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Sylky - On-demand System

Sylky is one of the most hassle-free and convenient ways to get your daily work done within few taps. It is one of the best platforms which provide variety of home improvement services to clients at single destination. Sylky brings the perfect, quick and simple solution to connecting with the best qualified, rated and reviewed, local tradespeople in your area for free.

All your home improvement and maintenance needs just became a whole lot easier with Sylky on your side. From finding your perfect tradesperson, managing your job on the go, paying your trade safely. It’s a kind of on-demand system where users can find plumbers, handymen and other service providers. Moreover, service providers can register there and acquire business. Its web system is developed with Laravel back-end and React.js. Whereas, apps are native – i.e. native iOS and Native Android. Find the right pro for your project with Sylky!

Client Requirements

In this busy world, nobody has time to go out and find a home improvement provider.Be it plumbers, electricians, carpenters, cleaners or other service providers. Our client wanted an app that will connect them to the tradespeople in no time.

Client wanted a single app that both user types i.e. consumers and service providers can use. Therefore, it has effective role management coding that brings a seamless experience for both the users. Multiple home improvement services within a single app. In addition to this, a service provider can also use this app as a consumer, in case they want services from other vendors. With effectiverole management and supervision, all the client’s concerns were addressed through a single app which worked effectively for various cases. It has successfully turned an amazing idea into a reality.

Challenges & Resolutions

The challenge –
The app was supposed to find available service providers in relation to the location of users i.e. geo-location filters. Highly accurate and precise results were required taking skills of the service provider and their geo-location into consideration.

How we resolved it –
To overcome this challenge, we implemented a robust and feature rich searchmechanism closely integrated with Google Maps and navigation service APIs so consumers can easily find the tradespeople in their region.

The challenge –
Once the user has found the right match, the second challenge was to manage appointments accurately. It was crucial to providing hassle free experience as a time-slot on service provider’s end couldn’t have conflicted with other client’s requests.

How we resolved it –
We handled this uphill task through development of a versatile appointment booking system featuring time-slot management. It enabled service providers to manage and control their available timings and off day/hours from their profile panel.

The challenge –
Another challenge was notifying service providers instantly upon getting a service request. Similarly, users also needed to be notified immediately upon acceptance of the request. There were 6 other events including payment escrow, payment released and job completion where users and service providers were required to be informed in real-time.

How we resolved it –
Our team of skilled developers implemented Google Firebase with great success featuring highly customized code that delivered real-time and fast notifications for both users and service providers.

The challenge –
One more prominent challenge was handling online payments. Initially, both users and service providers have trust issues.

How we resolved it –
We implemented a robust escrow system so both parties can smoothly deal and we overcame this challenge.


  • Sign up with basic details like name, address, contact number, email, and password
  • Login with appropriate account credentials.
  • Forgot password with recovery options.
  • Create, view and edit profile.
  • Allow clients to select and schedule their preferred services.
  • Google Maps for navigation.
  • Notify clients whenever a request is accepted, rejected and cancelled.
  • Allow clients to schedule future/later services.
  • View history of past and future services. Organize and manage multiple jobs in the one place.
  • Share pictures because it’s easier to communicate what the job is with a few images.
  • Service providers don’t pay for contacts or leads, just pay when you do a job.
  • Communication between clients and service providers through inbuilt phone and message. Keep track of your service provider’s progress with secure private messages.
  • Notify clients during arrival of service provider and after service completion.
  • Display payment receipt after completion of services.
  • Cash payment and you can also pay your service providers safely with either credit card or PayPal
  • Escrow system so both parties can smoothly execute the contract.
  • Customers don’t pay a cent for signing up.
  • Anywhere, anytime, even for emergencies; find the right service provider in a few taps.
  • Post a job on the map and quickly view service providers near you

Sylky – App for Service Provider

Sign Up

  • Sign up with your basic details
  • Login with the assigned credentials

OTP Verification

  • For secure login confirm with OTP Code

Update Your Profile with Details of Your Expertise

  • Select specialization
  • Hourly Rate
  • Description of you

Forgot Password

  • Forgot password available with recovery option

Send Quotation

  • Add a comment
  • Estimated time
  • Service cost per hour
  • Send quotation for a particular task

Task Assigned

  • Service Provider will start service timer when task is started
  • Get direction of particular service place
  • Chat with service provider

Task Completed

  • When Task is completed task provider have to complete service and notify that a service has been completed
  • Generate Invoice


  • Give ratings and review to Sylky

Notify Sylky In Below Scenarios

  • Task confirmation
  • Task cancellation
  • Task accepted
  • Payment success

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