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Are you planning to build a language learning app like Duolingo? Hire our app developers and build a learning app that allows the user to learn new languages and crowdsourcing translations.

An app like Duolingo- Create a Language Learning App

As you have dreamt of developing an e-learning platform, you may have some particular ideas. You can speak to us free to help us in tailoring your app. Our app-like Duolingo will present you with useful features to establish your business in the online world.

Take up the lead and make money on language apps

Language support expressing feelings and communicating, which influences the daily lives of members of any profession, region, and race of the world. People are looking for various ways of learning foreign languages through different apps. At times like these, the educational apps that can be used for learning foreign languages are in great demand.

We have the best tech specialists who always update their knowledge with the latest tools and technologies and can build an app like Duolingo.

What is an app like Duolingo?

Duolingo is one of the language-learning portals, offering more than 90 training courses in a range of languages. Created in 2011, this platform has become highly popular in this tech-savvy world. As Duolingo has achieved success, many entrepreneurs and startups have shown interest in developing similar apps.

How do we build an app like Duolingo?

Customer-focused solutions

We focus on the end-users. We also check out the market conditions to provide you with the quality app.

Writing and translation

The real-time translation feature makes the app highly functional. Besides, writing training is another profitable thing about the app.

Latest UI trends

With the best UI, we make your app unique and engaging. We have learned the secret of making this app successful with the latest trends.

Localize the app

We know that you have the target to convert lots of users into loyal customers. Moreover, with the app localization technique, we localize the app content based on the language of the target audience.

Using modern technologies

The integration of Artificial Intelligence and gamification features make the app highly attractive to learners. We also use IoT and AR/VR technologies to develop the app.

Ready to market

As you have hired us for education app development solutions, you may promote the product easily to the app market.


Easy profile setup

Trainees and trainers can create their profiles in the Duolingo-like app with basic details and start benefiting from it.

Educational courses

App users can find options for choosing any of the language courses and other training courses. You can learn something on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

Push notification

Has the learner not gone through the full training course? Push notifications will send them reminders and help them in achieving their goals.

Profile management

Users can adjust settings of their profile from the dashboard. They can do it with a few clicks.

Revision and Practice

It is another feature defining the purpose of the app. Users can work on different exercises and also revise their lessons from the content displayed on the app.


Gamification is the most motivating feature, added by our education app development professionals. Learners will have more interest in their training courses due to these gaming elements.

Popup message

It is one element that reminds users with notifications to engage in educational activities. The inspirational message will benefit every learner.

Badges and achievements

If learners have undergone their training courses and done every task, they will have these badges. Besides, the leaderboard will inspire them to learn more.

Social media integrations

New users can sign up with the app using their social media credentials. Moreover, our elearning app development company finds this feature essential for an app like duolingo.


We include it as a part of the gamification features. Sound effects and animations make the interface highly engaging.

Why choose us for eLearning app development solutions?

Dedicated team

Our professionals deliver you the best app integrated with new ideas and designs. We provide you with tailor-made solutions.

Industry knowledge

Our tech-driven team has the best industry knowledge to provide you with a quality app. Moreover, we have served lots of clients from the educational sector.

On-time delivery

As we use the most advanced technologies, we can deliver the app on time. Besides, we are systematic in creating the app and testing its features.

Tech-savvy workforce

Our app developers use the most ingenious technologies to build an app like Duolingo. We know how crucial apps are for your business and hence we design and develop them as per your specific requirements.


Our result-oriented approaches offer you a premium quality product. Invest in our apps and make your business highly lucrative.

Some interesting features for an app like Duolingo

Online Community

Our specially designed language learning apps promote communications. Learners can join a forum and interact with others about the lesson topics and other issues.

Video conferencing

This live streaming opportunity can take the app to a different level. Users can confidently learn something new from the app.

Engaging User Interface

We build aesthetically beautiful apps with sleek interface design. Our developers also pay attention to every detail to develop the app UI.

Vocabulary learning

There are options to learn basic vocabulary. Users have to add lessons of vocabulary to make the app users.

Audio clips

To learn any new language, it is crucial to focus on the hearing practices. You can add short audio clips and videos.


How much it costs to develop an app like Duolingo?

We rely on a number of factors to make an estimate for e-learning app development solutions. Our professions need to know the chosen app platform. Moreover, there is a cost difference between frontend development and backend development.

The design process, adopted by our team, is another factor that affects the overall cost. The integration of several features can increase the rate of our services. Our app testing and QA processes also reflect the amount you need to pay for education app development.

What technologies do you use for developing Duolingo-like apps?

We always think it to be important to choose the right tech stacks for an app. Angular JS, Node JS, and Java are some of the common frontend development technologies used by our developers. Moreover, we also apply database technologies, including MySQL and MongoDB.

We design an impressive app interface with JQuery and CSS3. Furthermore, our knowledgebase also includes Spark Hadoop big data frameworks. Our tech stacks are never limited, and every day, we look for the release of new technologies.

Thus, you will get the most technologically advanced educational app from our e-learning app development company.

How will I earn from investing in an app like Duolingo?

We will help you to learn the business model related to the application like Duolingo. One of the best ways of earning from it is the in-app advertisement. Your app may display free content for users.

However, as the app becomes popular, it will attract several brands. You can place their ads based on CPI and CPC.

Moreover, another trick of increasing your revenue is by implementing the subscription model. The educational app enables users to win prizes, and they can use the in-app currency to find some premium content.

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