App like Gojek

Are you planning to build an on-demand multi-service app? Then, hire our app developers to build an app like Gojek for your business that provides numerous services using a single platform.

Gojek Clone App for on-demand services

Gojek-like apps are comprehensive platforms to host a variety of on-demand services, including cab rides and delivery services. Modern consumers look for on-demand services for different purposes, and thus, these apps are inevitable in their everyday lives.

Empower your customers and enterprise with an app like Gojek. Our multi-service booking app development team provides quality solutions for enterprises. Consequently, you can give a much-needed boost to your business.

Multi-service app like Gojek

Government-imposed quarantine rules and lockdowns have caused restrictions on daily public movements. These restrictions have highly affected business owners. Customers feel afraid of going out of their houses, and hence, sales rates have gone down.

Lots of entrepreneurs are searching for a way to survive their businesses. Gojek and several other multi-service apps can come to help. However, you may invest in a multi-service booking app like Gojek.

OnDemand Multi-service app like Gojek

Home Screen

After this registration process, app users will reach the easily navigable home screen, containing different services.

Pick-up and drop

For cab rides and similar other services, drivers will receive notifications from users and reach the pick-up destination.


To use the app, users have to go through the registration process and provide basic details, including name, phone number, and address.

Choose a service

Users may search for the desired services from the app.

Payment process

Our custom multi-service booking app will reveal the amount paid by customers for buying services.

On demand App Solution Features

Contactless Delivery

There is no need to contact with delivery professionals. Buyers may notify them to drop off the delivered products outside the house.

Profile update

Drivers and service providers can edit and manage their profits. They may update their mobile numbers, service-related information, and other details.

SOS Button

Need to have an instant connection with dear ones during emergencies? Let users click on the SOS button in the mobile app.

In-app Wallet

Our multi-service booking app development professionals can integrate digital wallet into your app. Besides, users may add money to that app and pay for the services directly from the wallet.

Call masking

Both service providers and app users may hide their numbers while placing calls. Thus, you can ensure privacy for everyone.

Order history

Gojek clone app enables service providers to check out the number of customers who have booked their services. From the Order History tab, they can easily access it.

Earning history

Service providers may log in to their apps and check their earnings. This feature helps them to calculate their monthly profits.

Invoice Generation

Our multi-service booking app can automatically generate an invoice and send it to customers. Thus, your service providers can save their time with this feature.

God’s Eye

As an admin, you may have a look at the number of drivers, users, location, and services, provided to customers.

Push notifications

Send instant alerts to your customers. The app also can notify about service cancellation, book status, payment, and other information.

Availability options

Buyers can switch between different providers. While one of the service providers is not available, they can look for the other one.

Pricing choice

As an admin, you may set the right pricing scheme for services. So, with the higher demand, you can raise the price.

Category listing

An app like Gojek enables you to make a list of available services. You may also create categories and subcategories of those services.

City-based commission

By accessing the admin panel, you may manage the commission rate for every service. Deduct the commission based on the provided services.

Rating and Review

After buying services, customers may rate their service providers and leave feedbacks. It helps in maintaining the integrity and quality of services.

Gojek is beyond the bounds of an app for online food delivery, transportation, logistics, and other daily services.

Freight delivery

Customers can check out freight delivery services available in the chosen locality.

Food delivery

Customers can find restaurants, while restaurants can receive customers' orders.

Grocery delivery

Users can order groceries and view their order history, while sellers can receive the delivery order.

Courier service

App users can also view courier service agencies in nearby zones.

Cab booking

Passengers can book cabs and also identify the real-time location of cabs.

Handyman services

Both service providers and users can check out their order details at any time.

Why choose an on-demand multi-service booking app like Gojek?

App submission

Our app development professionals submit your app successfully after creating the final product. Thus, you will start getting a response from app users.

Responsive solutions

We can develop an app like Gojek that performs smoothly on Android and iOS mobiles. So, you will find it easy to attract several users.

100% source code

Based on your chosen package, you will receive the source code of your Gojek-like app. Hire us to write the clone script for you.

App maintenance

Our team can offer ongoing maintenance services for the app. At a minimal rate, we can remove bugs and threats from your app.

100% customizable

You may need to customize the clone app in a range of ways. Hence, we always build an easily customizable app.

Technologically advanced apps

We use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and several other technologies to build Gojek like app.


How many service providers and customers can use the multi-service app like Gojek?

Our developers always create the app in a way that permits access to an unlimited number of service providers and customers without any problem. Thus, choose us undoubtedly.

Do you take the responsibility of launching the app?

Surely, we will do it for you. Our professionals know the process of launching the app for iOS and Android users.

Why do you invest in the Gojek clone application?

Our company develops a feature-rich Gojek-like app. As you launch this app, you can develop your business and beat your competitors.

Moreover, you can have a network with several developers. Besides, businesses can find features, like in-app chat, route optimization, analytics, and other features. Consequently, you have a chance to gain profits from multiple service providers.

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