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Are you planning to build a music streaming app like Spotify? Hire our app developers and create an excellent on-demand music streaming platform that your audience will love.

apps like spotify

Enter the app market with an app like Spotify

The music streaming world has become highly lucrative in this digital age. With the release of an app-like Spotify, you will get an opportunity of earning more. Our music app development professionals will add the most captivating features to make the app highly attractive and valuable.

Get a unique on-demand music streaming platform

We create a robust music platform that presents users with songs of different genres. However, although we provide you with a clone app, our product is customizable. You may ask our developers to remove some Spotify features and add other features. Thus, create a unique music app focusing on the taste of the target users.

Why invest in music streaming apps like Spotify?

Spotify and SoundCloud are some leading audio streaming platforms for music enthusiasts. It has transformed the way of searching for music and listening to it without any download. As these features have attracted lots of users, you may invest in the Spotify clone app and SoundCloud. We can design and develop on-demand music streaming apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Why choose us for on-demand music streaming app development?

Server installation

We not only create your music streaming app but also install it on the server. Our hosting capabilities will surely save you time and effort.

White Labeling

Our music app development team will provide you with a customized product with proper white labeling.

Tech service

We have a team of tech-savvy professionals to help you in solving the technical problems of the app.

Streamlined launch

Our team launches the app successfully in App Store and Play Store, as we know guidelines to do it.

Source code

Our app development company will deliver you the source code used to design the music streaming app.

Bug solutions

At an affordable rate, we manage your app’s bugs to enable you to retain the user base.

Features of music streaming app

apps like spotify

Search filters

Users can search their favorite songs by artists, music album names, music genres, and other options. Therefore, these criteria simplify the search process.


Our app can automatically suggest the right songs and music genre depending on the users’ tastes. Our technologically advanced app will engage your users.

Download music

Download favorite songs from the app. Besides, these downloaded songs are available in offline mode.


Users can mark their favorite music and create a custom playlist. Also, they can easily remove songs from this list.

Multilingual solutions

Users can set the language preference from the dashboard. With Spotify clone script, we make the app available for the global audience.

Group creation

It is easy to make a group where members love a particular music artist/album. Other users may join the group to get benefits.

Recently played

Users can find their recently played songs every time they open the app. They can repeat the playback of those songs.

Trending tracks

App users can identify the most trending songs in the app. They can easily play those popular songs.


Users may search songs by old and new albums. Besides, they can easily hit the right one for their needs.


Every music lover likes to listen to songs of their favorite artists and songsters. The app dashboard presents them with a list of reputed artists.

music app development


While some of us prefer romantic songs, others look for sad songs. Based on the music theme, users can make the right choice.

Review and ratings

Users may leave comments on how they have enjoyed a song. Thus, others can read those reviews and get values.

Multiple payment integrations

We integrate more than one payment mode to let premium users pay for your app. Our developers also ensure highly secure payment technologies.

Premium features added to Spotify clone app

Better sound quality

Users can enjoy 320kbps audio streaming solutions when they have paid for your music app.

Offline music play

If there is no internet connection, premium users can enjoy their favorite music using the app.

No ad

Advertisements will cause no distractions to the premium users of your music streaming app.

Unlimited access

The paid versions can give access to millions of songs from your mobile app.

Carplay mode

Your music app will automatically turn on this mode while you have connected your mobile to your car with Bluetooth.

Share music

Users can link their music app account to their account in Tinder and Instagram to share the frequently played songs.

music streaming app development

How do we create an on-demand music streaming app?


Our app development consultants will listen to your needs. Moreover, we think it to be highly important to build apps successfully.

App architecture

We think of the app structure and configuration to make our development process smoother. You can collaborate with us in this step.

Frontend app design

Our developers make sure that the frontend design is aesthetically pleasing to enthrall users. We make an easily navigable and user-friendly interface.

Backend design

Our programmers take the responsibility to create the backend design. However, our customizable process gives you full control.

App testing

To find out shortcomings and flaws, we test our apps. Thus, our app will function properly.

Launching the app

Let us launch your music streaming app after creating it rightly. We help you in attracting several users.

Why choose our Spotify clone music streaming app?

Personalized lists

Music lovers can create a separate list of their favorite songs. At any time, they can access those songs.

Offline playback

We reserve this feature for your premium users. Without turning on the internet connection, they can play music.

Social media integration

Your app users can share their favorite songs on different social media sites. We integrate this feature to develop the Spotify-like app.

Easy search

App users can find their preferred music from the library. The quick search option lets them get into the amusement world.

Big library

We rely on this technology to simplify our iOS app development process.Impress your app users with music albums from a range of genres. Music enthusiasts can find entertainment with a few clicks on the app.

Free Subscription

You can set a limited trial period for users. Besides, after this period is over, users need to pay a subscription fee.


What are the ways to earn money from an app like Spotify and SoundCloud?

You will have different ways of earning revenues from the app like SoundCloud and Spotify. The most common monetization option is in-app advertisements published by advertisers. Also, you may charge a monthly subscription fee from users. Moreover, you can keep some features secure only for premium users.

What makes your Spotify clone application different?

We load your app with the most innovative features. You can easily make your music app more popular than other similar products in the market.

How much should I pay for an app like Spotify?

We estimate your app development cost based on different factors, like the overall development time, the number of features, and technologies used.


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