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Best Instagram Tips for Boosting Your Dropshipping Business

Do you know that Instagram has become the best tool for promoting eСommerce entrepreneurs’ businesses? Then, why shouldn’t you leverage its potentials for your dropshipping business? Perhaps, your product photos and videos are getting millions of views every day. However, that never confirms you about the increasing volume of sales. We are going to share a few Instagram tips and tricks to ensure a sure success of your dropshipping businesses.

Let us reveal some statistical facts with you.

Instagram lovers post more than 70 million images and read millions of stories. More than 1 billion users click on the Like button every day. These numerical figures may impress you very easily. However, do not care for these numbers only. Your focus is to be on the behavior of Instagram users. Lots of Instagrammers search for brands to view new products. Some of them buy a product after knowing about it from the Instagram platform.

Thus, find out the loyal Instagrammers to avoid missing an opportunity to get new customers.
Before talking about Instagram tips for dropshipping business, we have to introduce you to the preparatory steps.

  • Create your business account on Instagram. As Instagram will display the name in your profile, you have to be careful to let it look professional.
  • Take time to edit the profile by adding your business details. You may also insert your store URL and gain the best impression of your target audience. A brief description of your business will give the most useful information to your visitors.
  • The Instagram account turned to a business account- To switch to a business mode, you need to
    • Select the account type
    • Medium of communication
    • Content-type effective for your business
    • Create an Instagram ad campaign

For the profile picture section, you can use the logo of your dropshipping business. Besides, it is one of the tricks to boost your branding campaign online.

Instagram tips to increase your dropshipping business revenues

Your Instagram marketing starts from the time you set up your profile. Still, we have presented you with several other tips to gain a strong foothold on the social media platform.

Find relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts- One of the most effective Instagram tips

Researchers and marketers say that an Instagram post with at least one hashtag engages more viewers than a post with no hashtag. However, only the right hashtags can do magic. Make your products and brand name visible to your potential customers.

While posting something on Instagram, simply add a caption with some hashtags. Hashtags also play a role in categorizing your videos and photos for proper optimization. Never throw hashtags randomly. Be careful and more focused while using these tags.

Detect the message to be conveyed

Why have you created your Instagram profile? Will your Instagram posts be inspirational, instructive, or enlightening? But, here, your target is to sell your product.

After identifying your purpose, you can discover the topic for your Instagram posts. Instagrammers will also realize that they have found the right profile based on their needs.

Choose Instagram tools- Learn the technique of using them

An engaging and cohesive Instagram feed may make or break the social performance of your dropshipping business. Without the right tools, you cannot elevate your status among Instagrammers. Therefore, we have listed a few tools to refine the look and feel of Instagram feeds.

Hootsuite- It helps you to schedule Instagram posts and publish them automatically.
Instagram Feed WD- It enables you to bring user-based and also hashtag-based feed to your site.
Owlmetrics- It aids you in measuring the performance of your marketing campaign.
Moreover, there are more tools to simplify your efforts for promoting your dropshipping business.

Maintain proper timing to post something on Instagram

Apply a scientific way to optimize the number of Instagram likes for your posts. When does your target audience remain active on this platform? Perfect timing generates a higher engagement rate.

The lunchtime (from 11 AM and 1 PM) and evening hours can be the best option to post anything on Instagram. However, you may do your research to learn the Instagram usage pattern of your potential customers.

Best Instagram Tips for Boosting Your Dropshipping Business Content Image

Tempting and amazing visuals that deliver value

Top-quality content with a high-resolution image can get more clicks. Besides, attractive visual content is always desirable to Instagram users. You may use Instagram filters for better visuals.

Moreover, the style and color of visual elements must have consistency. In fact, quality is more important than quantity. Another trick for you is to limit the use of caption to avoid a negative effect on your visuals.

Furthermore, you need to share useful and valuable content that grows passion among viewers. The best content wins the trust of your target audience and triggers your sales.

Instagram Stories- Make the best use of this feature

It is an outstanding option to strengthen your bond with Instagram followers. You can continuously provide them with amazing live updates to attract their attention. Thus, you can fortify your affiliate with customers and build a positive brand image.

Moreover, when you have a funny and interesting story to share with the target audience, you can post it on Instagram. Instagrammers will feel that you aren’t simply a seller but a friendly individual. Besides, a persuasive story will increase your customers’ loyalty.

Involve yourself in the world of Instagram

What’s the value of making Instagram posts when you do not communicate with your followers? The users of Instagram love interacting with their favorite brands. They also have questions on your products and services.

Thus, to prove that you are always active on social platforms, you have to reply to their queries.

Announce special offers and discounts

To get more customers to your dropshipping business, you can offer discounts on your services. Surely, you may have mentioned it on your website. However, use the Instagram platform to spread the news of your special offer.

Work with the best Instagram influencers

Although the above marketing techniques are effective, you can find some ways to accelerate a promotional campaign.

To promote your dropshipping products on the social networking platform, you can look for influencers. Moreover, influencer marketing will increase your sales and make your customer base bigger.

Instagram Shopping- Use this newly added feature

Instagram has introduced this feature to the platform in 2019. It is a special feature helping you to offer you dropshipping store products, and your customers can make a direct purchase via the network.

Thus, Instagram is not merely a marketing platform but a sales driver. Lots of drop shippers and eCommerce agencies, relying on Instagram for a promotional campaign, have found higher revenues.

The innovative feature, Instagram Shopping, will reveal an icon or symbol of a small shopping bag. You can find this icon on the image of the products for sales.

Furthermore, you may feature one product or promote different images with one photo. When someone clicks on the tag, they can find product image, pricing, description, and the landing page link.

Now, are you ready to apply these tricks for social media marketing on Instagram and other platforms? You may not get overnight results from this marketing campaign. Still, you will find an increasing level of your sales volume. Thus, keep our instructions in mind and find more engagements and followers on Instagram.

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