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Women Health Tracking app development: Build an app like Clue

Women Health Tracking app development: Build an app like Clue

Today, women take a leading role in different aspects of life. From feeding the babies to managing the workplace, women have taken umpteen responsibilities. As women have accepted the burden to ensure everyone’s wellbeing, why don’t you care for them? So, it is the right time to encourage every woman to care for her health. This urge has resulted in the creation of women’s health tracking apps. With Women Health Tracking app development, you may also grab the opportunity of earning more from the mobile healthcare sector.

At present mobile healthcare industry has reached its zenith, as it helps both patients and doctors to ensure faster and more convenient treatments. Moreover, mobile-friendly healthcare apps have combined healthcare solutions with technologies.

Nowadays, several female entrepreneurs have taken advantage of mobile technologies to improvise women’s health. Consequently, it has led to the trend of using Female Technology (FemTech). You can build an app like Clue and implement FemTech to achieve the desired success.

Women Health Tracking app development- More about the term, FemTech

The clue is one of the famous period trackers for women, and the CEO, Ida Tin has coined the term- Female Technology. Ida is one of the efficient entrepreneurs who aim to make women’s lives better by using innovative technology. In fact, Clue is a versatile app, which tracks menstruation and analyzes fertility predictions.

As the app has achieved success, it denotes that you will find several opportunities in the mobile healthcare market. However, Clue has several other competitors. For instance, Nurx is a birth control app highly useful for women.

Choose Women Health Tracking app development services- Take advantage of the FemTech market

Women Health Tracking app development: Build an app like Clue

According to the international FemTech market analysis, the revenue has reached $820.6 million. Market analysts think that it will cross $3.04B by 2030. Almost 200 startups have invested in the FemTech market. Thus, you may also develop a women’s health app and become one of the investors in this market.

Mobile app developers will create women’s health app by focusing on

  • Reproductive health
  • Nursing care
  • Pregnancy tracking
  • Menstruation tracking
  • Fertility management,
  • Pelvic Health,
  • Breast Cancer
  • Thyroid issues
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Chronic fatigue and depression

Moreover, the FemTech sector is not limited only to mobile apps. Its tracking technologies also involve

  • Wearable gadgets to track fertility
  • Vaginal Sensor to check fertility cycle
  • Wearables to test breast cancer

Make your app more useful with advanced features

A comprehensive health profile

Some women avoid signing up with the healthcare tracking app, as the registration process takes much time to fill up the health details. Therefore, you can design the app to collect only the essential details including, height, weight, allergies, period date, and ailments. Do not frustrate users with lots of questions. However, responses to these questions will help you in presenting personalized content.

Track period

It is another important feature to design a healthcare app like Clue. Users can track periods every month and identify the irregularity. Besides, the best app will make it easy to track the fertility period, menstrual cycle, PMS, and several other details. The popular period tracking apps provide options for recording fertile days and menstruation start date and its end date. Women can also predict the upcoming periods, fertility, and ovulation. Furthermore, they can track symptoms to predict irregular periods.

Track symptoms

The symptom tracking option will make your app more functional. The women’s Health Tracking application needs to read the patterns and symptoms accurately. Thus, female users of your app will be able to find any potential health issues. Your app developers will use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze a vast amount of data. Moreover, the symptoms tracking option will be useful for learning more about fertility, period cycles, and overall health. Other health data that users can record are blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep rate. The compatibility with wearable devices will also add value to the app.

Push notifications

You can integrate this feature to engage users in the app. But, it is important to maintain the frequency of the app to ensure reliability. Reminders can be of different types, including medication reminders and log entries. Likewise, the app will make users alert to potential health issues. The health tracker can do it by assessing symptoms and detecting the conditions.

Online consultation

Online consultation with physicians is highly important to make the healthcare app more valuable to women. Although it is an AI-enabled app, women like to ask some complicated questions to doctors. Thus, you can facilitate communication with physicians. You need to partner with women’s healthcare specialists.

Refer and Earn

It is true that the major purpose of using the app is to take care of women’s health. However, to make the app lucrative to users, you can add the Refer and Earn feature. You may also find the growth of your user base with this feature.

Share details

Some period trackers enable women to share details with their spouses. For instance, Clue has a special feature, known as the Clue Connect. Clue has, however, introduced this feature to start a conversation on different topics like fertility, menstruation, and premenstrual syndrome. So, let your users share information with both the spouse and the doctor.

Women Health Tracking app development: Build an app like Clue

Other vital features of the women’s health tracker app

  • Registration with social media accounts
  • A separate fertility window
  • Get upcoming PMS suggestions
  • Reminders to take medications
  • Show favorable days for conception in a readable fertility calendar
  • Notification for fertility, periods, and ovulation
  • Check graphs of ovulation
  • Countdown to wait for the birth of your infant
  • Graphical representation of your baby’s growth
  • View graphs of cycle, ovulation, fertility, and symptoms history
  • Get medical details regarding pregnancy and periods
  • Receive regular health tips
  • Integrate the Fitbit app
  • Detect emotional patterns and moods

How will you earn from the women’s health tracker?

Like any mobile app, women’s health tracking apps give you an opportunity to earn revenues in multiple ways. For instance, you can create a premium version with which users can personalize their profiles and use an ad-free platform. Moreover, the deployment of in-app ads will help you in earning money. However, you have to make your app popular to find advertisers who will use the space.

How to develop the women’s health tracker

The first step is to create high-fidelity and low-fidelity prototypes of the app. Then, developers will start the process of coding to design the real-life application from the prototype. To develop an app like Clue, they can use Flutter, React Native, and other useful frameworks. You can ask your app developers to integrate Google Fit (Android) and HealthKit (iOS).

Look for the best developers for mobile FemTech solutions. Several forward-thinking women entrepreneurs have already invested in FemTech products. Thus, you may also become one of the successful entrepreneurs by creating an innovative app. But, make sure that your developers have implemented the best technologies to keep the user data private and secure. Your app needs to be technologically advanced to gain the trust of your target users.

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