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Are you planning to build an app like Doctor on demand? Hire our app developers and build a cutting-edge online doctor appointment booking system that lets patients book and consult doctors remotely.

doctor on demand app

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Digitalization makes adjustments to every industry and healthcare is no exception. App development for the health care industry is a great way to make the lives of doctors and patients easier with a wide range of improvements that apps can bring to medical services.  Hire our developers for your healthcare application development.

Online Doctor Appointment Booking System

Patients may need medical help at any time. With our health app development services, you can create a platform that enables them to contact doctors anytime. You can benefit both physicians and patients with this app. Moreover, a minimal investment will let you earn more from an app like Doctor On Demand.

Doctor appointment app development

From pediatricians to senior-level doctors, everyone can sign up with our healthcare app. We use the best technology to design a mobile-friendly app with features. Moreover, we have already developed different types of doctors’ apps. Choose our app development service to get the best value from it.

It is easy to use the app, as it comprises different panels. Both doctors and patients have to register their names to enter the dashboard. Patients can find an advanced dashboard to schedule an appointment and call doctors at their homes.

Healthcare Application features

Introduce a new way of connecting patients with physicians

Adjustable search radius

Physicians can edit the search radius that indicates the availability of their services in different localities.

Comprehensive dispatch kit

After building the app, you may launch it instantly. Also, we will provide you with both doctor and user panels. Moreover, you will get the backend admin panel.

Reviews and Ratings

Both doctors and patients can write reviews on every appointment. Thus, it will be helpful for other users.

Statistical data

Physicians and admins will find informative statistics about their earnings. Besides, our app will automatically create a graphical representation.

Health app with the best features

An unhealthy lifestyle, polluted air, and processed foods can lead to health disorders at any time. However, we do not get time to visit a clinic for medical solutions. An app like Doctor On Demand will help everyone to take care of their health. Besides, it is easy to open the app and call a doctor for a visit in the house. Moreover, our app can be one of the best innovations in the medical history. It may become a mini hospital in the virtual world. Therefore, hire our app developers and let everyone get the right treatment.

doctor on demand app

Advanced Features of Healthcare App

Doctor identification

From the patient’s panel, users can check the doctor’s details and book an appointment.

Video consultation

Use the virtual platform to have direct interactions with physicians.

Lab integration

Service providers can track medications and prescriptions provided to patients.

Subscription models

Physicians can add treatment details and progress notes after every session.

Test reports

Patients can upload a test report to show it to the physician.

Pickup and Destination by map

We integrate a map to simplify the way of reaching the patient’s house.

Benefits of healthcare app development services

Effective healthcare solutions

No one likes to stand in a long queue to consult with physicians. Thus, an app similar to Doctor On Demand and Amwell can remove everyone’s concerns.

Time management

Physicians feel pressured, as they need to work more than 60 hours. However, with an app like Doctor On Demand, they can make a perfect work-life balance.

Data storage

Our app can securely store patients’ data. On the cloud platform, your data will be safe.

dr on demand app

Easy availability

When one physician is busy, patients will look for the other one. Thus, with this app, it becomes easy to find local doctors at any time.

Easy follow-ups

From the disease diagnosis to regular follow-ups, everything becomes easy with our app. Hence, patients will get the ultimate benefit from it.

Secure message

Our health app development professionals integrate a chat system into our app. It will promote smooth communications.

Steps to operate the Healthcare app

Choose service

Go to the Menu to select the service.

Time slot

Physicians have to select the time slots when they are available.

Write reviews

Users may write reviews after receiving the services from doctors.

Medical history

Patients can check their medical records and deliver those details to the doctors.

Availability settings

The notification settings are adjustable from the dashboard.

Edit bookings

Physicians can check the bookings and set a reminder.

Add details

Upload phone number and address details.

Doorstep service

Patients will find physicians at their doorsteps.

Doctor profile

While creating a profile, physicians can add their skills, knowledge, and other relevant details.

In-app chat

The chat room makes the treatment process easier.


The digital calendar will be valuable to both patients and physicians.

Acceptance and rejection

Based on the availability, physicians can accept and reject the request.

Why choose our healthcare app development services?

Source code

We will send you the source code to help you in customizing the app.

Bug-free script

Our health app development team will also write the best script for the app.

Highly scalable

We rely on the cloud infrastructure to build the app.

App monetization

We also add features, like in-app payments while adding third-party networks.

Native mobile app

You may create the app for both Android and iOS platforms to help you in driving more traffic.


It is cost-effective to develop an app similar to Doctor On Demand and Amwell.

dr on demand app
my doctor online app

100% customizable

You can ask our developers to customize the app similar to Doctor On Demand and Amwell.

Track physicians

Both users and admins can track physicians with tracking code.

Cloud installation

We can install the app on the cloud to ensure security.

Intuitive interface

You will find a responsive interface in the health app similar to Doctor On Demand and Amwell.

Multiple payment

Users can pay their healthcare service providers using any payment gateway.

Multiple ways of earning on Doctor on Demand Clone

Doctors’ commissions

You can charge a commission from physicians for every consultation and Patients’ fee

Registration fee

Physicians need to pay a registration fee to use the app and its advanced features.

Banner ads

Make your app popular and post ads of different brands.

Premium listings

The featured doctors need to pay an additional payment to get more bookings

doctor appointment app


Why should I invest in a medical app development?

It has become a trend to use an app to get healthcare services. You can save time by developing the app. Moreover, we have effortless coding, and thus, you will have affordable solutions.

When do you deliver the script?

Based on your customization needs, you may find differences in the delivery time.

How much does it cost to develop the health app?

Based on the app design, features, and chosen technologies, we will decide on the cost.

Is there a way of scaling my app?

Yes, you can upgrade your health app at any time. Also, you may redesign the app interface.

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