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Are you planning to build a Salon and Barber app like Booksy? Hire our app developers and create an app for beauty, and salon services to connect service seekers with expert beauticians.

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Establish your own Beauty Startup

Hire our developers to clone the most popular on-demand beauty app, like Booksy. We will make your app unique by integrating the best features into it. Our reliable beauty app will have a smooth performance for both Android and iOS users.

Take Your Beauty Care Business to the Next level

We create an app like Booksy local beauty service providing platform. Those who like to get wellness and beauty services at their home will find the app useful. Invest in our service and make your on-demand beauty app highly attractive and engaging.

The innovation of different beauty care tools and equipment has caused a rapid growth of the beauty industry. However, technological developments have transformed the way to avail beauty care services. A few years ago, customers used to follow the trend of going to a nearby salon and spa center to get services. But, due to the increasing use of apps, modern customers have started looking for on-demand beauty services. Therefore, it has increased the competition level in the relevant field.

From makeup artists to beauticians and hairdressers, everyone is trying to offer services at home. Thus, it is the best time to invest in an on-demand beauty app to benefit both professionals and potential customers. You are at the right platform to design an app similar to Booksy local beauty service portal.

Beauty app Development- For Effective Salon management

It is not easy to develop a high-end app without knowing the target customers. We identify the potential users of the app.

Users with a busy lifestyle

In most cases, regular office goers do not have time to visit a parlor. Thus, they desire services at their homes.

Special occasions

Brides always look for the best beauticians for flawless makeup on their wedding days. By clicking on the app, they can call the local beauticians.


From hairstylists to makeup artists, different professionals can sign up with the app to earn money.

Makeup enthusiasts

Some women and men prefer professional standard makeup treatment throughout the year. Therefore, they would like to book salon services to get the treatment at home.

Beauty service booking app- We provide the best solution

Do you know that more than million users have downloaded the app, Booksy? You will also find this success by cloning the app. We have learned about the features of the app. Thus, it is easy for us to build an app like Booksy local beauty portal. Customers can book the beautician’s service by clicking a few buttons. Nowadays, everyone likes to take care of their skin and make it free of pimples. Therefore, you will be at no risk by splurging your money on our beauty service booking app. The local service providers and customers will find the app highly valuable.

Launch the best beauty salon appointment app

The competition level is high in almost every business sector. It is also true for the beauty industry. Especially, beauty service providers like to take advantage of different sources to find their clients. Hence, an app like Booksy local beauty solution will be beneficial to them.

On the contrary, customers like to have beauty and makeup services at their homes. They have become more reliant on the digital world for everyday activities. Thus, you can easily attract users to your custom app similar to Booksy local beauty care professional platform.

beauty appointment app

Features for service providers and customers

beauty services app

Booking acceptance and rejection

The beauty care service providers can accept or reject the booking based on availability.

Customer management

With the proper management of customers' orders, salon owners can provide reliable, high-quality services.

Real-time route tracking

Beauticians can find the optimal route to reach the customer’s destination. Consequently, it helps in avoiding any delay in providing services.

Automated invoicing

The best app can automatically create the customer’s invoice based on the services provided.

Advanced filter

It is easy to search for beauticians from the nearby location.

Location tracking

This feature removes customers’ concerns, as they can track the real-time location of beauticians.

Multiple payment options

Customers can make digital payments using a secure app.

Reviews and ratings

The innovative beauty app lets customers write reviews and rate their makeup service providers.

Benefits you get from app like Booksy local beauty app

Easy booking

Booksy-like beauty apps manage online bookings at any time of the day.

Salon anytime

From any location, customers can avail of the salon service.

Faster growth

As an admin, you will find faster growth of the business. Find new users every day.

Make competitive analysis

Analyze features of other beauty service apps.

Develop the app

With proper scripting, we create the perfect app similar to Booksy local beauty service booking platform.

Automatic reminders

Service providers have no chance of missing the appointment.

More revenues

Beauticians can get calls from customers from any place.

Know your needs

Let us identify your purpose for building a beauty service booking app.

Create MVP

We design the MVP of the clone app and show it to customers.

Launch the app

After testing the app functionalities, we launch it for your users.

beauty app

Innovative features of our Beauty App

Push notifications

The app will automatically notify customers about discount offers from different salon service providers.

Pay with cash

Some customers may choose to pay the beautician after getting services.

Find deals

The app interface will let users find lucrative deals.

Smart Search

Customers can search by area and price rates.

Save favorites

Customers can save their favorite salons’ names for repeated bookings.

Automatic billing

The app automatically generates an invoice for customers.

Useful features of our Salon App

To build an app similar to Booksy local beauty platform, we integrate the most valuable features. Your target users can use them easily to book services.

Beauticians’ availability

Let customers check the availability status of beauticians before booking an appointment.

Beauticians’ profiles

Customers can check their profiles to know their skills and services.

Calendar and time slot

It is easy to make an appointment by choosing the time slot.

Payment integration

We can include multiple payment modes in an app like Booksy local beauty portal.

Review and ratings

Customers can rate the beautician and write a review.


It will be easy to find a salon in a nearby location.

Revenue streams from our beauty service app


Let customers choose any option from yearly and monthly subscription schemes.

Transaction fee

Transactions made with the integrated payment modes attract a fee.

Cancellation charge

App users who have canceled the service for any reason need to pay the cancellation fee.


Make your app popular and attractive to brand owners and earn money from publishing their ads.


As beauticians are earning money from your app, they have to pay you a commission.

beauty app


Will your beauty app have separate panels?

Our beauty service booking app will have different panels for every user group.

  • Panel for service providers
  • Customer panel
  • Admin panel

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand beauty app?

Our developers calculate the cost based on different factors, like-

  • The choice of compatible platforms- The cost for Android apps differs from iOS apps.
  • Elements added to the interface- A complicated app design increases the overall cost.

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