Dizzy Doctors

Dizzy Doctors

Feeling dizzy and have a packed schedule that does not let you make a quick appointment to the doctor? What to do when you get quite a few of those “dizzy” moments, called vertigo in medical terminology, that need immediate attention and you can’t always have them in clinics which makes the diagnosis delayed. Well, here is where Dizzy Doctors comes into the picture.

Basically, you can experience dizziness in a number of ways. You might feel the room around you is spinning or your head might feel lightheaded. This unpleasant experience is termed as vertigo or disequilibrium. Some patients might even feel like they steer towards the right or left while walking instead of standing straight. To be able to prescribe a proper treatment plan, doctors need a proper diagnosis of the situation. Since one is not always in the position to visit physicians, Dizzy Doctors makes it possible for doctors to diagnose online. How? Here it is.

The patient needs to use the specifically designed Vertigo Recording Goggles (VRG) to record one of the vertigo episodes. These recordings when presented to the physician can help in diagnosis done by sitting in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world. Dizziness can be caused because of a number of issues like migraine etc. and require varying treatments. With significantly useful eye recordings, doctors can ensure that patients undergo the best and most suitable treatment.

The Dizzy Doctors app has been specifically designed, along with separate online patient and physician portal, to guide the patient with a voiceover on how to take the vertigo recording.

Client’s Requirements

A client expressed the problem of not having enough time to visit a doctor while getting episodes of vertigo quite a lot to bear. Moreover, one does not always get dizziness episodes in a clinic. To be able to resolve this glaring problem, the app of Dizzy Doctors was designed. All a patient needs is a smartphone and Vertigo Recording Goggles (VRG). In order to record, the patient must have someone else along with him or her to be able to record efficiently.

However, the app comes with clear and detailed voice commands and internal gyroscopic positioning verification that guides the patient should turn face while the recording is being made. The smart phone’s camera records the patient’s iris and pupil movements during position protocols. This is what later helps the physicians to diagnose the reason behind dizziness accurately. The physicians can also view the recording on their online portal on PCs.

Features – what’s in it for patients?

  • Purchase a pair of Vertigo Recording Goggles
  • Download the Dizzy Doctor App in the Apple Store
  • Make an account on the app that will directly be created on the DizzyDoctor website
  • Record any of your vertigo episodes
  • The episodes get directly uploaded into the patient’s account
  • The video cannot be viewed by anyone until a small amount of fee Is paid
  • Fee can be paid by simply logging into your patient portal
  • Credit Cards and online payments work for paying the fee
  • This unlocks the video from viewing
  • The video can now be viewed from the patient’s chosen health care provider or any other physician
  • Patients can add or delete videos from the smartphone anytime
  • Patients can access information about various successful health care providers around the world and choose accordingly for their treatment
  • Patients can also share the videos with chosen physicians followed up by clinic visit

Features – what’s in it for doctors?

  • Physicians begin by registering on the Dizzy Doctors as a certified professional
  • Create an account on the website by entering address, details etc.
  • Once the account is verified, the physician is ready to treat patients.
  • If the patients share the login details, physicians can view the recordings anytime
  • Once the patient visits, the physician can enter the patient’s login details
  • Both parties can view the recordings together
  • This recording, coupled with the patient’s earlier medical history and tests, can help the physician accurately diagnose
  • Physicians can be in contact with multiple patients

Features – what’s in it for the admin panel?

  • Manage user accounts
  • Manage health care providers accounts
  • Locking and unlocking vertigo recordings of each user
  • Regulating the fee payments from patients
  • Approving or rejecting profiles of health care providers

Challenges and Solutions

How to get the recordings done correctly?

The idea to have an app as efficient and advanced as it today was quite challenging at first. Why so? Getting the recordings right despite buying the Vertigo Recording Goggles is no small feat. The system required to be flawless if it was to be implemented and work for thousands of people around the world. Getting the patients to make the recording correctly came off as an uphill task that seemed almost insurmountable. However, our team of finesse developers did the unthinkable. The careful incorporation of voice commands and internal gyroscopic positioning verification, along with instructional videos, did the trick. The app is now easy to use for everyone conquering dizziness.

How to design an efficient system

There is no denying that creating the Dizzy Doctor system was a tad bit challenging. The system consists of the Dizzy Doctor iPhone app, VRG and online patient/physician portal. Designing all three together and making them work simultaneously with complete ease was a task our team of designers worked on. The end result is that both the portal and apps are now easy to use and leading the way in providing improved health care.

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