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Salon Booking App Development – For Your Modern Salon Business

The salon and spa industry is quite a big industry, and a considerable number of people are coming up with salon and spa businesses nowadays. So, you can observe a lot of competition as well. If you want your salon to do well, you have to stay ahead of your competitors. And one of the best ways to improve your business is to come up with a salon booking app. You must seek a reliable app developer for the app development of your salon service to get the best outcome.

According to Gartner, 20% of the customer base contributes to 80% of the future business in the salon industry. Hence, you can see how much a repeat customer is important for your business revenue growth. Thus, you must focus on these customers through your salon service app. Moreover, the app will not only help you with better management but also help you to gain customer’s loyalty too.

Furthermore, there are plenty of features that you should include in your salon booking software. If you are appointing an app developer to craft your app, then you should discuss the elements of your app. It will help your developer to come up with an app that you desire. Here, we are talking about 9 features that you must include in your salon booking app to stand out from competitors.

1. Personal accounts for app development

Well, it is one of the essential elements that you should have in your app. You have to make sure that customers can create a personalized account in your salon booking app. One of the significances of this feature is that customers don’t have to fill up their details every time they book an appointment.

Also, they don’t have to worry about appointments in your salon. They can do it without any issues. Moreover, you also have a list of people who are interested in your salon.

Personal accounts

2. List of services to incorporate during your salon app development

It is another essential feature that you should include in your salon scheduling app. You have to understand that your salon is not confined to haircut only. Apart from splitting hairs, there are other services that you offer that must be included in the service list.

So, if you include this feature in your app, it will be easier for the customers to choose the services according to their preferences. Also, it is one of the best ways of marketing your salon.
Well, you have to understand that it is a pretty easy feature to incorporate. All you must do is to create a different segment that comprises the list and photos of your services.

salon app development

3. Prices of the services that you offer

Transparency is one of the finest ways of marketing. It plays a significant role in building trust amongst your customers. Thus, for the clarity of your services, you should add the prices of your services. It will also help your clients to compare your costs with the other salons.

So, you can opt for these things to make your services more appealing.

  • You can add different categories with their prices.
  • You can also provide combo packages as well as variations.
  • Giving discounts will also make your app appealing.

Prices of the services

4. Appointment booking

Now, it is one of the essential features that you should include in your app. It will allow your clients to opt for the appointment without any hassles. So, you must make sure that the application is integrated with a calendar.

It can aid the customers to book an arrangement according to their convenience. There should be a booking button in your salon booking app that should lead the customers to a booking form. And that form should consist of these details.

  • Time and date
  • Services that your customer can choose.
  • A message to the beautician
  • Whether it is the first time for them or not.

After that, a checkout procedure will follow. In that procedure, the customer has to provide his or her credit details for the confirmation of booking.

Appointment booking

5. The option of in-app payment

Another function that you should integrate into your salon booking app is the option of in-app payment. Make sure that your clients have the opportunity to pay through a payment portal. There are numerous payment portals that you can choose. For instance, you can opt for Paypal, Braintree, or Stripe.

Also, there should be an option where your client can pay you with the help of a debit card and a credit card. In this case, you only have to take care of the transactions through your admin panel. Also, you can request your clients to pay you through Apple pay or Google wallet.

option of in-app payment

6. Allow the users to choose the beauticians of their choice

Well, most people have a specific preference when it comes to beauticians. They always go to the beautician with whom they are most compatible. So, allow your clients to appoint the beauticians according to their preferences. It will make them happy, and they will head towards your salon again and again.

beauticians of their choice

7. Make an offer and discount section for the loyal customers

If you look at the salons, you will find out that most of the salons have their specific customers. Similarly, your salon must have some loyal customers as well. So, it is the time when you should show some love to your loyal customers. How? Well. You can do it by creating the loyalty section for them.

In that section, there will be discounts and offers, only for them. Make sure that only the long-term customers are allowed in that section. It will enable them to look at your salon app again and again.

loyal customers

8. Implement GPS technology

If you can include GPS technology in your app, it will help a lot. It will benefit your client as it will be easier for them to find out the location of your salon. Also, if you can opt for the geofencing option, it will be easier for you to attract the people of a specific area.

Implement GPS technology

9. Push notifications

You can consider push notifications as one of the best ways to keep in contact with your customers. It can assist you to motivate your clients. To be precise, with the help of this feature, you can send customized messages to a lot of devices.

Therefore, you can show that you care for your new as well as long term customers. Also, you can convey the latest updates of your salon with the help of the push notifications.

Push notifications

So, these are some of the features that you should encompass within your salon booking software. Integrating your app with these features will help you to gain a lot of customers in your salon. Also, you will witness a better place of yours in the competition.

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