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Are you planning to build an app like Tiktok? Hire our app developers and build an awesome Video streaming app with customized features and filters.

Video streaming app development

Most tech-savvy smartphone users love watching videos. Thus, it is easy to attract their attention by creating a social video app. TikTok and Dubsmash have gained high popularity with their cutting-edge features. You can rely on us to build an app like Tiktok and Dubsmash.

Why build a Video streaming app like Tiktok?

TikTok is a trending entertainment app for streaming video and audio. This entertainment app has enabled users to make their creative videos accessible to others. Besides, impressive video formats can easily capture the attention of other TikTok users.

At Siddhi Infosoft, we can build an app similar to TikTok. Designed with the latest technologies, our app will help users share their creativity and browse others’ videos.

Grow your business with hyper-customized
Tiktok clone app

Both Dubmash and TikTok are products of Byte Dance. Dubsmash is a social networking and video selfie app that gathers the attention of millions of users. Dubmash has not achieved success overnight.

However, as it has become a reliable name among internet users, you can easily get value by developing this app. Therefore, hire us to create a user-friendly app similar to Dubmash and Tiktok.

What's best about Video streaming app development?

100% customizable

We create easy-to-customize video sharing scripts to make it compatible with other video and audio dubbing and live video streaming apps.

In-app purchase

As we are developing a music app, we can integrate the in-app purchase option. Thus, you can charge a small amount to unlock premium features.

Experienced developers

Our developers are highly experienced in creating such apps. Therefore, we can deploy the app faster.

Strong security

Our professionals employ a robust script with the SSL-powered API.

Multi-language and multi-currency

Whatever be the currency or location of users, our app is tailored to their needs.

Scalable design

Our TikTok-like app is highly scalable and SEO-friendly. So, we provide you with a flawless app.

Tiktok clone app Screens

Features of Clone apps like Tiktok and Dubsmash


It is easy to register with our app using their email IDs, social media profiles, and phone numbers. Hence, with registered credentials, users can access the app.

Profile management

Users can set up their profiles, organize them, and modify their details, like image, name, and mobile number.

Privacy Settings

We add an option for controlling privacies based on their needs. So, users can make their audios and videos accessible only to followers.

Create videos

Apps like TikTok enable you to make new videos by syncing audio files. Thus, you can share any activity on the platform.

Post videos

Post any video with hashtags and short descriptions. It is also easy to add location and some other details to the video.

Discover Videos

App users may search for similar videos posted by several other users. They can also use hashtags and particular words to find the video.

Filter videos

There are lots of options to add filters to videos while posting the content on the profile. These filters will result in better visual effects.

Watch Video

Tiktok like app users can watch others’ videos, and rate their videos by double-tapping the button. Also, they may leave a comment on the video.

Push Notifications

The app can send an alert on popular videos. The in-app alert feature is helpful for all users.

View profile

An app user may be interested in seeing others’ profiles. He can follow those profiles while he finds them to be interesting.

My Favorite Sounds

The app has the option of saving and using audios that have attracted attention. Users can use those audios to make their videos.

Like posts

Similar to social media platforms, the app enables users to like any post with one click.

Group Chatting

It is interesting to engage in a group chat with several other users. Instead of sending messages, users can start a group chat session on the platform. A message, posted by one user, will be viewable to other group members.

Sidestep Jargon

It is another feature of clear communication. While composing an app like TikTok, our developers focus on this feature.

Audio/song selection

App users may create a big collection of songs. Besides, they can choose songs of particular segments and make a custom track.

Video selfie and dubbing

Lots of users like to share their dubbing performances and upload those files on the platform. Also, it is the best way of showcasing their creativity.

Admin panel features of Video streaming app like TikTok


Our app has the option of saving and using audios that have attracted attention. Users can use those audios to make their videos.

Manage Users

Admin can analyze and control the options, like comments, shares, and views of posts.

Post Management

Manage the recorded posts simply by removing them. You may also alert the app users to preventthem from posting objectionable materials.

Comments Management

It is easy to delete comments made on any post. Thus, admin can remove offensive comments made by other users.

Push Notification

To send any latest news, the admin may use the feature of push notifications.

Reported Users management

When any user has complained against another person, you can manage that registered user.

Extra features of our TikTok clone app


Image capturing

Let users capture an image with a few clicks and share it easily.


Video sharing

With an app like TikTok, you can enable users to share their custom videos.


Create libraries

As we build apps like TikTok, we can integrate a feature for creating music libraries.


Video broadcasting

Also, users can broadcast live videos while using the app.


Effects and filters

The options for adding beautiful effects to videos can grab anyone’s attention.


Screen sharing

App users can use the screen-sharing feature for better interactions.

Live video streaming app development process


Our professionals show you the prototype of the app.


Now, we design the agile model of the app.


After ensuring a bug-free app, we deploy it fast.

Analyze audience

We analyze clients’ needs and their target audience in the first step.


We create the most user-friendly UI design for an app likeTikTok.


We test the performance and functionality of the app.


Can you scale the app when we have a growing user base?

Yes, we can scale our horizontally and vertically. Besides, we will configure and cluster backend components of your app.

How do you make your app secure?

We use JWE and JWT to secure APIs. Our developers also use keychain on Android and iOS to store credentials. Moreover, we employ AES encryption technologies for the app.

Who will be the owner of the source?

You have the right to own the source code of the app. We will host the app on your business server.

How will I earn money from my TikTok clone app?

One of the common ways of earning money is advertising revenue. At your request, we can make some features available for premium users. Furthermore, there are several other tricks for increasing your profit margin.

How does TikTok differ from Dubsmash?

While TikTok focuses highly on the world of videos, Dubsmash gives more priority to audio lovers. Based on your needs, you may order us to create the clone app.

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