App like Upwork

Are you planning to develop an app like Upwork for the freelancer marketplace? Hire our app developers and build a cutting-edge app for bridging the gap between job seekers and employers.


app like upwork

Connect the Freelancer Market Place with an Upwork clone app

Upwork has become one of the most popular platforms to find freelance jobs. Similarly, entrepreneurs also look for the best talents for their business needs. Thus, it is good to create a ready-to-go platform like Upwork. By acting as a bridge between job-seekers and job-providers, you can come up with an advanced app with a powerful admin dashboard and state-of-the-art features.

We build the flawless freelancing portal-

From Upwork to Guru, there are several freelancing platforms with high popularity. Well, an app like Upwork is designed for everyone including professionals, employers, small companies, and freelancing groups who are willing to work on projects. By using the right tools and technologies, our freelance portal app development professionals can create an advanced freelancer marketplace platform.


High-rated freelancer market place platform

We create an intuitive and user-friendly design for the Upwork clone app. Let your target users post unlimited projects of several categories. Also, they can set the project budget and find the best freelancers to work with them. Similarly, freelancers also get a chance of interacting with employers to make their future brighter. Our certified developers can create a revolutionary app like Upwork. Moreover, our freelancing portals and websites will become the major source of your revenue. Promote your white-label Upwork app clone and increase the number of users.

The Freelancer marketplace app is open for

Brand owners

Some business owners like to have direct contact with freelancers and engage them on a contractual basis.


Besides, Recruiters and HR professionals look for freelancers for different businesses.


Lots of talented candidates seek freelancing job opportunities. They can find the best recruiters by displaying their skills

Project managers

Some projects need better talents to reach their goals. Thus, your online talent solution app can be the right destination for them.

Upwork Clone Screens

Multiple ways to earn revenues from an Upwork clone app

app like upwork

Job listing charge

You can charge an amount from employers and recruiters who like to post jobs and projects to get freelancers.

Skill test fee

Freelancers can take skill tests of different levels to prove their speciality and knowledge. Also, you may charge an amount for every test.

Freelancer commission

Let freelancers pay a commission to you when they have won bids and reached milestone payments from recruiters.

Employer commission

Employers need to pay an amount when freelancers have accomplished their projects.

Privacy charge

Some employers do not like to make their project details available to unregistered users. When they pay an amount, you can secure their project information.

Invoice charge

Moreover, premium users of your freelancer app will get benefit from the automatically generated invoice. Therefore, you will earn more from this feature.


You can provide monthly and yearly subscription option for freelancers signing up with your app like Upwork.

Featured profile fee

Some freelancers like to make their profiles more prominent and visible to employers. Consequently, you may charge an amount for those featured profiles.

Benefits from our freelancer marketplace app

Investing in freelance portal app development services is highly profitable. However, the app also benefits job providers and young professionals.

Look for employers

Freelancers can connect with employers, bid on projects and win the opportunity to grow their businesses.

Seamless communication

Also, both employers and freelancers can interact with each other before starting to work on a project.

Budget-friendly solution

Every employer has a different budget, and it is easy to hire freelancers who provide affordable services.

Easy to find projects

We can add advanced search filters to let freelancers find the projects relevant to their skills.

Show skills

Freelancers can use a user-friendly dashboard that displays their portfolio and skills to attract employers.

Reach global audience

Both freelancers and recruiters will find global connections for their needs.

app like upwork

How does an Upwork clone app work?

Create a profile

Both employers and freelancers create their profiles from their chosen panels.

Find the relevant project

Freelancers send proposals and place bids on the projects relevant to their skills.

Earn money

Freelancers who get hired deliver high-quality work and earn the desired amount.

Project management

Employers can set the deadline for the availability of their projects.

Online Test

Users can test their skills to prove the strength of their knowledge.

Verification mechanism

Users who have verified their phone numbers and emails, are more reliable.

Post a project

Employers have to post their project details.

Engage freelancers

Recruiters can check the portfolio and skills of those who have sent proposals.

Portfolio management

Freelancers can easily create their portfolios and make them accessible to employers.

Unlimited categories

Recruiters can post jobs in different categories.

Ratings and reviews

Both employers and freelancers can show ratings of their profiles.

Features that make the Upwork clone app more usable and functional


Employers can deliver messages to freelancers who have shown interests in their projects.

View freelancers’ profiles

Employers may check every freelancer’s work history, reviews, and skills.

Send invitation

When an employer finds a freelancer’s profile interesting, he can send invitations and offer jobs.

Payment details

It is also easy to check the amount paid to freelancers in the past months.

Send proposals

Freelancers can send proposals to win the offer from the employers.

Receive payment

Based on milestones, freelancers may ask for payment.

Get comprehensive solutions for freelancer marketplace platforms


We can design a mobile-friendly platform for an app like Upwork.

Web app

Our freelance portal app development professionals can create a cloud-based app, and users do not need to download it.

Admin dashboard

Moreover, a feature-rich dashboard makes it easy for you to manage your earnings.


Although we present you with an Upwork-like design, it is customizable to your needs.

Payment gateways

We integrate multiple payment modes into your freelancing platform.

How do we provide value with our app development services?

User panel

While developing an online talent solution app, we take a user-centric approach. Our professionals create the most interactive panels for users.

Attractive design

We create the smartest design for the dashboard of your Upwork like app. You can retain your app users.

app like upwork

Admin panel

Admins can manage orders, commissions, and payment gateways. They will also find options for dealing with users’ accounts.

Dynamic functionality

We design a dynamic freelancing portal that is easily manageable. You may update data on your own.


Can you integrate APIs?

Yes. Based on your needs, our online talent solution app developers can integrate APIs into your platform.

Is your app secure?

With 2-factor authentication and other technologies, we save your app from hackers.

How will I track your development process?

Our freelancing app developers will give you updates on our development process. Besides, they will communicate with you regularly.

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