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Flower delivery app development: Cost & Features

Flower delivery app development: Cost & Features

Flowers have been playing a crucial part in humans’ emotional existence and well-being for a long time. Not only do they serve as great gift items that cheer up the receiver instantly, but they also lighten up the space they take up in our rooms. I can recount numerous instances where we forgot to buy gifts for an intended person and delivered a bouquet of flowers last minute at his doorstep. Trust me, that flower bouquet has never let me down. Earlier days, we would have had to run to the nearest florist and buy the perfect set of flowers for whatever price it fetched. That entire process was very arduous, even at the cost of making up for our own mistakes. Thanks to the insurgence of flower delivery app development, we no longer have to follow that cumbersome process.

Technological advancements have made on-demand services very accessible and popular. Modern-day consumers are eager to jump on their Smartphone apps and avail the best prices for on-demand services. The flower delivery business also had the scope to capitalize upon this advancement. Most florists hired a mobile app development company to expand their business into the digital space.

Moreover, the mobile apps provided a plethora of benefits to the users owing to their ease of access. But before one can jump right into developing their own flower delivery app, one must learn about the various aspects that go into it. We can start with the basic features of such an app and how much can it cost to develop one.

Definitive Features for your on-demand Flower delivery app development

Flower delivery app development Cost &FeaturesFlower delivery apps vary in terms of their features from one florist to another. Some are quite simple and facilitate only deliveries, while others pack in a lot more features. Needless to say, the latter fetches the owner a hefty price. Your budget and business plan will determine the level of advanced features you would want to integrate with your app.

But the basic framework of flower delivery apps remains somewhat similar. There are a few must-have features that define this framework of such on-demand apps. You will have to integrate these features in some way or the other to ensure that your app functions properly.

1. User registration and login panel

This is where the users are prompted right after they download your app and open it. The users have to put in the necessary details and register in the app. These details will be synced to your business databases. They will have to enter their login credentials which they will be using for logging in further. Include an option where they can choose to stay logged in with their session or not.

2. Product viewing panel

This is arguably the most significant portal in terms of development and design within the app. It is where the user gets a comprehensive listing of all the products that your business is selling. Along with their names will be short descriptions of the products, their price tags, and other relevant information about them.

Through this portal, users will be able to view all product listings and add to their cart the ones they are willing to buy. Make sure to design this portal attractively and set in a simplistic manner. First-time users must find this portal easy to navigate through so that they come back for return buys. If you make it cluttered, users would not want to come in again and use your app.

3. Payment gateways

Once the users have selected their desired products and added them to the cart, they would want to check out and pay. The payment gateway you develop in your app must facilitate seamless transactions for the benefit of both parties. Include all relevant payment options that modern digital users resort to, such as credit and debit cards, UPI and wallets, net banking, etc.

Also, ensure that there are no glitches in the payment portal which drive potential customers away from your app. The more comprehensive and hassle-free the payment experience will be, the more they will come back for further buys.

4. Feedback and reviews

Feedback and reviews are very instrumental aspects that determine the fate of products and, in turn, the business. Users look for useful reviews against products they are willing to buy. They put considerable faith in these reviews and make buying decisions based on them.

Thus, ensure your products are excellent in the first place and competent to garner quality reviews from buyers. Next, include a review portal that allows users to post reviews against every product and read all other reviews. You can further ensure that all constructive feedback is heeded to by the support team and take necessary actions.

5. Push notifications

The push notifications provide users with all relevant announcements regarding offers, bookings, and products. You must also provide cart-based notifications through this app feature.

Instant notifications help customers remain engaged with the app and use its utilities once in a while.

Costs involved in flower delivery app development

Flower delivery app development Cost &Features

There are multiple aspects that can influence your budget when you invest in flower delivery app development. We have discussed the major ones in brief.

1. Acquiring the proper technology stack

Developing a smartphone app requires the aid of proper technologies. Acquiring the right stack of tech would cost you a handsome amount. You would need to attain cloud storage and computing services, Database architecture, and other modern smartphone development technologies.

2. Feature integration

Integrating all the necessary features in your flower delivery app would also affect your budget acutely. How your team of developers works proactively would influence this factor too. The size of the team and their location is also an instrumental factor in this regard.

3. Promotions

Promoting and marketing your app is a crucial ask in the modern-day technology market. Ideally, your marketing activities must begin a few weeks before your app release and go on for at least a month after it. This might weigh heavy on your purse when you try to reach all platforms of marketing.

4. Cross-platform development

Developing your app across multiple OS platforms such as iOS and Android would also increase your development costs. This is a necessary task because you would want your app to reach the majority of Smartphone owners.


For florists owning existing businesses or venturing out with a startup, flower delivery app development can provide a significant boost. Learning about the must-have features of on-demand flower delivery apps and the costs they can fetch will provide you with a necessary headstart.

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