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Food delivery apps are one of the prevalent apps that you can find on almost all smartphones. They are in trend now, certainly. Due to busy lifestyles, many people hardly get any time to do our groceries on time or to cook food. And during those times, these apps come as a savior. So, if you are in the food industry, then you can plan for a food delivery app development for your business. In this competitive market, if you can take care of your app development precisely, it holds a lot of possibilities in the future.

Moreover, to come up with an efficient app like Seamless and Grubhub, you have to follow some vital points. Therefore, let us take a look at those points that will help you to tailor your app.

1. Decide the target market before app development

It is an important factor that you should take into account. Well, you must decide your target market and customers before going for the app. There are multiple choices like grocery delivery, quick meals delivery, and serving curated menus, where the app can focus.

Some of the target markets that you can check for your food delivery app are:

  • Women/men who don’t get enough time to cook their food.
  • Couples who prefer to order food on the weekends.
  • Student parties
  • Corporate dinners
  • Event/holidays

You must discuss your target market with your food delivery app development company before developing the app.

2. Analysis of your competitors before app development

You can see many examples where startups come with an app, and they fail eventually. So, if you don’t want to shut down your app, you must do the competitor’s analysis. You must do a careful analysis of your competitors. Therefore, some of the key points that you should analyze your competitors are:

  • Services
  • Location
  • Customers
  • Profit and loss
  • Value proposition

Once you collect the required data, you can get some valuable insights about your competitors. Moreover, meticulous analysis of your competitors can help you to stay ahead of them.

3. Smooth cooperation

Trusted and harmonious collaboration between the startups and food vendors, restaurants, or local farming is one of the potential ways to establish your business. Well, you can consider it to be one of the fundamental steps to make your app successful. Therefore, try to create a functional and trusted relationship with your suppliers. It will help you in the long run.

4. Drivers network

Delivering the food as soon as possible, and keeping it hot is one of the basic parameters of a food delivery app. Therefore, you should focus on the driver’s network. So, as the owner of a food delivery app, you must think of:

  • Full-time or part-time drivers
  • Rely on the freelancers or hire employees
  • Select your preferable form of transport- scooter, car, bicycle, small truck
  • Going into partnership with third-party apps.

Moreover, your focus must be on faster delivery with quality.

5. Tech features as well as solutions

Considering the features of the app is one of the essential things when it comes to on-demand food delivery app development. You have to implement numerous functions, which are compatible with the needs of customers, drivers, and the restaurant staff. Hence, here are the three groups of features that you must incorporate in your app.

  • Customers must have a suitable list of restaurants, an efficient website, and a simple layout of the menu, and the effortless process of ordering foods online.
  • The restaurant team should get a hold of CRM and CMS systems, order and management platform, maximal process automation, and minimal human interference.
  • Drivers should consist of required external services and access to the list of orders.

6. UI/UX design

The design of an app will decide the user-experience. Besides, the design of your app will help you to craft a familiar, modern, as well as user-friendly interface. It can help you to gain attraction amongst all the groups of people. Therefore, try to discuss the design of your app with your food delivery app development company before creating it.

Food Delivery App Image

7. Tech Stack

Using JavaScript for both the front end and backend can make your business process flexible. Sometimes, you can use Node.js for backend jobs. One of the best parts about Node.js is that you can use those codes again and again. To be precise, it will help you to reduce the number of systems, and also, it will lessen the number of errors. Moreover, it is easy to fix the bugs as well.

8. Essential Features

Features are the essential things of an app. It will decide whether your app is up to the mark or not. Also, you have to make features according to the necessity of different groups. So, some of the crucial points that you must include in your food delivery app are:

a. Features for customer
Customers look for the below features in any food-delivery app

  • Streamlined website
  • Easy, quick and hassle-free
  • Choice of the method of delivery
  • Order recording and cancellation
  • Estimation of the delivery time
  • E-mail notifications
  • Promo codes
  • Option to return money in case of bad orders.
  • Customization of address picker
  • Real-time tracking of the delivery.

b. Features for the restaurant
The below features must be incorporated for the restaurant owners

  • CMS and CRM
  • Posting content
  • Kitchen order management
  • Promo code management
  • Order management platform
  • They should be able to arrange the orders in a group.
  • The administrator should be able to see future orders.
  • CMS, as well as API integration.
  • Efficient as well as minimal human interference. Besides, there should be maximal process automation.

c. Features for the drivers

For the drivers, the only element that you should encompass within your app is the integration of the ‘Bring’ service. It will help the driver to serve your purpose and will also deliver your food within a short time.

Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$23,991m in 2020. – Statista

View Statistics for Online Food Delivery USA


So, these are the key points that you have to comprehend if you are coming up with a food delivery app. To craft a complete food delivery app, it will take almost 1000 hours. Besides, the cost of the development of the app depends on the region where you are about to establish your app. Therefore, craft your app in such a way that it attracts your target customer base and makes it convenient for them to use the app. Consequently, it will allow the users to use your app without any hesitation.

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