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Fitness App Development

Today, more and more people are concerned about their bodies and are willing to take responsibility to do something about it. And technology is closely entwined with how it has progressed so efficiently.  Fitness apps are at outburst right now. With people progressively paying attention to their fitness and well-being, fitness apps have become predominant in almost every smartphone.

Enter the Online Fitness Industry with an app like MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a favourite choice for lots of fitness freaks. Now, you can draw the attention of those health-conscious users by developing an app like MyFitnessPal. We are specialized in providing health and fitness app development solutions, and our products perform smoothly with any Android and iOS smartphone, tab, and other devices.

Create a fitness app with our Fitness app developers

The fitness and health-related app markets have turned out to be profitable in the past few years. Lots of personal trainers and fitness professionals are looking for a platform to deliver their services.

Similarly, fitness enthusiasts search for these trainers to communicate with them using an app. Thus, by investing in our fitness app development services, you will have the best value.

Why choose our Fitness app development company?

Mobile-friendly platform

We can white label your Android and iOS fitness apps to give it a unique look. It will be easy to navigate through the app from any mobile.

100% customizable

We integrate proper coding to design the clone app. Based on your business model, we can customize the app.

Credit and Debit cards

By default, our MyFitnessPal and Fitbit clone app have credit and debit card payment options. However, we may add several other features.

Web app

Our professionals can build websites and desktop apps for fitness service providers. Besides, our frontend website will gather the attention of several users.

Attractive dashboard

You can find an impressive and easy-to-use admin panel. Besides, from this dashboard, you may approve user groups and manage payment methods.


Our detailed documentation helps in installing mobile and web apps very quickly. Still, you can work with us for the successful installation process.

Myfitnesspal Clone App Screens

apps similar to myfitnesspal

Features of our Fitness app

Diet tracking

We write MyFitnessPal clone script in a way that the app lets users track their water and food intake every day. Therefore, fitness-conscious users can maintain calories and fluid amounts with every meal.

Ratings and reviews

Clients can rate their personal trainers and leave reviews. Besides, other users will have benefit from their feedback.

Workout videos

It will be easy for users to follow workouts instructions when they watch the video. Also, fitness trainers may upload videos for their clients.

Personalized fitness schedule

Based on body shape, interests, and lifestyle, users can create their fitness routine. This feature helps them in reaching their goals easily.

Nutrition chart

With our MyFitnessPal clone script, we integrate this feature to let users make their diet chart. Users may keep up the proper weight using this feature.

Calorie counter

App users will get the option of tracking calories every day. Thus, based on calorie intake, they will design their nutrition chart.

Chat with fitness professionals

Lots of fitness specialists may register with the app to promote their services. Their potential clients can interact with them and solve their problems easily.

Coupon codes

Fitness professionals can offer discounts to their clients. They can let users apply coupon codes to buy their products and services.

Gym details

Gym owners can upload their business details and online training sessions. Other users can choose their services easily.

Water Logging

Our MyFitnessPal clone script developers add this feature to help users maintain the hydration level. Users can record the number of glasses of water that have sipped every day.

app like myfitnesspal

Discover fitness programs

Our fitness app development team designs the product in a way that users can find the fitness training program based on their needs.

Book now

Users may book an appointment with their preferred fitness trainers. With one click, they can reserve their services.


Our professional MyFitnessPal and Fitbit clone app developers integrate a forum. Both users and fitness professionals can share tips and discuss any relevant topics.

Transaction history

When users have made a transaction with their selected fitness service providers, they can check out those details from the app dashboard.

Basic features of our fitness app

Profile page

Our app welcomes its users to create their profiles and use every feature. Besides, users can edit their profile details from the dashboard.

Social login

By using Google+, Facebook, and Twitter account login details, users may get into your fitness. It is a timesaving and simple login.


Users can manually search for anything from the app. Also, they can find fitness-related posts using this feature.


By using your fitness app, some users may have obtained noticeable results. They can share the result (images and videos) with others on the social platform.

Report abuse

When some digital content has caused troubles to the user, he can use this feature. As an admin, you will receive this complaint.

Instant notifications

Receive updates with push notifications. Additionally, this in-app notification gives the latest fitness-related offers from your app.

Premium features of fitness app


Premium users can use the app with ads that cause distractions.

Data transfers

The app enables users to move data about nutrition level and overall fitness.

Food timestamps

Learn the way how daily meal timing affects physical energy.

Workout routines

The paid users can create a routine of their daily workouts.

Food analysis

Identify the foods tracked as the best and worst ones.

Macros by meal

Check out the macronutrient breakdown right from the app.

Why hire us for fitness app development?

User-friendly interface

From the interactive dashboard, users can click on the right menu and get fitness solutions.

Scalable platform

Scale up the design and features at any time. Our fitness app developers also update your app.

Turnkey solution

Our programmers will create an attractive looking fitness app like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. Consequently, you will have the best solution for your business.


Invest a reasonable amount and have the ultimate benefits from fitness apps.

Native mobile apps

You may target Android/iOS users and ask our developers to create an app with a native look.

Whitelabel platform

Our whitelabeled app with your brand name and logo turns out a different look.


Can you customize the app like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit?

We offer only easily customizable apps related to the fitness industry. If you need to twist any feature and design, you may inform our developers.

Who will be the owner of the source code?

Our clients always own the source code of the app. Besides, we will host the app on their server.

How much does it cost to create an app like MyFitnessPal?

We can estimate the cost based on the overall design, features included, technologies used, business needs, and some other factors.

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