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How to Create a Hotel Booking App

Hotel Booking app development: Build app like Hilton Honors and Priceline

Online hotel reservation is not a new trend. Tourists all over the world use hotel booking apps to search for accommodations. As one of the entrepreneurs and hotel owners, you can thrive in your business by releasing a highly functional hotel booking app. Besides, most tech-savvy travelers use apps to get relevant information to start their journey. Apart from booking hotels using mobiles, travelers look for other details from the app interface. They have lots of queries- where should we stay? Which are the best sites to visit? How would we get to our chosen places? Thus, your mobile app design has to let them find their answers.

Moreover, it is not easy to create a hotel reservation app for your business. You can hire professionals for hotel booking app development. Now, in this article, we have guided you on how to develop a hotel booking app systematically for your business. Besides, hotel reservation apps can be of different types, and you have to identify the type needed for your business.

1. Finding the right concept of hotel booking app development

For hotel and accommodation booking app development, you need to choose any of the following options.

  • Booking aggregator

The apps, designed for hotel booking aggregators, remain connected with other online booking service providers. Thus, when travelers search for accommodations, they can find a long list of choices with a range of pricing rates. Besides, it enables them to get the right deals, and your app will redirect them to their chosen site.

  • App development for your hotel chain

You may have a big chain of hotels, and thus, to attract customers to your hotels, you may create a unique app. You will find reservation requests from lots of customers every day. It is the best way of growing your business with a dedicated app.

Combination of the above models

You can look for a hybrid solution by merging the first two business models for your app design. Also, you can promote your hotel deals while presenting information about other booking agencies. Lots of hotel owners have developed this type of hybrid app for travelers. They can spread their brand identity and propose some additional offers from other resorts.

2. Identify your target market for hotel app development

You may have thought of developing local or global business. Based on your choice, the developers will design your app. We think that it is best to cover lots of cities and countries to attract more visitors to your app. The best app always presents you with a long list of accommodations.

However, when it is an app for your own hotel, you can target your locality. Get feedback from app users, and then, you may refine the mobile platform for growing your business.

How to Create a Hotel Booking Mobile App

3. Features to include in your app

  • Search box

The professional developers always include a search box for the hotel app development. The users have to be able to search for thousands of accommodations. Besides, this feature makes the hotel reservation process faster and easier. Choose three parameters, based on which the users can start their search. For instance, they can search for hotels and rooms by location, date, and number of guests (adults, kids, and pets).

Furthermore, the certified app developers also add features, like filters. The users can filter their search by using the criteria, including the price rates and user ratings.

  • Button to have a detailed view of the hotels

The travelers have scrolled through the search list to find their desired hotel. Now, they may have an interest in knowing more about their chosen hotel. Before booking a room, they need to solve their queries. Thus, your app developer will give you a space for adding the details of hotels.

  • Overview – It includes check-out and check-in time, address, and other details.
  • Gallery- Add images of hotel rooms
  • The accommodation offers – List the number of available rooms, their prices, images, and descriptions.
  • Amenities – Besides, make a list of amenities (parking sites. Wi-Fi, swimming pool, gym, and TV)
  • Ratings – Comments of other users.
  • Map- Display the hotel location on a map
  • Social media share – Also, never forget to add a button for social media share. The travelers can share deals with their friends.
  • Profiles for users and admin

As you are the admin of your hotel app, you have to create a profile for tracking information about regular users and their reservations. From your admin panel, you can manage your hotel details, booking confirmations, online transactions, customers’ feedbacks, and p[promotional offers.

Similarly, users may create their separate profiles to have a view of their booking history.
Thus, the best professionals of a mobile app development company design the app in a way that you can create profiles easily.

4. Payment Gateway Integration

It is one of the essential steps for the hotel app development process. Make sure that your app users will find the option of paying online using their mobile. However, it takes time to integrate API for every payment service. Reliable developers use innovative technologies to make transactions more secure.

5. Push Notification

You can ask your developers to include this feature in your app. The enthusiastic travelers, using the app, can continuously get in touch with your business. Besides, you can receive a notification on the latest hotel deals and other updates. By including the push notification feature, you can also keep your users active. You may as well send notifications on the discount offers and upcoming events. The travelers will surely grab the best deals by using your hotel booking application.

6. Booking Calendar

It is another feature that you can include in your hotel booking app development. The users will get the advantage of choosing the right date for the reservation of hotels. In addition, they can accomplish the booking process comfortably and easily.

7. APIs that you have to integrate into your booking app

  • Dynamic access to ratings and reviews
  • City guides for raising the interest of travelers
  • Google Maps API
  • Weather Map API for forecasting weather
  • In-app payment API
  • Google Places API for sending information, related to cafes and stores

8. Developers undergo some steps to create the app

  • Conceptualizing

Have a consultation with the certified developers to inform them about your needs. It enables the developers to know the app concept.

  • Prototyping

The developers will create the app prototype before starting the final design process.

  • Design and development

From the prototype, you can identify the User Interface of the hotel booking application. The designers will focus on icons, color schemes, shapes, and other elements of your app. Moreover, they use tools and technologies for the best hotel reservation app development.

  • Testing

The developers test the quality and performance of your app. Also, they solve the bugs and refine the app using technologies.

  • Release

The error-free app is now ready for the final release. Thus, professionals can upload your app onto Google Play Store or App Store.

Our hotel booking app development company has a team of UL designers, programmers, QA testers, product managers, and database professionals. Consequently, you can start searching for certified developers to create Android and iOS-friendly hotel reservation app. Moreover, the high-end apps can easily attract the attention of tourists from different parts of the world.

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