App like Dunzo

Are you planning to build an app like Dunzo for your food and grocery business? Hire our app developers to build an app where your customers can find different delivery services under one roof.

Dunzo like app- Unleash potentials of multi-service apps

We can build an app like Dunzo where customers can easily have the essential products at their doorsteps. This multi-service app comes loaded with the latest features that can take your business to the next level.  When it comes to on-demand delivery business, timely delivery and effective methodology are vital in the continued growth and streamline the way of earning revenues.

Find a higher-profit margin with app like Dunzo and Postmates

Lucrative solution

Find an opportunity to earn higher revenues by increasing sales with a quality app.


Your business will never remain stagnant, as we provide you with a scalable app.

Vast user-base

Also, you will find it easy to draw the attention of several customers with app like Postmates and Dunzo.

Brand awareness

Launch our app and increase your brand visibility in the relevant industry.

Global presence

Take your business at a global level and gain customers from different countries of this world.

A comprehensive platform

App users can find any type of service provider from the clone app.

Why choose us to build an app like Dunzo and Postmates?

User-friendly interface

Our apps will have a user-friendly and attractive UI to engage users and draw their attention.

Multi-language compatibility

Buyers using the app will have no inconvenience, as they can adjust the app content's language.

100% customizable

We tailor the app based on your business model and needs.


As you think of developing global business, our app enables your users to pay in any currency.

Payment modes

App users can pay you using internet banking, e-wallet, card, and cash.

Real-time tracking

Our expert app developers will be in touch with you and give you updates about the app status.

Features of the app

In-app profiles

App users can save and retrieve their data and preferences with a few clicks. Thus, their profiles are easily manageable.

Browse service

Customers can look for reliable service providers in the nearby zones. They may also make the search based on the desired services.

Multiple orders

Buyers can place a number of orders at a time. A carefully laid out path helps delivery executives in case of multiple tasks.

Live tracking

Service agents and customers can track each other. We integrate GPS technology to develop the app.

Pin location

A customer chooses one location repeatedly for a service. He can pin that location for easier use.

Pickup location

This feature is essential for the cab service. Customers can input the location from where drivers have to pick them up.

Drop-off location

Customers can mention the address of their drop-off location. We also integrate Google Maps into the app for convenience.

VOIP-based call masking

With Dunzo like delivery app, it is easy to hide phone numbers of customers and delivery agents while they communicate with each other for better security.

Subscription package

You may add this feature to attract more customers. Lots of customers can choose the subscription package to get discounts.

Absolute Privacy

Our developers make sure that we will keep up non-disclosure policy for app users. We always give priority to the factor, like privacy.

Tracking link

We enable customers to share the delivery tracking information with others. Customers can do it with a hyperlink.

Announce discounts

Businesses and service providers signing up with your app can give discounts. We have the best multi-service app that is helpful for customers.

Ad banners

You can also use the app to host ads. Our app interface has space to add the advertisement banner.

Task deadline

Besides, users can enter dates and timelines within which one has to do his task. Thus, this feature helps in making the business more productivity.

Track delivery

Customers can check out the real-time progress of the delivery process. They can do it by logging in to their account.

Task details

Delivery professionals may view the delivery history details at any time. This feature enables them to know their performance.

How do we create an app like Dunzo and Postmates?

App design

Our app design team creates an interface with the most attractive elements.  After approval of the design from the client, we move ahead to the next stage.

App Testing

While we have successfully developed the app, our QA team checks out the app’s performance and functionality.

App maintenance

Dunzo like app may have some technical issues in the future, and we will help to solve those bugs.

Pre-development analysis

We make a preliminary analysis to identify your business’s needs and provide you with the best app solution.

App development

Our app developers start creating the app as per the approved design.  Features and functions are integrated into the app.

App launch

Our professionals launch your app successfully and ensure that it is easily accessible to the target users.

What makes our app distinguished?

Intuitive Interface

We develop app like Dunzo for optimal performance. Our app works seamlessly on any device.

Web platform

Our programmers can create a web platform that looks similar to your Dunzo-like app. You can reveal your company details with it.

Successful launches

We ensure that there will be no issue in launching the app. Your Dunzo-like app will easily get the approval of the App Store and Play Store.

Measure traffic

We think that this feature is important for an app like Dunzo. Besides, service agents and customers can check out the traffic to determine how much time it takes to process a request.

KIOSK booking

Using special KIOSKs, customers may book services. So, this feature makes app like Dunzo and Postmates innovative.

Easy to market

When you build a new app, you may need a lot of time and resources for it. Thus, hire our developers to build an app like Dunzo.


What are app like Dunzo?

A multi-service app like Dunzo is full of features. It is customizable, and thus, we provide you with a reliable platform.

What types of services will I offer by launching the app?

Dunzo like app helps customers in booking delivery and transportation services. So, you can customize its services and features to leverage the benefits.

How do I earn from the app?

You have several ways to earn revenues from the app. Moreover, commissions and ad banners are some of the common ways to get profit.

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