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Are you planning to build an app like Amazon for your eCommerce business? Hire our app developers to build an online eCommerce marketplace with the best features and functionalities.

eCommerce App Development - Apps like Amazon and eBay

Amazon and eBay have become the most recognized names as multi-merchant eCommerce websites. When you have a dream of establishing a big marketplace, you can rely on us to build a top-notch app like Amazon and Ebay.

With the development of an eCommerce platform, you may welcome lots of brands, vendors, and sellers. Besides, you can attract buyers from different parts of this world. Thus, it will help you globalize your business with minimal investments.

How to make an app like Amazon?

To build an app like Amazon, we use the most advanced technologies and make your platform highly innovative. Besides, we ensure the best feelings for your customers with integrations of different features.

Your dream of building a multivendor eCommerce will turn out to be a reality. And You can increase your traffic and capture your visitors’ attention with the unique eCommerce portal.

Amazon clone app Screens

Features of Amazon clone App

OTP login

Users can enjoy a secure and easy signup process. They need to input OTP from their registered mobile numbers.

Add to cart

This feature reduces complications during the checkout. Besides, simple functionality helps in adding items.

QR code

Payment becomes simple with this feature. Buyers can scan the code and make payment.


Let customers add several items to their wishlists. From wishlists, they can add products to the shopping cart.

Compare products

Modern customers always love making comparisons. Thus, our eCommerce platform helps in comparing product prices of different brands.

Filter attributes

A long list of products can make buyers feel tired. We add custom options to filter the search.

Order status

Your customers can stay updated with real-time information about their orders. Our eCommerce app, like Amazon, sends SMS and email to customers.

Return and refund

Buyers can make requests for returning their products for defects and other reasons. You can send the refund to their wallets.

Product photos

Sellers can upload their product videos and photos to your Amazon like app. Photos are essential for every eCommerce business.

Reviews and ratings

After buying a product, customers can leave comments. Therefore, these ratings and reviews will be helpful to others.

Rewards and promotional codes

Different promo codes are available for customers in eCommerce platforms. We design the app in a way that you can send promo codes.

Social media integrations

We add social media buttons to the app interface. Your customers can order their products via social platforms.

Vendor product management

Admin will also have a separate panel from where you can add vendors, manage them, and deal with their products.

Commission rates

Adjust the commission rate from the app. From any device, you can customize those vendor commission rates.

Recently viewed items

This feature helps in the cross-promotion of products. Besides, vendors will get a chance to upsell their products

Why do you need an Amazon clone app for your eCommerce business?

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Easy branding

With our Amazon-like app, you can find it easy to establish your brand. You can develop a sustainable business in the world of eCommerce.

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Access to stores

Buyers can access to multiple stores to buy products. They can make a comparison to make a decision.

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Controllable marketing costs

You can reduce the budget for marketing. Besides, an app like Amazon is easy to promote.

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Fast performance

Our expert app developers create apps like Amazon and Flipkart with fast loading features. Your customers will enjoy an easier checkout.

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Customized shopping

Shopping can become fun to your buyers. Customers will enjoy this personalized shopping platform.

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Notifications and alerts

As an admin, you can notify customers about the latest rewards and offers. Our app can send push notifications.

eCommerce software development

A comprehensive website

We create a multivendor eCommerce platform where users and vendors
can interact. Users may also purchase products from your site.

Account creation

Every user needs to create an account for using your website.
We have integrated an authentication process into your app.

Product upload

Vendors can upload products to your platform. Besides,
as an admin, you need to send approvals.

Browse products

It is easy to browse through the catalogue. Users
can place their orders with a few clicks.

Make payment

We can add more than one payment mode to your platform.
Thus, buyers can easily pay you online.

Send money to vendors

After delivering products, the admin needs to transfer the fund to
vendors. He can cut commissions before this transfer.

How do we create an eCommerce app solution like Amazon and eBay?

Analyze business requirements

We have to know your business needs to create a clear product idea.

Research market

We have market analysts to obtain relevant data for app development.

Identify features

While consulting with clients, our eCommerce app solution providers decide on integrated features.

Develop the app

We engage programmers to use different frameworks and tools to build the app.

Test the app

Our eCommerce app development professionals test the speed, performance, and loading time of your app.

Why choose us for eCommerce application development?

Responsive design

Our eCommerce app solution fits a device of any screen size and orientation.

Simple search process

We use advanced algorithms to let users search for products easily.


Moreover, users can navigate through the app without hassles to buy products.

Secure platform

Our customized app ensures security for the banking and personal details of users.

Live feeds

Buyers have no chance to miss out on the latest updates and new product arrivals.

Find friends

Users may follow others having similar interests in their chosen products.


Is it a good idea to create an eCommerce marketplace like Amazon?

Nowadays, consumers have become too dependent on online platforms for shopping products. With the flawless Amazon clone script, we can design the best eCommerce portal. Thus, you can grow your business with lots of sellers, vendors, and customers worldwide.

What advanced technologies do you use for an app like Amazon?

Our professionals can integrate AR technology and other futuristic technologies into your app. Moreover, we also implement an AI chatbot that gives instant response to customers. On your request, we can add a voice search feature to your eCommerce platform.

How much do I need to invest in your app development service?

The cost of developing an eCommerce app with Amazon clone script depends on several factors, including app platform, size, features, and technology stacks. However, with a reasonable investment, we help you build the best app that works like Amazon and Flipkart.

How do you design the UI of the eCommerce app?

While cloning an app like Amazon, we create a mobile-friendly UI design for your customers. With the right choice of colors and elements, we make the best UI design for your eCommerce platform.

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