approximate time for developing such an app is anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. But there is an ultimate guarantee of the app working fine without any technical difficulties for a long time.

It is our belief that our bike rent apps when used by bike-sharing services would go a long way in making the public transit system something that is convenient and employs a low-carbon footprint method. Building an app that aligns with the pace of current trends in our area of expertise.

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