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Are you planning for an online marketplace app development? Hire our app developers to build a customized app that includes present market strategies.

Build a Marketplace App for
online classified businesses

As you have thought of earning like a proprietor, we can design and develop an app like Carousell for you. It will be easier for you to connect with several buyers and sellers. Nowadays, online classified portals are growing in popularity. Thus, you may rely on our app developers to start your own online classified platform with unrivaled performance.

How to earn from an app like Carousell?

Earn from sales

Users can gain a commission for the product sold through the app.

Ad Syndicates

On dedicated page sections, you can feature third-party apps.

Promoted content

Also, sellers can run their promotional campaigns to generate higher revenues from services and goods.

Premium services

You can offer subscription packages that encourage users to pay a fee for additional features.

Charge for description

You may set a word limit for product description, and while sellers have crossed that limit, you can charge.

Charge for images

You can charge an additional fee if the seller needs to upload more images for their products.

Carousell Clone App Screens

Online marketplace app features

View advertisements

Users can find the advertised products displayed in a grid format. They may also find nearby services with geolocation technology.

Promote ads

Premium users, who want to sell their products, can use this feature. Thus, they can promote products in different ways, like Urgent to Sell, and Highlight Ads.

Highlight ads

The highlighted posts will reflect on the app screen. Besides, this feature has to be available for premium sellers registered with your app.

Social feeds

Buyers can find reliable sellers and follow their posts. Moreover, they will receive push notifications from sellers.

Dynamic ad attributes

Advertisers can fill up different fields and choose a category for their ads. As an admin, you may introduce those filters based on the product.

Product details

Buyers can view essential product details, including category, price, location, and post time. Therefore, they can find the desired products very easily.

Negotiation features

Buyers can submit the affordable price range of the product. Also, sellers have an opportunity to negotiate.

Direct buying option

Sellers and advertisers may post their product ads with the Buy Direct feature. Furthermore, if they do not prefer negotiation, they can choose this option.

Escrowed payment

If a buyer directly pays the seller during the transaction, the app will automatically count it as the escrowed payment. After you have received the app commission, the seller gets the payment.

QR code scanning

For every online order, our app generates a QR code. Buyers can scan the code and confirm the deal for a safe transaction.

Online payment options

Sellers have an option to add more than one card. We also integrate in-app wallet into the app to simplify the payment process for buyers.

Sellers and buyers ratings

If the transaction is over, app users can leave comments and click on the rating tab. Thus, these ratings will be helpful to other users.


Also, by using the app, sellers will have a real-time view of the relevant transaction details, including the comments, chats, reviews, and clicks for different demographics.

Banner management

As an admin, you may alter the home page banner to make the app more appealing to the user. Besides, you can do it with a few clicks.

Add favorites

The Favorite option is highly advantageous for app users. Consequently, buyers may choose products and add them to the Favorite list.

Search Dashboard

We develop a robust app with an advanced search dashboard. Thus, users can easily buy and sell their products.

Wallet to bank transfer

App users can send a request to the admin to transfer funds from wallets to bank accounts. With approval from the admin, they can make the transfer.

Multiple currencies

In app like carousell, we enable your users to pay you using different currencies. You may draw customers from any part of this world.

CMS Management

You may edit, manage, and view the static page content. It is one of the unique features of our classified app.

Technologies used for marketplace app development


To create a secure and customizable Android app, we use Java as the programming language.


Created by Apple, the open-source language, Swift, helps us in designing iOS-friendly apps.


We choose this open-source DMS for its high customizability, versatility, and efficiency.

Android Studio

We use the official IDE to build Android apps and ensure your online classified business platform’s best performance.


We rely on this technology to simplify our iOS app development process.


This is a PHP framework intended for creating different systems with security, configuration, and authentication features.

Compelling add-ons to engage users

Option for moderation

This feature helps detect and filter abusive photos that users have submitted in your platform.

Message translators

Users can view their chat conversations in the preferred language, as we include a translator to the app.

Smart Reply

Moreover, users can chat with others by sending messages using this app like Carousell.

Full-screen ad displays

To enable you to attract users to the classified app, our Carousell app development professionals have added a full-screen ad displaying feature.

Voice messaging

Your users can also make instant communication with the use of a voice messaging feature.

Why choose us for marketplace app development?

App submission

We do not charge you an additional rate for submitting the app to the app store.

Free bug solutions

We work continuously on your product until it is a bug-free app.

100% source code

Our clients may edit the source code at any time based on their needs

White labelling

In addition, to add your company name and logo is a part of our services.

Technical assistance

We have Carousell app developers deal with the technical issues of your app.


How does Carousell clone app help in starting an online classified business?

We have the best professionals to develop and customize your app. Our developers meticulously pay attention to every detail for the app like Carousell. Thus, we fulfill your dream of establishing an online classified business.

I have multiple concepts for classified business concept. Will the Carousell-like app be helpful for me?

Yes, our Carousell-like app is dynamic and easily adaptable to any business concept. For instance, you may release the app for real estate classified and job classifieds. Moreover, if you have a diverse business model, we provide you with the best solution.

Are the source codes fully encrypted?

Our Carousell app development team keeps these source codes unencrypted to let you edit the script based on your needs.

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