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Are you planning to build an online learning app like Udemy? Hire our app developers and build an e-learning software that provides the best online courses for your users. We provide you with advanced and innovative solutions to launch the app for your educational institute.

app like udemy

An app like Udemy for the path of learning

Geographical boundaries must not be a barrier to those passionate about learning more. A digital platform is the best option, as trainers and trainees from any part of this world can connect with each other. You can hire our developers to create an Udemy clone.

Online course app development

Several universities and schools have started leveraging the value of digital learning solutions. You may also launch your Udemy like app to invite both trainees and trainers. You know that Udemy has already gained success as an e-learning platform. Therefore, you can become an owner of a similar app and earn revenues from it. Moreover, we use innovative technologies (like AR and VR) to develop the best e-learning app.

Launch your Udemy clone app and earn more-

Do you like to develop a professional-looking platform where trainees can enroll their names for new courses? Then, you can choose our certified developers to design an app like Udemy. An Udemy-like app also attracts instructors and enables them to make the best use of skills. Besides, as an admin, you can find the number of registered users and manage your earnings.
Furthermore, our flawlessly designed Udemy like app is the right choice for instructors who like to deliver digital courses to trainees. They can easily upload their course details, while trainees can find the best instructor for the desired courses.

What makes our online course app development different?

You can find several e-learning app development solutions. Still, our Udemy-like app is something different, as it increases your ROI.

Visually attractive

We integrate the best visually stunning elements to draw the attention of both educators and students.

End-to-end customization

You can make your app look unique, as we customize the e-learning app for you.

Strong code

Our developers create an app like Udemy with error-free codes to ensure smooth performance.

Refined features

Although we follow the design and functionalities of the Udemy app, we try to create something better.

Our professionals use high-grade technologies to design the e-learning portal. Your target users can use any device to access the app. Moreover, we always check the app performance to ensure no issues. The content of instructors always remains protected in the app.

Udemy Clone App Features

app like udemy

User friendly dashboard

We create a user interface, which is easily navigable.

Income tracker

You can check your earnings and also fee structure from your own dashboard.

Promotional offers

Bulk offers, special discounts, and promo codes- everything is manageable from the dashboard.

Management tool

In the app like Udemy, we also integrate a tool to let you manage the registered tutors, students, and courses.

Search filters

The advanced search filter enables students to find the important training course available on your platform.

Users can share the course name that they have bought from your app.

Highly compatible

Our app works smoothly for any Android and iOS platforms.

Multiple revenue sources

Admins and educators will earn in different ways, including the course fee, ad fee, and subscription fee.

Sell courses

Trainers can sell courses by uploading their course materials in any format, like PDF, audio, and video.

Secure payment

We design a secure platform that ensures riskless transactions.

Admin dashboard

We have equipped your dashboard with different tools.

Tutor dashboard

From screen sharing to whiteboard, we add several features to the tutor dashboard.

User-friendly online course app development

Language management

Students can easily use the app in their preferred language.

General settings

Both trainers and educators can manage their profiles with a few clicks.

Menu management

As an admin, you can control the course menu.

Blog management

Manage the blogs you publish regularly to promote your platform.

Advanced features of Udemy Clone App

Course reminder

Students will find it easy to repeat the course with monthly, weekly, and daily reminders.

Social login

Users can create their profiles using their social media account details.

Course discussion

You can develop a big community where students and educators can communicate with each other.

Multiple gateways

Trainees can pay for the course using any payment gateway.

Referral links

You may start a referral program to increase the number of target users of your app.

Additional plugins that we can integrate into your app

Video player

Educators can upload their video-based course materials for students.

Zoom API

We can also add Zoom API and make your app more functional.


With Google AdSense codes, you can manage ads and earn money.


You may generate discount codes for instructors and learners.

Analytics report

Find the analytical report of how much you have earned from the app.

app like udemy

Online course app development process

A brief consultation

We like to consult with you to know what you need from our e-learning app development services. Based on that, we will start creating our app.

Find an idea

When you have thought of some better designs for your e-learning application, we will listen to you carefully. Thus, you can customize your app.

Aesthetic design

We focus on the aesthetics of the app to create an eye-pleasing design that attracts your potential users. Besides, our backend developers also team up with us.

Quality Analysis

Our team also removes discrepancies and errors from your e-learning portal.

App submission

Our e-learning app development professionals know the rules for submitting the app to the Play Store and App Store. Thus, it will be done in a hassle-free way.

How to earn from our Udemy like app?


Let instructors share their knowledge with lots of learners. Also, they can easily set the price of the course. Consequently, based on the course rate, you will earn a commission as an admin of the app.


Do you have added a subscription button to let your consumers buy subscriptions? Create different subscription packages and start earning from them.

Primary courses

If you have some special skills and like to train others, you can use the Udemy-like platform. Besides, you can choose the best course price to earn profit from selling your skills.


Make your e-learning app popular among several potential students and instructors. Companies in the relevant field will pay you for promoting their businesses with banner ads on the app.


Why should you build an app like Udemy?

Nowadays, there is a trend of providing digital training services. The Udemy like app gives you this opportunity and let you earn more.

Is the source code customizable?

Yes, our e-learning app development service will design the app in a way that everyone will feel that it is a unique e-learning platform.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Udemy?

You have to speak to our team to get the quote. Moreover, the use of technology and the choice of features can make a difference in the price.

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