App like Airbnb

Have you thought of establishing an online business to help travelers and rental property owners? But do not know how to digitalize your business.? Airbnb clone app would be a great solution.

Grow your travel & rental business in unimaginable ways with a vacation rental booking app

Airbnb has become a popular name to search for homes and vacation rentals for temporary accommodations. Property owners can list their rental houses and charge rates. Besides, travelers can book their homestays by using the platform. Thus, with our white label, Airbnb clone app travelers and property owners can book and rent easily.

Customize Airbnb clone app with our expertise

We rely on the Airbnb app as the basic model of the app. However, we never force you to stick to this business model. You may ask us to customize the app for your business. You can find your app features similar to that of Airbnb.

Thus, our vacation rental app development professionals provide you with user-centric solutions. Airbnb has a peer-to-peer marketplace giving priority to customer fulfillment. Likewise, you may also rely on us to build an Airbnb clone app for your vacation rental business.

Vacation Rental App - How does it work?

Register and view listings

Guests can sign up with the app and start finding the property listings in the desired location.

Book accommodations

After checking the listing, users can reserve a room in the hotel and anyother accommodation.

Pay for booking

To book a room, the app users may make an online payment.

Booking Confirmation

After the successful payment, guests will receive a booking confirmation message.

Check in

Guests have to check in on the chosen date, and on the day of departure, they need to check out.


Both hosts and guests have an option to give ratings and comment on how they have found benefits from the service.

Vacation Rental App Screens

Vacation rental app - Airbnb Clone App features

Automatic Booking Engine

Users may register with the app and manage their accounts easily using their mobile numbers, social media logins, and email IDs.

Integrated profiles

One user may act as both host and guest. Thus, there is no need to create two profiles for different purposes.

Listing detail page

Property owners can upload images, describe their houses, mention bookingoptions, and give offers. They may also set pricing and rules for guests.

Smart chat

Guests can find 24-hour chat service to solve their booking queries. Also, they can interact with hosts at any time.

Pricing module

Our app helps you in structuring prices based on per week, month, and special days. Besides, your service fees will be easily manageable.

Price calculator

Guests may use a tool to calculate the costs of their accommodations and trips.Moreover, hosts can decide on the standard price.

Category-wise browsing

It is easy to search for properties based on the type and location. Therefore, users will enjoy using the app.

Advanced search module

We integrate advanced search filters into the app. Furthermore, we add nearby listings, map views, and other features..

Booking reports

Get an insight into property listings. You can check the demographic data, the most preferred localities, and the amount of your revenues.

User-friendly dashboard

From one dashboard, you can manage booking requests, review booking details, and interact with guests.

Custom calendar

We can add a calendar to help hosts in managing the availability of rental houses. They can also check reservations and sync other apps with the calendar details.

Street view

As we integrate Google Maps, hosts can show the location of their rental properties.Thus, this feature will give convenience to guests.

Discounted Offers

Users can find out the available deals and discounts. Hosts may also easily announce these offers.

Cancellation Module

An app like Airbnb has a cancellation module. Hence, guests can cancel their bookings for any reason.

Additional features for Rental booking software

Watermarked Branding

Although we develop Airbnb like app, the app design will reflect your ownership of the business. The watermark will add credibility and visibility to your app.

Third-Party Plugins

Our app is compatible to work with third-party plugins. So, ourrental app developmentteam adds those plugins to let you achieve success.

Multiple bookings

An app user can make multiple reservations at a time. Also, it is a unique feature added by ourrental app developmentteam.

Currency Conversion

We integrate the best tools with which app users may convert the currency easily. Besides, this feature is best for global businesses.

Unique themes

App like Airbnb are available with a range of themes. Thus, personalize your app in any way.

Host penalty

Have some hosts violated policies? As an admin, you can track those hosts and impose penalties on them.

Businesses that can opt. Vacation Rental Airbnb clone app

Travel and tourism

The host users can deliver emails to guests who are interested in their properties.

Meal hosting service

Cooks can prepare dishes and list them on the app to let potential customers book their tables.

Activities booking

Let a traveler book ticket for bike riding, sightseeing, museum, and several other things.

Restaurant and hotels

If you have a chain of restaurants and hotels, you can create an app like Airbnb.

Drop shipment reservations

If you provide transportation and logistics services,Airbnb like app are the right choice.

Event booking

As you need to platform to host a variety of events, you can create an app to help others in registering for concert shows.

Earning opportunities for hosts and vacation rental app owners

Profits for hosts

Hosts can find lots of guests from your app and thus, make money within a short time.

Discount options

With discount offers, property owners can easily draw more customers.


You will receive a commission percentage from every reservation of the hosts’ services.

Affiliate module

You can host an affiliate campaign to help users in earning more with referrals.

Cancellation fees

You can charge a small cancellation fee to the guest and host.

Subscription fees

For hosts using the free version, you can limit the number of listings to be made every month.


How much do I need to pay to develop an app like Airbnb?

Our vacation rental app development team charges a very reasonable rate to design an app like Airbnb. However, we focus on your app design, the level of complications, and some other factors to estimate the cost of developing the app.

Are the app codes modifiable?

Of course, our app coding process ensures that these codes are customizable code to fit your purpose.

What security technologies do you use for Airbnb clone app?

We include secure features, like signature-based permissions to make your app risk-free. Moreover, we also apply other steps for network security and prevent access to content providers of the app.

Will you help me in submitting the app?

Our team will collaborate with you to upload your Airbnb-like app on the Play Store and Apple App Store. However, after the development process is over, we have to check out the bugs of your app and then submit it to the App Store.

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