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Off-page SEO techniques 2020- An Ultimate guide

Do you need to draw more web traffic to your site? Then, you might have started scrabbling on-site SEO elements to obtain the desired result. However, without focusing on off-page SEO techniques, you may not achieve real success. Give a push to your SERP ranking with these off-site SEO tricks. Your off-page tricks are not about your site’s technicalities and overall designs.

The truth is- Off-site SEO takes more time to show results than that of on-site ones. You need consistent efforts, and regular communications with your SEO consults to deliver the best outcome from an off-site SEO campaign.

But, what results do you get from your off-site SEO campaign? More backlinks, more brand mentions, increased engagement, and a higher number of social media shares.

Google focuses on a number of factors to rank your site. Do you know that an off-site SEO program covers over 50% of those factors? Let’s guide you to start an off-site optimization campaign for your business.

Submit your articles on different websites for off-page SEO

Article submission is one of the effective off-site SEO tricks to draw a high level of web traffic. The most important trick is to find the best third-party sites to publish your articles. However, you must make sure that you have submitted only relevant articles.

What values do you get from article submission?

  • Lots of backlinks to your website and blog
  • More traffic to your site by submitting quality articles
  • Promote your website in the most cost-effective way
  • Enable Google and other search engines to locate your site
  • Build trust with informative content

To divert article readers to your site, you must write

  • Insightful content
  • Keyword-rich articles
  • Easily readable content with crisp sentences, simple words, headings, and subheadings

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Make directory submissions

Web directories were once the only source of online users to look for information. You can continue the trend of submitting your site URL and other data to the digital world in a particular category. Moreover, as one of the off-site SEO tactics, directory submission helps in building links.

There are paid directory sites approving your listing within a very short time. You may also find free directory sites that take much time for approval.

Although internet users do not look for those directories, search engines can access them easily. Thus, you can push up your webpage rank with the development of authority backlinks.

Besides, we have a few tips for directory submissions

  • Never spam the directory.
  • Do not submit your site to an irrelevant subcategory.
  • Avoid adding blog-related stats to the directory.
  • Sites placing banners on your website affect your ranking negatively.

Publish guest blogs

Have you published your blogs on other blogger’s sites? It is one of the off-site SEO technique known as guest blogging. You can develop an affiliation with other bloggers in your niche. It is best to find bloggers who have developed authority and triggered lots of social media conversations.

With guest blogging, you will get new audiences and connect with several readers and followers. Similarly, you may also invite other guest bloggers to publish blogs on their websites. In fact, most SEO professionals think that guest blogging has the potential to add high values to your site.

However, you need to get inbound links from the most trustworthy sites. It is better to use link analysis tools to know more about inbound links.

Start an email marketing campaign

An email marketing campaign is simply about anticipations. With strong CTA buttons and consistent follow-ups, you will find positive results from the campaign. The most important thing is the way of pitching a product by sending an email. Moreover, you must ensure that it is the right time to send your sales pitches.

The best SEO Company relies on autoresponders to send out the scheduled emails on time. Surely, the email content has to be different based on your goals. For instance, emails with signup forms are best to nurture leads, while your loyal customers need emails with feedback requests.

Comment on others’ blogs

Blog commenting is another way of starting interactions with blog readers and bloggers. This process helps you in conveying your thoughts and feelings related to the blog topic. Those bloggers will also leave comments on your blog. Thus, it is the best way of gaining appreciation and compliments for your efforts.

Furthermore, you have a chance to receive backlinks to your site with this blog commenting technique. Other benefits that you obtain from commenting-

  • Raise your web traffic
  • Make your blog content viral
  • Turn on conversations

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Start blogging and blog marketing

While submitting blogs to others’ sites, you must also create a separate blogging section. Informative blogs about your products and services will enable you to increase your business reach. You will gain more traffic with consistent blog posts added to your platform.

Moreover, use WordPress and any other CMS platform to develop your blogging platform. However, simple blog writing will not give much value to your efforts. Therefore, you have to promote your blogs using a range of digital channels. Share your blogs on social bookmarking websites and social media networks.

In addition, you can mention your blog site name while leaving comments on others’ platforms.

Submit Press Release and gain authenticity

Do you need to announce some new products, services, and events? PR submissions help in publicizing your business name in the digital world. With accurate facts and relevant keywords, you will have high credibility among the target readers.

However, make sure that you will publish newsworthy content to make readers easily interested. Add your business details and include a catchy headline to the PR. Besides, you have to read the guidelines of the PR submission site to get approval.

We have summarized some PR rules to ensure your success-

  • To start writing the PR content, you must focus on these questions
  • What? Who? Where? How? and When?
  • The date, city, and state should be at the beginning of your content.
  • The overall content must include at least 5 paragraphs.
  • Add quotations and interesting facts to your Press Release.

Invest in video marketing

Websites embedded with videos have a higher chance of achieving a better SERP rank. Thus, make your videos reachable to a vast audience and get value from it in a range of ways.

For instance, when you have launched a new product, you may publish an informative video to educate potential users.

The best fact is that over 90% of viewers like to share online videos with their friends. Hence, your videos will help you in collecting lots of backlinks to your website content. However, you must customize the video and choose the right tone to engage more viewers.

Now, we can conclude that off-site SEO is something more than receiving backlinks. Google checks out a website’s off-page status to measure trustworthiness. Indeed, links are the most effective SEO signals. Still, you have to work on other factors to make your off-site campaign successful. Hire the best SEO consultant and find a fantastic result from your efforts.

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