App Like DoorDash

Are you planning to build an app like DoorDash for your eatery shop that can make the online food ordering process easier for your customers and get their favorite food at their doorstep?

Start an Online Food Delivery Business Today!

Let foodies order foods from your store with a few clicks from their mobile with the help of an app like DoorDash. Invest in an on-demand food delivery app resembling the look and design of DoorDash.

Scale up your food business with an app like DoorDash

Why should your customers resist their hunger? Modern customers always look for ways to make their lives more comfortable and easier. As you know the needs of your potential customers, you can streamline the way of placing food orders and delivering foods. We have the best professional developers to provide you with an app like DoorDash.

An app like UberEats and DoorDash with a customer panel

If you have launched a user-friendly and feature-rich food delivery app, you can gain a positive impression of your customers. Our seamlessly designed app helps your customers to place an order from their favorite restaurants.

Besides, you can offer faster service to your customers, as our innovative app notifies you of online orders. DoorDash, UberEats, and other successful food apps have inspired us to create a new platform for our clients. Thus, to give the ultimate delight to your customers, you may rely on our food app development service.

Take your Food Business to the Digital World

Do you have a big restaurant or a small café? You may have a dine-in option for your customers. However, lots of customers like to get their food at their doorstep. Thus, to avoid missing any deal, you can hire our professional food delivery app developer and prepare your logistics team to deliver foods.

Moreover, you can manage online orders from the dashboard of the app. Receive orders, send the invoice, and accept online payment using a custom app. With your digital presence, you can find a difference in revenue.

Features that make our food delivery app distinguished

Easy to start

Your app users can sign up with their social medial accounts. Thus, from an app like Doordash and UberEats, users save their time for registration. 

Striking Opening Screen

As customers open the app, they will find a snapshot of a range of restaurants, bistros, bars, and cafes. It triggers a feeling that they have downloaded the best app.

Geotracking facility

Due to the integration of innovative geotracking technologies, our customers can easily find out the restaurants close to their location. They may also locate the nearest drivers to serve them.


Users may add restaurant names and cuisines to create a list of favorites. Besides, it helps in the quick placement of orders.

Lots of add-ons

We write the best script for an app like DoorDash and UberEats that enables your customers to add more items to your dish. Thus, they can easily pick a list of add-ons for customization.

Order tracking

Our food delivery app developer integrates geo-mapping technology to help users in tracking orders in the real-time mode.

Schedule Appointment

Customers from different sites of a city always look for a restaurant vendor nearest to them. It is now easy for them to order foods and also cancel their bookings at any time.

Push Notifications

Do you need to inform your customers about the special offers of your restaurant? These push notifications will easily keep your customers informed.

Multiple payment modes

The availability of in-built payment systems ensures convenience to your customers. Thus, you can let your customers pay online with their debit and credit cards.

Vendor profile accessible

Buyers can have a look at the detailed information of every vendor. Therefore, they can check out their specialties, experience, visiting charge and the nearest location.

Intellectual search

It is easy to navigate through the app and find out the desired food based on the category. Thus, your customers can identify the right food from the menu with a few clicks.

Manage appointments

Let customers book your restaurant table and order foods. For any personal issue, you may also cancel their bookings.

View invoice

Our food delivery app can calculate the price of every order automatically. Based on the customers’ location, vendor charge, and other factors, the app makes its calculation.

Analytical data

How many customers have placed their orders today? What are the daily activities of restaurant vendors? You can find your answers from the app. Thus, it will help you to analyze this data to increase your revenue.

Statistical report

By having a clear view of your business activities, you can take the right step. You may decideon the need for marketing your food business. This app can help to provide you with the statistical report.

Request acceptance and rejection

Based on the availability, a vendor can accept and reject a request from one app. On the rejection of a request, customers may look for another vendor to get the desired service.

Responsive control panel

Your customers can easily book your food delivery service from their mobile phone. Besides, the responsive searches will help you to please your customers easily.

Verified service providers

When you are availing any service, there will be verified providers. Thus, you can easily find the reliability of the service.

OTP verification

Our food delivery app developers can integrate the authentication feature into the app. An SMS sending OTP to the registered phone number, ensure that it is not a fake user.

User-friendly dashboard

Both service providers and customers can log in to the app and create their profiles. They can add their personal details for profile creation.

Referral programs

To increase the number of customers, you can let them invite their relatives and friends. You may reward them for every successful referral.

Pickup and scheduling options

Some restaurants ask their customers to pick up the ordered foods on their own, while others have a delivery team to serve customers. Based on your business model, you may ask us to customize the app.

Secure technologies

By integrating other SSL certificates and other security features, we make your food delivery application secure. Hence, your customers can peacefully make their transactions using the app.

Billing management

As you have a team of accountants for your food business, they can find a different panel in the app. Also, they can use that panel to deal with past and present transactions.

Legal protection

The in-built GPS tracking system helps in tracking online requests. When the legal issue arises, you may need the location details.

Email notification

Send an email to your customers to inform them about the final bills and other details. Moreover, you can easily create a proper format of the email.

Ratings and reviews

Customers will get an option of rating their chosen restaurant vendors and writing reviews about their services.

Commission tracking

The app clearly presents a report on the amount of commission received by service providers. It also informs about every detail of commissions.

Scheduled booking time

Some customers do not want to reserve services right now. However, advance booking option is also available for them.

Shortest route tracking

The in-built Google Maps are helpful for delivery agents to find the traffic-free and shortest route.

Some Statistics To Prove Demand For An App Like



Sales Growth

With an on-demand food delivery app like Zomato, you can increase the sale of your business by 20-25%.

10 Million+

App Downloads

Swiggy alone has 10 Million+ downloads on Playstore. An app with even better features and functionalities can take you to another level.


Revenue Growth In Food Delivery

Swiggy alone has 10 Million+ downloads on Playstore. An app with even better features and functionalities can take you to another level.

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