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9 Tips to Increase Mobile App Conversion Rate

Have you released mobile apps for your customers? However, without a proper marketing campaign, you may not find the best response from the target users. Now, how would you measure the success of this campaign? App developers and marketers think that a conversion rate is the most important factor in analyzing the performance level of your app. We can categorize mobile app conversion rate in two ways

  • The number of visitors, browsing through the Play Store or App Store, has visited your app page.
  • The number of mobile users, visiting your app page, has downloaded your app.

Besides, your target is to get a high level of traffic on the product (app) page and then convert them into active users.

Identify the behavior of users of your mobile apps

Mobile users take a few seconds to decide on installing an app. Thus, for increasing your mobile app conversion rate, you have to focus on concision and clarity. Besides, you can find two different types of app visitors. Some of them check out visual elements and graphics, while informative visitors go through the content.

Most of the app users fall into the first category. Thus, you have to take time to deal with screenshots, graphics, icons, and videos. A few users click on the button- “Read More.”

What would you optimize for increasing the conversion of mobile apps?

App title and icon – You have to focus on these factors to start an interaction with Play Store and App Store users.

User reviews and ratings – The potential users make their decision by reading reviews of other users. They also check out ratings on your app. Besides, the higher rating will add visibility to your app.

Other visual resources

The interfaces of the App Store and Play Store are different, and thus, you have to use them accordingly to improve mobile app conversion. Google Play users view the Feature Graphic, while App Store users find out the Screenshot Gallery.

Moreover, the App Store also gives you a chance to display videos automatically. Thus, you have to make sure that your video content reveals the value of your app. However, on Google Play, there is no auto-play option.

Test your app regularly

The CRO has a direct link to UX, and thus, you must check out the app function. Although it may be a costly option, you will get value in the future. However, if you have not tested the app, then you can’t find a higher bounce rate. It is essential to make sure that users can successfully download the app to their device. Besides, you must also notify these users about the available updates. Some professionals use a device emulator to test apps.

Add options for personalization

Let users get the best feel from using your apps. Your app users have to find options for setting their preferences, and therefore, you may track their activities. Moreover, nowadays, modern apps identify users’ locations and present them with content relevant to their geographical location.

Increase your app usability

There are two potential reasons for visiting your app. Users may have thought of browsing your services and products. Some of them have also decided to make a deal. However, as one of the app owners, you have to value both these purposes. It is challenging to find out the intention of app users. The option for your offerings can inform them of something.

For instance, while users are browsing through a series of products, they may make a purchase. You need to ensure that your app visitors can move from their search mode to the purchase mode. Hence, it will result in an increased conversion rate for your app.

Contact forms must not be complicated

Mobile users may feel distressed while they need to fill in a long digital form. Thus, you can add up to 3 fields to optimize your mobile app. You have to get only email addresses and names of users. Also, another trick to increase the mobile app conversion rate is to remove the captcha test for mobile app users.

9 Tips to Increase Mobile App Conversion Rate Image

Notifications must not be intrusive

Conversion rate optimization is one of the parts of your email campaign. However, due to email overload, you can find a reduced rate of conversion clicks. Thus, send your users some relevant app notifications to avoid delivering emails. Therefore, In-app and push notifications are the best options for you.

Now, to send notifications, you have to focus on some questions-

Is it the right time to notify your users about the shopping cart and unfinished form? Is it a location-based app? Should you notify your app users about nearby stores?

Other guidelines on app notifications-

  • Know whether your app users are willing to get notifications. Learn about the type of notifications preferable to those users.
  • Focus on the time zone and geographical location of the users.

The app user’s sign up process has to be short

Similar to the contact form, the signup form has to be very precise. While there is a long registration process, app users will leave your app and then uninstall it. You must not make your users bored. Thus, let these users visit the main page of your app and browse through the content.

The best apps do not directly jump to the signup process. Let the visitors search through your app. You can then engage them and finally request them to go through a signup process to make a deal.

Save for Later or Favorites button

Your potential customers may have chosen their preferred products. However, right now, they are not ready to buy them. Thus, you have to do something to let them go through a purchase cycle in the future. You may add a button- Save for Later.

Besides, potential shoppers may click on the button and make a list of their preferred products. They can easily find those products and place an order for the deal.

Different payment methods for a higher conversion rate

Shoppers cannot always pay you using their credit card. Ultimately, they abandon their shopping carts, as they do not have those cards with them. They leave your app and look for other stores. Thus, to avoid losing customers, you can add more than one payment method. However, ensure that you have chosen a reliable and safe payment option to maintain the privacy of financial data. Besides, you can encourage your app users to use any payment mode to make their deals.

So, we have provided you with a guide to increase your mobile app conversion rate. Mobile app development companies have the best professionals to design your app with the latest technologies. However, you need to go through some more steps to convert mobile app users into customers. The professionals know the right technique for raising this conversion rate. CRO is an ongoing process, and you have to make a continuous effort to be successful. The higher CRO rate indicates the success of your app. Besides, you need to connect with your target audiences, engage them, and convert them into customers.

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