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Are you planning to build a social media app like Instagram? Hire our app developers and build a custom app, letting people share pictures and videos publicly.

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Share snaps and videos using an app like Instagram

Make your app popular as the best destination to share photos and videos. As Instagram has achieved shocking success, you can now apps similar to that with its features. Hire our app developers and get benefits from an Instagram clone app.

Instagram like app with the look and feel of the real app

Instagram has turned out to be a source of inspiration to those who like to earn revenues from social media app development. You will find it easy to make more money from launching an app with photo-sharing features and chatting opportunities. We have learned the steps to develop the most impressive photo-sharing app. Hence, your app will become one of the biggest platforms that may trigger lots of conversations among users.

Our focus is on the outcome

You can never ensure success simply by building an app like Instagram. That is why we continue working with you until you find the desired result from the app. Indeed, there are several other photo and video-sharing apps in the digital world. However, we can distinguish our products by using the best technologies.

What makes our Instagram clone unique?

Simple interface

Our team can combine features of Instagram with some other social media apps. While keeping the interface simple, we make the product unique.

Social integration

We can include tweets, follows, mentions, favorites, friends adding options, and several other features to your app.

Smooth performance

Despite managing the high volume of data, our app performance remains intact. Your photo-sharing mobile app will work smoothly.

Interactive UX

Interactions are one of the metrics to your success. We design the app in a way that users can communicate with each other.

Data storage

As lots of users sign up with your app and create profiles, the digital platform needs to store a vast amount of data. Besides, we ensure a vast database storage space with the app.

Responsive design

We focus on the way how our mobile app responds to every click of users. Moreover, users can easily make swipes and taps while using our interface.

Instagram App Clone Screens

social media app development

Social media app development features

Intuitive home screen

Users can find their updates and newsfeeds directly from the home screen.

My profile

From this section, users can identify how many followers and how many posts have been posted till now.

Edit profile

From the easy-to-use dashboard, users may change their username, password, and profile photo.

Follower list

Instagram like app users, can find their followers and people whom they have followed.

Latest newsfeed

This feature presents users with the trending news related to their followers, celebs, politics, and other topics.

Upload videos/images

The versatile Instagram like app will let everyone upload and share videos and images with their friends.

Activity logs

Users can check out their past activities in the app by clicking on Activity logs.

Search tab

App users can find out their friends, famous personalities, and channels using this tab.

Photo editors

To help users adjust their image filters, we have included this feature in the app.


Users may post images in this section, and they automatically disappear after 24 hours.


We can integrate an in-app camera into your platform. Thus, users can click photos and send them instantly to their friends.


By adding hashtags in comments, users can make their messages viewable to many other users.

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Let your app users get notifications about the request acceptance, comments, likes, and someone going live.


Your app users can engage in conversations using this internal chat room.


- It is easy to share location with others using this special geolocation feature of our photo-sharing mobile app.

Features for the admin panel


As an admin, you will have a view of the daily activities of users and their profile details.

Manage posts

Posts of your app users will be viewable to you. Also, you may delete posts that violate your rules.

Manage users

You have the option of deleting and managing user profiles by analyzing their activities.

Authenticate profiles

As it is essential to determine genuine users, you need to verify their profiles. Based on authenticity, you can accept/reject the profile creation request.

Publish ads

When brands have requested you to provide a space for displaying their advertisements, you can manage it easily.

Check reported profiles

If a user has reported against another app user, you can find the reason and take a step.

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Premium plugins for marketers using the Instagram app clone

Custom Group

Users can create custom groups to post relevant videos and photos. Besides, group members can engage in conversations.

Live Videos

It is a special module, which enables users to post live videos. Users may also remove outdated videos from the gallery.


With our app like Instagram, we can integrate this feature to help users share long videos.

Shoppable tags

Businesses using your photo sharing app can use the option to tag photos in photos. Buyers can buy their products with one click.

Geo-tagged content management

Marketers will find this feature valuable, as they can make their posts visible to potential customers from the target location.

Hyperlink bio

Use hashtags and hyperlinks while writing the company bio. Business owners using your app will get benefit from this feature.

Social Media App Development Process

Develop the wireframe

Our team creates the wireframe of your app to present you with a concept. Besides, the app wireframe provides you with the overall structure of the product.

Develop our team

We identify the best professionals to manage your app. By creating a separate team, we create your platform.


We like to get your ideas to design an Instagram like app. We also need to know about your goals for developing this mobile app.

Start development

On your approval, we work on the development process. In this step, we integrate the best functionalities and features into the app.

Test the app

We apply some automated technologies to test your photo sharing app. Also, our team removes bugs while testing the app.

Deliver the app

At the last step, we deliver a flawless, quality app. You may consult with us for the regular maintenance of the app.


How much time do you take to launch an Instagram like photo sharing app?

The overall time may vary for every project. However, we ensure that it will not be more than two weeks.

What do you mean by an Instagram clone?

Our Instagram-like app is a white-label product with functionalities and features found in the popular app Instagram. Therefore, when you think of earning from a social media app, hire us.

Do you provide maintenance solutions for the app?

We offer post-launch maintenance services to ensure that you will perform best and thus, keep on engaging more users.

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