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Are you thinking of launching a dating app, like Tinder? Then, why are you in a dilemma with the idea of app development? Hire our dating app developer and create the best dating apps.

Tinder app clone for Your Dating App Startup

Nowadays, everything is available with a few clicks and taps. Thus, the young generation has started relying on an app to find their perfect dates by swiping their mobile screens. As an entrepreneur, you will earn more with the digital matchmaking algorithm embedded in the app. Our Tinder clone apps work best for any Android and iOS user.

Get sure success by cloning Tinder apps

With minimal investment in Tinder-like app development services, you can increase your business revenues. The trend of using online dating apps is on the rise, and Tinder has already gained high attention in the past few years. Thus, it’s the right time to clone this popular app. With ourTinder clone app developmentservices, your platform can turn out to be a magnet to online dating enthusiasts.

Why choose us for developing a dating portal?

Bug repair

Does your Tinder clone app have performance issues? Letdating app developmentprofessionals solve it.

100% source code

Choose the bestdating app developmentpackage. We deliver you the source code that is adjustable and editable.

Free app submission

After developing the dating application, we submit it to the app store. Besides, ourdating app developmentteam charge no additional amount for it.

Technical assistance

We are glad to solve technical issues of your app. Our developers can deal with problems related to the server, payment gateway, and other features.

After app rejection support

Never be frustrated with rejected apps. Hire our dating app development professionals to refine it for successful acceptance.

White Labeling

Based on your company name and logo, we can customize your app. Thus, you can build your brand easily.

Features with Tinder clone app development solutions


We add the latest technology to help your app users find their dates based on location. Therefore, users can look for matches from their localities and remote places.


Instant chat messages make the conversation engaging. After finding the perfect profile, users can start a one-to-one conversation.

Video chat

We can integrate an in-app camera enabling users to turn on the video calling feature. Besides, users can use this feature from mobile and any other device.

Check past dating activities

In addition, couples can have a look at their past interests and dating activities.


Age, interests, and location are some of the common matching criteria. Our app can automatically match dates based on these criteria.

Virtual gifts

Our app helps users in sending virtual gifts to their matches. Also, it has a vast range of virtual gifts for users.

Advance photo upload

Our Tinder-like app gives an option for uploading images, crop them, edit them, and beautify them in different ways.


There is an option for blocking and rejecting users. Thus, if someone is disturbing a user, it is easy to block that person.

Social media integrations

We make the login process easy with this feature. Users may use their social credentials for the login.

Who Viewed profile

It is another interesting feature for dating app users. If someone has entered one’s profile, you will get notifications.

Discovery settings

Some users do not want to keep their profiles visible to others. They will find this feature useful.

Location-based feed

We use the latest technology for this feature. Therefore, users will receive their dating feeds based on geographical locations.

Undo options

Our Tinder clone app helps users to undo any action and send theirs within a stipulated time.

Real face detection

Users can find real-life faces of the chosen partners. Besides, this feature minimizes spamming risk and misuse of the app.

What makes our dating app different?

Unlimited Matches

Our custom dating application enables your users to browse through unlimited matches and like the preferred profiles.

Multiple Sign-Ups

Users may use their phone numbers, Facebook ID, and Apple ID to sign up with the dating app

Easily manageable profiles

Dating mobile app users may update account details, change their profile pictures, and integrate the profile with Instagram accounts.

Search Filters

Users get different options for search filters, and thus, they can find their dates very easily.

Identifying Perfect Match

Dating app users can not only view profiles but also click on Like/Unlike buttons.

Instant Notifications

Our advanced dating app also automatically notifies users of their super likes, likes, and chat messages.

Tinder clone app development-Your earning models

Credit System

Your app users will earn points depending on the tasks they have done. Besides, they can buy more credits directly.

Built-in SEO

We integrate the best functionalities to make your app SEO-friendly. Your app will also get the best rank in the search result.


Place ads in your app. Besides, it is the best way to earn more money.


We add some gaming elements to your app. The dating app will be a source of fun.

Membership options

Premium members can use the app with an ad-free interface. Consequently, you will earn more with these membership options.

Payment Providers

Users, interested in premium features, can pay you online. Also, we make the app secure for the online transaction.

Admin panel features

Database backup

Our dating app developer can use automated technology to back up the app data.

General Settings

As an administrator, you may adjust logo, location, currency, and other elements.

View stats

You can find out the age, location, and other details of users.

Financial transaction

You can check out the paid users and have a look at their transactions.

Analytics dashboard

It is easy to read the chart revealing the number of news registering with your app every month.

Spam reports

We add a smart tool with which you may check the number of spam users.


How much time do you take to build a Tinder clone app?

We need to identify your needs to estimate the duration for the app development. However, in most cases, we need 10 to 12 weeks to create this app.

How will I monetize the app?

Our dating app developer integrates different features for app monetization. Moreover, premium membership, advertisement, in-app purchase, and subscriptions are some of the useful features to increase your revenues.

Is it essential to create a new script?

Some of our clients purchase ready-made scripts, and we customize them for their purposes. However, there are several other ways of having a customized mobile app.

What technologies do you use for developing and cloning the Tinder app?

Our Tinder clone app development professionals use a range of technologies to build your app. JavaScript, HTML 5, Python, and AngularJS are some of our app development technologies. Additionally, we use GPS technologies, third-party API, and Twitter API.

Which mobile users can use the app?

Our dating app developer creates a responsive design of the dating platform. Thus, the app runs smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms. You can easily create a large user base with this dating application. 

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