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Types of On Demand Delivery App

Types of On-demand delivery app – Siddhi Infosoft

Do you like to hire a cab instantly? Do you think of having food and wine delivered to your doorstep? Are you looking for salon services at your home? An on-demand delivery app can turn your dreams into reality. In fact, the pandemic has fueled up the trend of using this app. However, on-demand service delivery apps can be of different types.

So, before knowing about them, it is better to have some basic information related to these apps.

According to a statistical report, the global on-demand food market value can reach $154.34 billion by 2023. In the case of the local delivery and couriers services in the USA, the industry earned a revenue of 118 billion in 2021.

On-demand delivery app- What are the reasons behind its popularity?

Above all, the industry for on-demand services is thriving fast. Besides, modern consumers have chosen on-demand services as one of the daily parts of their lives. So, why have they become highly reliant on the best on-demand delivery apps?

Easy to connect

The on-demand apps provide a marketplace, and therefore, both businesses and consumers can connect with each other very easily. While users look for services and products, apps enable entrepreneurs to connect them with sellers, vendors, and service providers. Moreover, it would be time-consuming to search for different solutions from separate platforms.

Better User Interface

On-demand mobile apps provide the utmost advantages to users. From custom-designed t-shirts to handmade soaps, everything is accessible to potential buyers. Besides, consumers can check the product and service details and place their orders. Thus, developers always take a customer-first approach to designing the app.

Convenience with the app

Users do not need to put much effort into finding the right solutions from nearby locations. They can filter results, read testimonials, and pay for the service. Moreover, they can track the status and activities of the service delivery team.

Better Personalization

The technologically advanced apps can track the users’ preferences and tastes. Furthermore, users can personalize their orders using the apps.

We can categorize the on-demand delivery app in different ways

Types of On Demand Delivery App

Consumer-to-consumer apps

Also known as person-to-person apps, they help users exchange services and products. Customers may purchase from and sell to other customers using the C2C app. Most importantly, there is no difference in the rights of the users, and these users are not entrepreneurs.

Several reliable platforms like Etsy and eBay use this business model. Users may also offer rides and find rides by providing the arrival and departure details.

Business-to-business apps

B2B apps have become the best platforms to connect with different businesses. Moreover, mobile-friendly apps help with global transactions. For instance, Eventio is a prominent on-demand app to help organizations and individuals to locate event venues. The app also serves users from different regions. Users have to select the place and search for services like catering, security, DJs, and cleaning services. Besides, invited guests may buy tickets using the mobile app.

B2B apps are of 2 types

  • Horizontal- It serves more than one sector.
  • Vertical- It serves a single sector.

You can categorize on-demand delivery applications based on their use cases

Flowers and gifts

We cannot find time to buy gifts and bouquets from local stores in our busy lifestyle. Moreover, we have a very short time to purchase gifts. Thus, online gift delivery services are available with on-demand apps. Gyft, UberFlowers, and several others apps have gained popularity for the flower delivery service. Also, the sellers give options like 24-hour delivery, midnight delivery, and scheduled time delivery.

Home services

Reliable on-demand apps provide a range of home services like electrical services, plumbing services, and cleaning services. So, professional service providers sign up for the app and respond to their customers’ calls.

Cab services

On-demand cab services have made our lives easier. The name- Uber is now synonymous with cab hire solutions. Uber has revolutionized the world for daily commuters who need to hire cabs. However, you can find several other similar apps working like Uber. Find cabs using GPS, interact with drivers, and track the taxi status.

Food and drinks

Foodies always look for the best restaurant to buy tasty foods. On-demand apps enable them to enjoy restaurant foods without getting out of the house. Therefore, UberEats, Zomato, and several other food delivery apps have won the heart of lots of consumers. Moreover, restaurants are taking advantage of these on-demand apps. You may also earn a high amount by launching this type of app for potential customers.


There are several on-demand apps in the entertainment sector. From music to movies and TV programs, several types of entertainment are now available to app users. Thus, entertainment lovers can watch favorite shows and listen to music tracks from any place. Surely, the app provides more value and convenience to users. Netflix and Spotify are some on-demand entertainment apps.

Employment services

The job sector is undergoing a big transformation. Nowadays, freelancing has become a more popular trend. Job seekers looking for short-term projects can choose the on-demand employment apps. Potential employees also get value from these apps. The innovative apps will transform the workplace culture in the future.


On-demand mobile apps are now a trend in the travel sector. To book a hotel, locate tourist spots, and buy car rental services, these apps are the perfect option.

Airbnb and several apps have simplified the lives of regular travelers. Information and services are accessible from smartphones.

How to build on-demand delivery apps

Types of On Demand Delivery App

You have now understood the different types of on-demand service delivery apps. Thus, to release one of the best on-demand delivery applications, you may hire professional developers. The app development company will integrate different features into your app. It will create multiple panels for the app based on the target users.

Customer panel- Features

  • Registration and profiles– Customers need to register with the app to create personal profiles. They have to submit some basic details to design the profile.
  • Search feature– Customers can search for products and services by different criteria like addresses, brands, and ratings.
  • Order placement– Your app developer will integrate a button to place the order. However, potential buyers have the option of removing items from shopping carts.
  • Scheduling– It is about scheduling the time of delivering services and products.
  • Geolocation– It is another feature to track the user’s location automatically. Customers can find nearby stores and restaurants.
  • In-app tracking– The integrated messaging feature enables customers to interact with couriers.

Admin Panel- Features

  • You can send information to customers.
  • Adjust the product prices and service rates.
  • Manage customer concerns and track them.
  • Control access to financial details
  • Check your earnings

Service providers’ panel- Features

  • Create a personal account to provide services
  • Dispatch parcels using GPS
  • Send messages to customers
  • Manage orders

Are you now ready to create an on-demand delivery application to earn more revenues? You can then look for the most reliable app development agency to work for you.

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