Uber clone app

We provide white label Uber Clone App development solution for your ride-hailing business online. An on-demand App that is completely loaded with features for native Android and iOS platform.

Uber Clone app solution for your ride-hailing business

Online taxi booking is not a new trend in this digital world. To grow your business and reach your cab service to passengers all over the city, you can invest in our app development solutions. Uber and other taxi reservation apps have already gained success. Now, you may also compete with those brands by releasing a similar app. Hire us to develop your Uber clone app.

Make the taxi business lucrative with online booking app

Our taxi app development services enable you to trigger conversations with your potential customers. With user-friendly interface designs, you can help users to book your cab with one click. Moreover, you may also communicate with them to solve their issues. Your on-demand taxi business will have higher profitability by releasing the app. At Siddhi Infosoft, we have gained the best knowledge about the way of developing a quality app for your business.

Ensure convenience to every traveler with Uber
clone app

The tech-savvy generation always likes to rely on online portals to reserve services. Thus, when you have cab services to provide to travelers all over the country, you can launch an app. Besides, the app users from any location can book your service, and the nearest taxi driver can serve them within the shortest time. To make their journey hassle-free, you can request a custom app while hiring ourtaxi app developmentservice. With your brand logo and business name, we make a fresh design of your cab app.

Why choose us for developing a taxi app?

Mobile-friendly apps

As your target audience comprises both Android and iOS users, we make a responsive design of yourUber and Lyft clone app.

Web app

Desktop users may also use your app and book the taxi by the app interface.

Admin panel

As an admin of the app, you can control your cab business from the dashboard.

High customizable

With the growth of your business, you may hire us to integrate more features into your app.

Payment options

We integrate more than one payment mode into thetaxi appto help passengers pay for your services online.

Lower User Waiting Time

Your customers do not need to wait for a taxi in a long queue, as your cab can pick them up fromtheir destinations.

We build an Uber-like app with lots of features

Easy registration

Both travelers and drivers can sign up with thetaxi appby entering their personal details. Besides, we ensure that your app users can make registration with a few steps.

Schedule Rides

In some cases, travelers prefer advance scheduling of your cab service. Moreover, we add this feature for these users.

Track your cab

Where is your driver now? How much time will he take to reach the chosen site? Real-time tracking gives peace to travelers, and we keep this feature in mind while providing our taxi app development service.

Push Notifications

YourUber and Lyft clone appcan send automatic notifications to your customers. For instance,customers can receive alerts on the trip fares, driver’s location, and other related details.

Book rides

You may have cabs and other types of vehicles. As travelers have different needs, they will find this feature helpful on yourUber and Lyft clone app.

Fare Estimation

Our app can automatically calculate the fare based on the pickup and drop-off locations. Thus, passengers can easily know their travel costs.

Smart digital wallet

By synchronizing wallets with a bank account, the customer may pay directly from the cab app.Ourtaxi app developers help to integrate this element during the cab app development.

Reward and referral program

You may have heard about the Uber Rewards program. With your custom cab app, you can arrange this program to give several benefits to your passengers. You can also integrate different Reward levels for loyal customers during cab app development.

Maintain Logs

Details of all the past rides of every user are easily viewable from thetaxi app.

Promo Codes

Users always look for special offers and discount on your service charge. Thus, we help them to apply promo codes and coupons while booking from the app.

Choice of location

Travelers choose their home and workplace as the pickup and drop-off location. Besides, they may also denote the location in the integrated Google Map.

Trip Verification

After confirming the trip, riders will get verification emails and messages.

Estimated cab arrival time

It is another useful feature of our app to help passengers in knowing the time of arrival of your taxi.

Conversation with drivers

In some cases, users may need to communicate with drivers. Thus, we add the in-built calling ability to help them in solving their queries.

Trip Sharing

Your passengers may share the progress of their trips with others for their safety.

Stop Over Points

Your car passengers can stop the vehicle at a number of locations. Therefore, you can charge a waiting fee for every stop.

Ratings and reviews

Let riders rate your service from the app interface. You can learn about the performance of your drivers.

Assign a driver

As an admin, you may assign a driver to manage riders’ requests. You can do it by checking the availability of drivers and the location of riders.

Reporting and Analytics

Moreover, from thetaxi appinterface, you can collect your business data and find the best analytical solution.

Ride cancellation

Both drivers and riders have options to cancel rides when one of the parties has some problems. Consequently, with one click from the app, they can cancel the service.


The built-in Google Maps can help drivers to find the shortest routes.

Track earnings

Our taxi app developer also keeps the drivers in mind and includes the track earnings for the drivers during the cab app development. Thus, drivers can calculate how much they have earned every day with their cab driving service.

Benefits obtained from investing in Uber clone app development services


As we are using the Uber clone script, it saves our time needed to think of the app design.

Cashless ride

Your riders can pay you online using their cards, and there is no need for cash contact.

Trip management

Drivers may view riders’ requests and manage them from the app.

Easy to grow business

You can reach travelers from different parts of the city, as our app can promote your business.

Emergency solutions

With one click, users can hire your cab anytime.

Business is easily manageable

You may manage your cabs and view reports of everyday activities.


For Uber and Lyft clone app development,we do not need to write new codes, and thus, we can charge less for our services.

Track your cab

With GPS technology, you may track the location of cabs using thetaxi app developmentservices from us.

Manage drivers

You can engage more passengers and employ more drivers to build your brand.


How does Uber-like app work?

Uber is an on-demand cab-booking platform, connecting riders with drivers. Riders can book the taxi from the app and get the service within a short time.

How much do I need to invest in the cab app development?

We will estimate the charge based on the complicacy of the app, technologies, and other factors.

How much time we need to develop a cab app?

Our taxi app developers may need at 1-2 months to create your app, like Uber.

Should the app have separate panels for drivers and riders?

Yes, we create different panels for car riders, drivers, and admins for convenience.

Which platform is best for my cab application?

We develop both hybrid and native apps with advanced technologies and tools.

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