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Home decor and furniture shopping app development

Home decor and furniture shopping app development

Modern homeowners are always concerned about the aesthetics of their houses. Some of them also hire interior designers to decorate and redecorate their houses. So, the trend of decorating the home interiors with furniture and other elements will go on. But, consumers like to shop for decors online. They use the innovative home decor and furniture shopping app to make deals. However, you can grab the opportunity to earn from this app. Build a unique home décor shopping app for consumers and start earning more revenues.

It is time-consuming to visit local physical stores to buy furniture and home decors of different colors and themes. Moreover, a single brick-and-mortar store may not have a big collection of home decoration items. To get every item from one platform, consumers like to choose virtual stores. Therefore, you can build an app to help these consumers in buying the best furniture and other accessories. In return, you will earn a lot from your investment in the app.

Building an offline store is a thrilling idea. But, it would be a costly affair, as you have to buy property. For this reason, you can hire app developers to design a portal.

Which attributes will make your home decor and furniture shopping app successful?

When looking for an online furniture shopping app, you find a range of names. IKEA, Pepperfry, Wayfair, Overstock, and the list go on. Thus, to compete with them, you have to integrate stunning qualities into your app. Let us now compile the list of features for your home décor and furniture application.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

You can create a positive impression on your app users by designing the best interface. Your users have to feel the best when they open your app.

Furniture photography

Sellers need to have a space to upload their furniture photographs. Buyers will check the photos and learn about the product details. In fact, photographs will affect the buying decision of customers.

Provide the store’s 360 views

Customers may not get the time to visit the physical store. However, the modern app can give them a 360-degree view of the store. Without leaving home, customers can check every piece of furniture.

Provide furniture details

Nowadays, customers always try to make an informative decision. That is why they look for a detailed description of furniture before making a purchase. For instance, they like to learn about the type of wood and the quality of the finish.

Furniture personalization options

Every customer has different preferences, and so, he needs a customized solution from sellers. Your app has to enable buyers to customize the furniture size and design.

Other advanced features that you can never avoid

Home decor and furniture shopping app development

Chatbot system

Let buyers interact with sellers using the chat software. Thus, you have to deploy a chat system in your app.

Push Notifications

Your app will automatically notify users about the latest trends and attractive deals from sellers. However, these users can manage the settings to avoid receiving notifications.

Smart Search

Potential buyers can use an image to find the desired item. They do not like to waste time in writing the product details. Some apps enable users to purchase items using their voice commands.

In-App Camera

You can make your app more innovative by including a camera. Buyers may click the photos of furniture and home decors to search for similar items.

Integrated CRM and CMS systems

A Customer Relationship Management system helps retain the customers’ data, and you can stay organized using the system. Your app may also have a CMS to manage and edit the content. Your team members can use it to deal with the content.

Multiple payment modes

Buyers like to use an app with multiple payment options. Thus, from PayPal to debit cards and cards, every option must be available to them.

Loyalty programs

Let sellers attract more customers with loyalty programs, including special offers and discounts. These promotional programs will also strengthen the relationship with customers.

Real-time analytical report

To create the best furniture and home décor shopping app, you must incorporate a real-time dashboard. It will be easy to track and analyze your business-related data. You may also create a report on business operations. The app will ensure effortless data maintenance.

Multi-currency and multi-lingual compatibility

You may have a dream of launching a global-standard app to attract customers from other countries. Let your home decor and furniture shopping app development professionals learn about it. Moreover, the app content can be easily translated into the desired language by clicking a button.

Built-in PIM

Some apps have a Personal Information Manager to save the product details. It will give a comprehensive view of the particular product.

Order management

As an admin, you will find this feature highly useful. You can track inventory, sales, fulfillment, and order.

Refer a Friend

Your major target is to increase sales and earn more from the app. Although sellers will gain profit, you will get more commissions as an admin. Thus, you can integrate features like referral programs. While the online furniture shopping app users refer the platform to others, you have a chance of promoting your business.

More features for your home décor app

Home decor and furniture shopping app development

Decorator- Buyers can pick the home decors and design their rooms. They will understand the overall look and feel of their rooms.

Live try-outs- The advanced app design can show customers the 3D model of the home. Hence, customers can try out different floor covers, antiques, and home furniture.

Social sharing- It is one of the useful features to spread your brand name. Let users share information with their social media contacts. They will help in promoting your app.

Best apps from where customers like to buy furniture and home decors

Before creating your app design, you can check out the interface and features of popular apps in the niche.

IKEA- IKEA is an innovative app that relies on image technology. Customers can find a virtual environment where they will place their furniture from your catalogue. They will envision the desired setup after placing the furniture at the right part of the image.

tapmeasure.io- Measurement problems are very common while designing your home interiors. The app is intended to solve them. You can calculate the space by using the built-in camera of the app. So, users will take advantage of accurate dimensions.

Canvas- It is another option for those who need professional utility. The app develops a 3D view using the mobile scanning feature. That is why users can recreate the space in the virtual environment.

Taskers- Buyers will get inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, and other sources. They can look for the desired items within a reasonable price range. It will be a time-saving way to make deals and decorate the house.

Hutch- It provides designer-curated products with free shipping opportunities. There are also some in-app purchase options.

Do you now like to invest in home decoration and furniture shopping app development solutions? You need to engage a team of professionals to make the project successful.

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