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On Demand Massage app development: How to build an app like Soothe?

On Demand Massage app development: How to build an app like Soothe?

Modern markets are all about customer convenience and ease of availability. Every service-based business focuses on making its services easily accessible to its customer base. This helps the stay relevant in this ever-competitive market. With the insurgence of digitization and technological advancement, consumer behavior has also experienced a dynamic shift. Consumers want everything at the tip of their fingertips with a tap on their Smartphone app. This has perfectly paved the way for a demand business framework in the market. Businesses such as massage parlors have been quick to identify this gap in supply and are gearing up to provide the same by virtue of on-demand massage app development.

The on-demand market is as expansive as ever, with customers spending more than $57 billion annually. Businesses are keen to capitalize on this ongoing revolution in the on-demand service sector. Developing on-demand massage apps is the best too enter the digital space of the customer and provide seamless service delivery.

If you manage to build a quality and trustworthy on-demand massage app, customers are bound to use it owing to the convenience. They no longer have to get ready and visit their nearest spa and spend their waiting time reading magazines. Besides, they can avail themselves of the same from the comfort of their homes through on-demand apps. The on-demand model has provided a breath of rejuvenation to the massage business owners, and they are trying hard to implement it in the best possible manner.

Step by step guide for on-demand massage app development

On Demand Massage app development: How to build an app like Soothe?When the market gets different, you have to customize your services and products to cater to specific customer needs. With investors churning out significant money for on-demand massage application development, learning the craft appears to be imperative. Bringing the app from ideation to materialization is a difficult task but certainly worth its salt. Let us go through a step-by-step guide that enlightens the vital aspects of massage app development.

1. Determine the business model of your app

You require a perfect business model definition to pursue massage app development. Your on-demand Smartphone app aims to bridge the gap between massage therapists and their customer base. This requires a smooth set of functionality flow from the beginning to the end of the process. The therapists considering you a marketing platform for their services while the customers you provide the market.

Build your business plan in adherence to that, and the app development will follow suit. Determine your pricing models for every service the therapist will offer beforehand. Determine how the revenue stream will flow and the shares of profit you would need to pay them. These are fundamental aspects of business planning that you need to care of in the initial phase of app development.

2. Acquire all necessary technology stack for development

You would need a proficient technology stack that would aid your app development. There are multiple facets that would require different sets of technology to take handle. Starting from cloud services for handling storage and computational requirements to database instances for handling customer and transactional databases, you need to invest significant money to build up the necessary tech stack required for massage app development. The development team you hire will help you in out in determining the technologies you will specifically require.

3. Build a wireframe to develop upon

Creating a wireframe for developing the app will help you visualize the entire app experience. The design team of the mobile app development company will work on this wireframe and develop the UI and UX elements based on it. Once the developers build the wireframe, they can grow on the architecture by integrating the features and functionalities necessary for the app.

4. Include all relevant features

The feature set of the application will define its functionalities and determine if users will favor it or not. The features of a massage app can vary. The development team must ensure that the features cater to the target audience and provide all basic functionalities. The basic features are somewhat enlisted below.

  • Real-time tracking – allows users to track their ordered services in real-time.
  • Notification – it would keep the users updated with all relevant information about services, offers, discounts, and products.
  • Multiple payment options – include multiple payment options in the app so that users do not face any hassle while making payments. Include cards, wallets, and UPIs for the convenience of the users.
  • Ratings and reviews – Customers must be able to review and provide apt feedback against the services they have availed. Rating their experiences helps the business earn potential customers and work on areas that need improvement.
  • Service portal – the most important portal for the customers where they can search for the massage service they want to avail and book as per their preferred time slot.

5. Test the developed app

The app solution developed by your team might be at your disposal yet not fit for publishing in the market. Thus, we need to perform testing on it to determine its performance consistency. An internal QA team needs to be deployed for this purpose.

Developers can try out the beta version of the app and publicly release it when all features are operational. As and when new features are added, the app needs to go into the testing phase again. The same set of activities needs to be repeated henceforth.

6. Publish the app

On Demand Massage app development: How to build an app like Soothe?Once the testing is complete and you are confident about the final product, plan its release. Publish the app into its respective app stores by meeting the specific submission criteria. It can get rejected. However, here you will have to rework and solve the issue and resubmit. Ensure that your app is available to cross-platform in iOS and Android smartphone markets. It will ensure you reach out to a majority of smartphone users.

7. Market the app aggressively

Although this depends largely on your budget and how much cost you have incurred so far, marketing is an aspect you just cannot do without. The marketing for your on-demand massage app needs to start a few weeks prior to the launch and continue for at least a month after it. Include as many marketing platforms you can afford and make sure your target audience is aware of your product.


On-demand massage application development is an area every massage business owner can invest in. If implemented properly, they can surely reap their benefits to the fullest. The above guidelines might act instrumental in when you decide to start massage app development.

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