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We have tailored GPS tracking solutions to help gain visibility, increase revenue, reduce costs, and reduce risk. Simplifying GPS fleet tracking from real-time vehicle tracking to up-to-the-minute reports, we offer solutions that are guaranteed to fit your business.

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A GPS tracking system can be placed on a cell phone, in a vehicle or on specific GPS devices, which can be both fixed and portable unit. The mechanism of GPS provides information about the exact location. It is able to track the movement of a person or a vehicle. So, for instance, a company can use GPS tracking system to monitor progress or the route of a delivery truck. It is cutting-edge technology that parents can use to keep a check on their children’s location and can be used to monitor high-valued assets while transportation.

GPS tracking system uses the network of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). It is a network that incorporates a broad variety of satellites using microwave signals transmitted to GPS devices to provide you the information on vehicle speed, location, direction and time. Consequently, a GPS tracking system is able to provide both historic and real-time navigation data on every type of journey.

But how GPS works? Providing superior satellite signals that are processed by a receiver, GPS receivers not just track the location but also compute the time and velocity. These locations can also be computed into three-dimensional views through four GPS satellite signals. The Space Segment of the Global Positioning System contains 27 Earth-orbiting GPS satellites. In addition to this, there are about 24 functioning and 3 additional satellites moving round the Earth every 12 hours. Radio signals are sent from space which are then received by the GPS receiver.

The controller of Positioning System is consisted of diverse tracking stations which are situated across the world. The signals from the GPS satellites are then tracked by monitoring stations that are constantly revolving around the globe. Microwave carrier signals are transmitted by space. Global Positioning System users possess these GPS receivers and convert the satellite signals to make an estimation of the exact position, time and velocity.

A GPS tracking system can work in various ways

From a commercial viewpoint, GPS devices are typically used to know the actual position of the vehicles as they are on their journeys. There are some systems that store data within the GPS tracking system itself; also known as passive tracking. On the other hand, some systems send information to an integrated system or database or through a modem having the GPS system unit within on the daily basis, also called active tracking.

An operational GPS tracking system can also be referred as a real-time system since this process conveys the information automatically on the GPS system to the central tracking system or portal in actual time as it occurs. This is a type of system which is typically a better option for commercial use, for example, tracking fleet, monitoring the people for instance children or elder people. It allows you to know the exact location of your loved ones, if they are safe and on time and whether they are where they should be during a journey.

Moreover, it is also a convenient way to monitor your employee’s behavior as they are conducting their work or streamlining in-house processes for delivery.

Real-time tracking is especially very useful from a security perception since it allows the fleet owners to locate a vehicle’s actual location at any time. Furthermore, the GPS tracking system installed in the vehicle are able to help the legal authorities to locate the vehicle in case it has been stolen.

GPS Tracking Works Various System
High-quality and Exceptional GPS tracking systems

We bringing high-quality and exceptional GPS tracking systems at reasonable prices

At Siddhi Infosoft, we provide very simple and convenient GPS tracking device experience. We make sure that the data is stored to database, records are accessible in real-time and can be accessed any time you want. Our high-tech and premium quality trackers send all the information, for instance, speed, coordinates, altitude and other. Our tracking systems are packed with cutting-edge and innovative features and functionality, spontaneous and contemporary design that you can use for both fleet monitoring and GPS tracking of any vehicle.

GPS tracking in the palm of your hand

You and your workers sometimes need to take the work on-the-go, whether it’s across the country, across the town, or across the globe. Stay informed with every move of your workers and your business with our impeccable GPS tracking solution. A seamless GPS tracking experience is our promise.

GPS Mobile Solutions: GPS Tracking for Companies On-The-Go

With our user-friendly and agile mobile tracking app, you can have a proven tracking platform always with you whenever and wherever you want to. Siddhi Infosoft features an easy-to-use and convenient mobile interface, perfect compatibility with Apple, Android, and other platforms. Easy access of tracking platform always in your hand to look after your assets everywhere you go.

GPS Tracking for Companies On-The-Go
We simplify the things you do every day

We simplify the things you do every day

If you want to monitor your operations 24×7, even when you are away from the workplace or you have to attending a show and still need to monitor your service vehicles? Siddhi Infosoft is the answer.

GPS Tracking is as simple as tapping on your mobile screen. It provides effective operation behind our mobile GPS tracking app.

With our GPS tracking app for mobile, it’s time to empower your mobile employees with real-time tracking through. You can also send messages and updates to your workforce on the road and notify agents of current delivery status on important deliverables. There are endless possibilities with our services.

GPS tracking couldn’t be easier. Impeccably and perfectly track, connect and manage your mobile workforce with our GPS tracking solutions. We strive to be recognized by our employees, customers, vendors and partners as the market pioneers in GPS tracking solutions. Providing innovative and unique tracking solution, we boost your efficiency with cost-effective and dedicated solutions.

Features & Benefits of our GPS Tracking App:

  • Low-cost GPS tracking
  • Increase workforce accountability
  • Improve individual supervision
  • Effectively perform side jobs
  • Reduce theft losses
  • Easy installation, deployment and license provisioning

Want to learn how can our GPS tracking solutions help your business operate more efficiently and effectively on-the-go? Contact us, we will be more than happy to help.

Features & Benefits of our GPS Tracking App

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