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Duet Singing App Development: Build an app like Smule

Duet Singing App Development: Build an app like Smule

With technological advancements, the growth of the entertainment industry is nothing surprising. Using a smartphone and a good music app, you can now get entertained anywhere and anytime. Almost every human being loves audio-visual pleasure. In fact, music can be the best pastime activity, as every rhythm can touch your soul. But, do you like to connect yourself to the music and entertainment industry? There is no need to have singing skills or undergo any vocal training. Invest in Duet Singing app development services, launch the app, and let other vocal artists use it. You can monetize the app and earn from it.

Soulful songs of millions of budding artists can attract the attention of several music enthusiasts. But, how will you design your signing app? Music streaming apps like Smule have become highly popular in recent years. The success of Smule has encouraged several vocal training startups to create their own duet singing apps. It is inexpensive to build the app. With Social Karaoke app development, you can take advantage of the lucrative market. You can hire a team of professional app developers and rely on their creativity to release an innovative music app.

Smule- How does this duet singing app function?

Before starting the development of the Smule-like platform, you have to understand the functioning of the app. The Smule music app enables users to compile their lovely melodies and sing with renowned artists. Also, there are opportunities to sing duets with songsters like Ed Sheeran, Bastille, and Jack Garratt. Besides, users can make distinctive music compositions and do several other things in the music app. Thus, several music lovers have joined the app.

Users may also record their songs and share them with others on social media platforms. To start singing with other singers, users may send invitations. They can also compose music together with other singers.

In addition, the Smule app has options for editing the vocals by adding bubbles and other studio effects. You may also app video filters using the tools. Users get several music genre options, including pop, hip-hop, and rock. Plus, pitch correction is one of the features to enable users to enjoy real-time tuning.

Why should you create a duet singing mobile app like Smule?

Duet Singing App Development: Build an app like Smule

You can find multiple reasons for choosing Social Karaoke singing app development solutions. Moreover, the entertainment sector is growing fast, and in 2021, there has been a high number of downloads of music apps. About 4% of the global population has already installed the Smule music app on their mobiles. In India, the rate of growth of the music streaming market is 1.6%. Moreover, the number of music users can go beyond 93 million in the coming year.

Besides, Karaoke singing apps have become highly popular in the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, India, and Singapore.

The revenue model for your app- How will you earn from a Smule-like app?

You can find different monetization models for a free app like Smule-

In-app purchases

Music enthusiasts and vocal artists can navigate through the app interface and reach a page to purchase music instruments. You may also charge an amount to make this feature available to users.

In-app ads

Design your app in an innovative way to display ads of other brands. As these brands use your platform, you can charge a rate.

Subscription-based model

The app users may subscribe to your app. You can add some advanced features, which are accessible to premium users.

Thus, you can build a social platform that can attract lots of music lovers all over the world. Promote your music app and take advantage of the chosen revenue model.

Tips for developing the duet singing app

You can create a clone of the singing app Smule to earn from it. However, by adding other features and functionalities, you can develop a customized solution.

Design a fun interface- Add more colors

As you have thought of developing an app, you must identify its purpose. Based on your purpose, you may curate the interface design. A karaoke app designed with trending colors can easily draw everyone’s attention.

Moreover, as it is a music app, users of every age group prefer songs of different genres. For instance, 60-year old users like to turn on retro music. On the contrary, 18-20-year-old users listen to trending pop songs and rock-style music. Ensure that the interface is easily navigable to every user. Consequently, it will make your karaoke app highly popular within the shortest time.

Include the features to help vocal artists in recording their voice with the original audio background. Furthermore, video filters and voice sharing features will add value to your app.

Integrate pitch detection technology into the app.

The pitch perfection feature is present in music streaming apps like Smule. The advanced music app will show the progress of the voice during the voice recording session.

To assess the pitch and voice, you can add real-time pitch identification technology. In addition, the integrated vocal pitch analyzer will maintain the high reliability and accuracy of the recorded song. The progress report will also display the music flaws.

Enable music artists to compose their original music-

We have already mentioned that Smule has this distinctive feature. To create a feature-rich music app, you cannot overlook these options-

  • Sing with celebrated artists
  • Sing duets with any other app users
  • Compose music on your own
  • Select the song of any genre

Live Jam is another interesting feature found on Facebook and Instagram. Also, users can show the real-time song and connect with other app members. It will result in the development of an in-app community. As an app admin, you will find high user engagement and retention rates. Thus, you will have higher revenue from the app.

Other technologies that you can add to your duet singing app-

Duet Singing App Development: Build an app like Smule

Machine Learning

Based on the popularity level of the music among the app users, the ML technology will enable you to identify users composing that category song. Based on the analytical data, you may upload new songs of the chosen genre. In this way, your duet singing app will achieve success and gain a bigger user base.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition system will be useful at the time of recording the song. The technology is capable of analyzing the movements of different muscles. Moreover, Animoji is one of the fun features of the app with works facial recognition. Combined with the face tracking capabilities, this feature will make funny glasses and ears while the user is recording his music.

Voice Assistants

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant will let users identify the desired karaoke song using their voice commands. Your app will thus attract several users, and consequently, you will have higher revenue.

Integrate these features into your app and make it more functional.


Have you now decided on creating a duet singing app? Choose the right app development company to design a flawless app. Professional developers will create the interface with the right color combination. Moreover, an intriguing interface with technologically advanced features will increase your ROI. Consult with your developers and create the best duet singing app.

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