Callcab - On-demand Taxi booking app

It has never been so easy to order a vehicle, even off the beaten track, which will take you from A to B in one click. The price range is displayed to you and is in no case higher than when ordering a conventional taxi. Old school way? Pay cash. No cash? No problem, pay via the app by credit card. Download. Enter destination. Book a taxi.

CallCab is a taxi booking app that allows you to connect great rides from a professional driver at affordable prices. You simply need to book a ride through an app, the driver will come to your pick up point and drop you at your destination. There are a few unique features that help the driver and customer to find each other.

It includes the role of Taxi Agencies. Taxi agencies can register themselves & deploy their drivers on board. The system has payment methods like Cash and Credit card. The Admin panel has all reports about drivers, consumers, trips, monthly/yearly sales. Drivers can also see similar reports under their accounts in-app.
The app supports special discount coupons for promotion activities. Through a panel, an agency can also see the live location of their drivers.

The app also allows you to track driver’s location, get fare estimation, and track ride history in the most convenient way. So just download the app now and experience your first ride today. It’s fantastic to get a ride on-demand or in advance with just a tap on your phone, track your drivers and pay with cards!

Client’s Requirements

The Client from Switzerland wanted an Android and iOS app for the people living in Switzerland. A Client wanted an app that helps people to pick taxi on-demand and ride their destination in a short time. They also wanted to make a platform where people can experience safe, swift, and time-saving service.

To make this service hassle-free they were looking to build an app for both Android and iOS that provides swift and hassle-free taxi service. The main aim was to develop an online platform that connects riders and professional drivers where a user submits their pick up requests and drivers will be at their pick up location to offer the great ride experience!

The client also wished to add an option for future ride that helps users to book a ride for later. Siddhi Infosoft developed an app that makes traveling easier, so get on with its advanced riding solutions to reach the places that you desire.

CallCab – What’s in it for drivers?

  • Upload Relevant Documents
  • Accept And Decline The Booking Requests
  • View Info About Passengers
  • Navigation To Reach Pick Up Location
  • Waiting Time Calculation Charges
  • Confirm The Payment Through Credit Card
  • Route Navigation From Pick Up To Drop Off Location
  • See All Future Booking Schedule
  • End The Ride Manually Before Drop Off Location Reached On Passenger Request

CallCab- What’s in it for customers?

  • Promo & Referral Discount Codes
  • Payment Option By Credit Card
  • Rate And Comment about the Driver
  • Book Future Ride
  • Get Invoices with User Profile
  • View Every Detail Of Past Rides
  • View All Detail Of Future Bookings
  • Cancel Booking
  • Stop Ride Before Drop Up Destination Arrives
  • Registration By Social Support & OTP
  • Live Location Suggestions
  • Vehicles Categories Like Oscar, Big, Fancy, Pink
  • Locate Current Position With GPS
  • Estimated Fare Calculation

Admin Panel Features

Staff Management

  • View, edit and delete staff list
  • Active/Inactive staff

Rider Management

  • View, edit and delete rider details
  • Active/Inactive rider

Promo code Management

  • Add, update and delete promo code
  • Active/Inactive promo code

Driver Management

  • View and add driver details
  • Active/Inactive driver status
  • Filter drivers by country, province, city and car type
  • View driver’s location on a map

Car Details

  • View, add, update and delete car type details
  • Filter car by country, province, and city

Car Type Intercity

  • View, add, update and delete car type intercity
  • Filter car type by country and province
  • Search car type intercity

Review and Rating Management

  • View, update and delete driver and riders review and ratings.

Ride Management

  • View and delete waiting, assigned, arrived, processing, completed, canceled, reject and dropped the ride.
Admin Panel Features

Challenges & Solutions

The Challenge –

Whenever a rider selects pick-up and drop-off location, the system automatically calculates and sends estimated fare to the user. But, in many cases, one destination may have different routes. So, calculating the fare estimation based on the selected destination route and sending it to the rider was a little bit challenging task.

Our Solution –

To overcome this crucial challenge, our team of professional developers employed smart usage of Location Manager to come up with fare distance calculator.

The Challenge –

An app that allows clients to select the driver as per their preference. To give the better experience, whenever a customer enters their location, their request is allocated to the nearby drivers based on their location. To fetch nearby drivers by tracking rider’s entered location was challenging for our team.

Our Solution –

This was a bit tricky since we also needed to take user’s preferences into consideration. That is why, the Siddhi Infosoft’s professional developer coded their heart out to create a custom API which was integrated into the app to handle this challenge.

The Challenge –

In this competitive era, user-experience is must and for the same purpose client needed an app with a user-friendly interface featuring a simple design and easy to complete booking process in few clicks.

Our Solution –

To tackle this challenge, our team of experienced designers took the responsibility to deliver an attractive yet approachable design while developers ensured user experience doesn’t leave anything to be desired.

The Challenge –

One of the more stiff challenges for our developers was handling notifications. If passenger is looking for any ride and if a car is available either taxi, economy, business or any other in nearby location, a popup will notify the user and he/she can easily identify the car.

Our Solution –

To cater to the client’s need, our developers used smart logic on web services and got this done employing their programming knowledge and experience.

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