Hitscenes – best economic value

Hitscenes - best economic value


Hitscenes is an application that works to bring the best economic value to everyone. Hitscenes consists of a system that has both web and app interfaces. Hitscenes believes that our customers should be served with the best because they deserve it. The vision of Hitscenes is to be the top data analytics company for both, producers and consumers. Our customers love our creativity, value our simplicity and trust us for our reliability.

Hitscenes is your platform that allows businesses and consumers to connect for a mutually beneficial transaction. Additionally, Hitscenes lets you enjoy the exclusive goods and services at the most reasonable price. We have created an environment in which both businesses and consumers feel free to share their resources of time and thought for both parties for fair compensation.

Client’s Requirements

The client wanted a unique yet beneficial platform where consumers and businesses could easily interact and connect. The client asked for a channel where users could find several companies and could rate/review. To unite everything in a single platform, client approached Siddhi Infosoft to develop an exceptional app with web and app interfaces.

Our expert team communicated with the client proficiently and with high-performance features, we developed Hitscenes where people could share their resource of time and thought, connecting businesses and consumers.

How Hitscenes Works?

Hitscenes is a platform in which consumers and businesses can connect for mutual benefits and can enjoy high-quality goods and services at the most reasonable price. With an effective business strategy, Hitscenes changed the way you conduct your business. Additionally, Hitscenes returns 20% of profit to our valuable customers by using our special reward system.

Hitscenes understands that clients value high-quality goods and services that they consume. It also gives away a top consumer reward that gives discounts, coupons and points. Along with the business and service listing, Hitscenes offers the same rating and reviewing system for multiple products as well. Therefore, our review system is what makes our policy different from others.

Our comprehensive review system stands out among other application. There a lot of applications having limited parameters to post review; however, Hitscenes has three types of reviews for every service/business – Basic, Intermediate & Advance.

  • In the Basic review, it is all about simple rating + review as plain text.
  • Intermediate review categorises into sub-sections.
  • Advance review system consists of sub-to-sub parameters to valuation.

Our complete review and rating system lets the users discover the advantages and disadvantages of businesses. Moreover, it gives a more precise idea to other reviewers.


For Consumer Users

  • Consumers can have unlimited access to high-quality products and services from all over the world.
  • It is one of the most creative applications for finding value for your business or services.
  • Consumers have access to the top rewards in the form of points, discounts and coupons.
  • Consumers have the rights to your contents.
  • Enjoy long-lasting access for building your business with reducing promotions, advertisement and other business-related costs.
  • Consumers have access to launch and promote new business at highly cheap cost.
  • It has access to creating a personal auction to find the most reasonable price.
  • Lifetime reward in the form of discount and points for your efforts, helping us know you better.
  • Access to a extra ordinary network of like-minded and interesting people in your groups.
  • Access speakers of different languages through Hitscenes great language translator system.

For Corporate Clients

For Consumer Users

  • Access to one of the most innovative consumer metrics and industry
  • Development strategy and business growth
  • An exceptional medium for your ads
  • A platform for developing, improving and launching your goods and services in real-time
  • Timely monitor and reward your consumers
  • Promoting client satisfaction
  • The direct access to interested people in your products and services in the most innovative and fun way
  • We offer a clear business perspective


As per the client’s demand, Siddhi Infosoft had to implement a very unique and complicated review system, followed by algorithm and calculations. It was quite challenging to make a detailed review and rating system that required divisions into three sub-sections, i.e. basic, intermediate and advanced.

After in-depth research and discussions, our efficient professionals came up with an ideal solution and resolved the issue in no time.