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COVID-19: Proved that every business should have a Mobile App

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made the biggest impact in this world. It has not only taken away thousands of lives but also created a storm in the business sector. Most of the affected countries have declared a lockdown to beat Coronavirus, and it has resulted in a financial crisis all over the world. Almost all businesses found no way of retaining their status from the negative economic consequences of this epidemic. Still, compared to online businesses, offline retailers are worse sufferers of this crisis. Most of those retailers and sellers have no mobile app to run their businesses.

Moreover, small entrepreneurs always avoid creating apps for business activities. However, the nationwide lockdown has made them realize that they would somehow be able to manage their business if there is a customized app.

Corona has changed the shopping trend

COVID-19 pandemic has caused government authorities to declare strict rules on lockdown mode. Office hours of our lives have now become shopping hours. Although consumers are buying only the basic essentials, they have preferred the online world for the purchase. They avoid crowded public places, and standing in a long queue is not safe for them to prevent the spread of the virus. Thus, grocery stores can better take their business online by developing an eCommerce app.

Early closure of local stores has added an inconvenience to customers’ lives. It has forced customers to alter their purchase patterns. If you have a business of pharmaceutical products and other necessities, then you can shift your business to the digital world. As your e-store remains active all the time, your customers can place their orders anytime.

Therefore, hire a team of reliable professionals from the mobile app development company. You can launch your digital store within a short time and get a pool of customers for your business.

Use a mobile app for customer assistance

Have you set up a contact center for customer service? Every day, your representatives reach that center to have direct contact with customers. Now, the lockdown has prevented them from getting out of their homes. Besides, you can never avoid servicing your customers. Although your business is presently in a standstill, you need to retain your loyal customers. Take your customer service to the online world by building an app and win the battle against COVID-19. Also, it is the best way of protecting your employees while providing in-person service to your regular customers.

Your customer representatives, being accustomed to an offline contact center, will feel a shock due to a sudden shift to an online world. For any query, they will become more dependent on technology instead of on their colleagues. To simplify this transition, you can encourage them to maintain a connection through social networking apps.

Moreover, the Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically transformed our personal and professional lives. Savvy entrepreneurs have already started looking for ways of managing these changes during and after the epidemic.

Besides, heightened concern about employee safety has resulted in a need to develop a mobile-friendly app. Businesses have felt the importance of emphasizing self-service and automation with the use of the app. The reliable app will help in keeping up the transparency of your service to customers.

Lockdown for more than a month- Apps let you keep your customers engaged

Based on your business type, the pandemic might have prevented you from providing services and products to your customers. However, it never means that you would stay fully disconnected from your customers. One day, we will surely be successful in overcoming the virus outbreak.

Hence, you need to utilize the pandemic situation to benefit your business in the near future.
Your tech-savvy customers love scrolling web pages and apps. So, you may create an app with educational content and get in touch with them. It is the biggest opportunity to introduce your business-related information through apps.

However, you can claim that you may do it using social media pages. But, there are several other businesses and competitors. Your target audience can jump to their business pages, and thus, developing a dedicated app for your customers is the most important step.

What will you add to your app content? You can hold a live webinar for your app users. It is also better to share informational infographics and other types of conversion-driven content. You may share your thoughts of releasing new products and services to solve customers’ problems.

As COVID-19 has halted your business operations, it may not be the right time to acquire new customers. Until everything is restored, you can pivot your attention to customer retention from customer acquisition. Besides, you must never make the mistake of ignoring your present customer base.

Imagine your business re-opening after a month. It will be challenging to re-build this customer base. Thus, play a trick of keeping your customers absorbed in your business by releasing an app.

Covid-19 Proved That Every Business Should Have a Mobile App Banner

Less physical interaction with cashless payment

Coronavirus transmission can reach a serious level while you have not taken the right measures. Lots of online businesses give their customers an opportunity of choosing a cash-on-delivery option. However, cash transactions may increase the risk of spreading the virus at a rapid rate. Thus, create your business app and encourage your customers to make a contactless payment.

Moreover, the deadly virus can survive on credit cards, debit cards, currency notes, and coins. Therefore, the best transaction modes in this situation are IMPS, UPI, RTGS, Net banking, and Mobile wallets. Minimize the risk of infection by building an app that has a secure platform for successful transactions.

Design a mobile app to engage your team of employees

Coronavirus outbreak has raised the trend of social distancing. Many companies have asked their employees to stay at home and work remotely. Now, how would your employees interact with each other while being away from your office? The best option for you is to develop an app that enables them to continue a real-time conversation.

Thus, hire a mobile app developer to create a feature-rich app, helping your employees to manage your everyday deals. As your employees use different mobiles, you may develop a responsive design for this business app. A reliable app also helps in transferring files to registered users.

Do you have made your decision to create a business for your team? Build an app that has lots of functionalities for file storage, workplace chat, and video meeting. Your apps need to promote real-time collaborations. While you have already designed your app, it is the best time to upgrade it to integrate these features.

The business world is always unpredictable, and COVID-19 has proved it with its indirect effect on the corporate sector. Some businesses now think that 2020 is going to be an insignificant year for them. However, by adopting technological developers, lots of entrepreneurs will find a way of surviving their businesses. Most of the tech veterans have felt that apps and online portals will protect these businesses from the threatening situation.

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