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10 Best Food Delivery Apps in the USA

10 Best Food Delivery Apps in the USA

From eating out to ordering food online, the concept of dining out has changed. Apps that provide food delivery have made eating out at home more convenient. Businesses are also taking advantage of the Popular Food Delivery apps trend to make money. Food delivery apps are being introduced with unique value propositions to meet the changing needs of consumers.

List of Popular Food Delivery Apps

1. Grubhub

Many people in the United States use this food delivery app. Grubhub, which operates in over 1,100 cities, delivers local food and provides takeaway meals from over 50,000 restaurants. It is one of the top food delivery apps in the United States. Users can order from restaurant menus tailored to their preferences by searching for their favorite cuisine.

Some restaurants charge a delivery charge or deliver orders over a certain amount because the app is free to download. A custom search process allows you to choose from more than 50,000 restaurants on the app. Grubhub users have the option of ordering up to four days in advance. PayPal support and Android Pay are the available options. The app also has basic features, such as ratings and search.

2. Seamless

After Grubhub, we have listed a few more of the best food delivery apps. On google play store in the United States, Seamless is the second most popular food delivery app. Several features have contributed to this enormous popularity. You can receive your order anywhere with the seamless app, which is its most loved feature.

Rather than going home, you can request to be greeted at a specific location at the office. App users can also track their progress in real-time and integrate coupons automatically. In the same way as other applications, Seamless also takes a small commission.

Many of the restaurants and cafes listed on the Seamless app don’t charge delivery fees. Plus, with this app, customers can track orders in real-time, find restaurants by selecting cuisines or food items, and track food delivery. It, however, only features 25 types of cuisines, which are almost identical to what’s available through Grubhub.

3. Doordash

The United States and Canada have Doordash locations in more than 1200 cities. Over 7 million downloads occurred in the second quarter of 2019, making it the most downloaded app in the US. One of the app’s main advantages is that it offers 110,000 menus from the most popular restaurant chains.

For $9.99 per month, customers can subscribe to DashPass and receive free deliveries and reduced shipping rates. DashPass’s scoring system makes it unique. Restaurants can be rated according to their popularity, delivery times, and customer reviews.

To find the most excellent restaurants in their area, the scoring system helps customers. Furthermore, it enables real-time tracking of food deliveries. Despite having no minimum order amount, DoorDash occasionally charges a high service fee that increases during peak times. Although the app is popular because of the fast delivery, real-time tracking, and quality of service, users appreciate the fact that it is free.

10 Best Food Delivery Apps in the USA

4. Munchery

Meal kits and food are shipped simultaneously via Munchery, a popular app. A more precise translation would be that this app allows you to pre-order freshly made meals. Consequently, you will reduce the cost of a fresh meal. It also relies on a $9 a month subscription model and is commission-free. The only disadvantage is that you’re getting a limited selection of cafes and restaurants since this application is an independent delivery service. However, it is unique because they offer something new each day to their customers. They even allow you to order a week in advance. These changes are made to the application on a daily basis.

5. UberEats

Over 4.5 million UberEats downloads have been made in the second quarter of 2019 to make it the second most downloaded app in the US. It caters to over 500 cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago, and has a great user experience. UberEats allows you to order food through your Uber profile. It is a service derived from Uber, a food delivery driver app that let you book taxis. The app covers big cities, and there are also rural areas. Users can redeem discount codes for their favorite cafes through UberEats, which charges a delivery fee of 10% with a minimum of $5. It provides both restaurant and grocery store deliveries. Additionally, it allows users to choose categories such as ethnicity, dietary requirements, cuisine type, top sellers on UberEats, new nearby, and popular.

6. ChowNow

Also available through ChowNow is a commission-free online food delivery service. ChowNow has partnered with almost 14000 restaurants and cafes. Besides urban areas, ChowNow has also become incredibly popular in rural areas. ChowNow’s integration with social networking is one of its best features. In addition to integrating ChowNow into the social accounts of restaurants, ChowNow can be integrated with Google applications such as Facebook and Instagram. Through ChowNow’s amazing features, customers can place orders directly from restaurants’ social accounts. In addition, users can also use the search bar to find their favorite restaurants, cafes, and foods.

10 Best Food Delivery Apps in the USA

7. Postmates

A delivery app that offers services to more than 10,000 retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, etc., is useful for delivering food. It is present in more than 3,000 locations covering all 50 states in the United States. Because the app doesn’t partner with restaurants, users can only order based on their location.

Every order is subject to a delivery fee called Blitz pricing, which increases during peak hours. Furthermore, the company offers customers the option to purchase a Plus Unlimited Plan with free delivery from a few restaurants and stores for $10 per month. Still, the minimum order quantity must exceed $15.

8. Caviar

Many restaurants, cafes, and snack bars use the Caviar application. The application requires a username and password. However, this app is self-serving once an account is created. You can customize everything from the search bar to the location feature. Using Caviar’s smart select tool, you can also find restaurants that offer free shipping or offer the fastest shipping time. By judging a cafe by its reviews, you can gauge its quality. Overall, this is the best choice if you are looking for an easy-to-use application that will not need a lot of searching.

9. Delivery.com

Postmates’ food delivery app provides grocery, food, alcohol, and even dry cleaning services to customers in more than 100 cities in the US. There is no fee associated with the app; however, there may be a delivery fee or minimum restaurant order requirement.

In addition to providing users with points on every order, Delivery.com also offers discounts and free delivery. Users find it easy to navigate the app because it categorizes everything and recommends restaurants and meals based on their orders previously.

10. Goldbelly

Our list of delivery apps includes Goldbelly, which is a little different. In addition to delivering gourmet food from all over the country, Goldbelly allows you to order food from nearby restaurants and stores. Give Goldbelly a try if you’re interested in sampling something new or if you’re interested in trying one of their popular restaurant meal kits.

Check out the list and order your food conveniently.

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