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Run and walk tracking app development: Build app like Nike Run Club

Run and walk tracking app development: Build app like Nike Run Club

Fitness and health tracking app development have become a cult in the present industry. Users like to embrace personal tracking apps to do their everyday fitness activities. These apps continuously poke you to achieve your goal at any cost. But you can claim that every individual has different fitness goals. So then, how would the app be helpful to users Interestingly, almost any fitness schedule includes activities, like running and walking. By investing in the run and walk tracking app development services, you will surely find a chance of higher ROI.

The present market has an array of run tracking apps, like RunKeeeper, Runtastic, and Endomondo. However, Nike Run Club is another popular addition to this list. You can clone the app features and launch a new app. You will find a chance to make your app popular within a short time.

Similar to the Runstatic app from Addidas, Nike Run Club guides its users with audio-based runs.

Run and walk tracking app development- Why should you clone Nike Run Club?

Nike Run Club has become one of the biggest names as a reliable running app. In addition, the app is compatible with Apple Watch and other smartwatches. Now, users can have their favorite apps on their wrists.

Although there are Google Fit and Apple’s own Workout app, some users look for a different app. Using the Run Club app, they will learn about your stats outdoors and indoors. They may also accept challenges and get motivation from the app.

Thus, Nike Run Club has won the heart of several app users. You may also launch a similar app for fitness enthusiasts and make it compatible with both Android and iOS mobiles.

Run and walk tracking app development: Build app like Nike Run Club

Who is your target audience in the Run and walk tracking app development project?

Both intermediates and beginners will find interest in using your app. They need guidance to create a perfect running and walking schedule. Your app should help them alleviate stress, walk properly, build speed, and reach the distance goal. Therefore, the best app developers ensure that there will be no inaccuracy in measurements.

Your Nike Run Club-like app will be useful to beginners, as they will learn some important things with every step. Intermediates may also try to run longer and faster to be an athlete. Similarly, advanced runners will gain benefits from the app. Thus, your running and walking app will be valuable to users of different levels.

However, you need to design the app in a way, which is preferable to every group of the target audience. For instance, the First Run solution presents beginners with introductory audio-based guidance. There is also guidance for an introductory interval run. First Fartlek Run is another feature, which includes a 7-minute warm-up between running sessions.
You may also design your app in this way to engage users and provide benefits.

Features that let you compete with the Nike Run Club app


Your users can click a photo during their running and walking sessions. They can show off their activities with this feature.


Walking and running sessions will not be boring when there is no buddy. Your app users can play songs and enjoy their activities. Your app can connect to Spotify to give access to playlists. However, music with the run tracking app is useful in several other ways. It ensures that you are walking and running at the right pace. The desired output has to match the music. Thus, it will let you stay on track.

Run Controls

App users can automatically and manually end their running sessions.

Metric customizations

By clicking on the screen, the users can set the duration, distance, and heart rate.

Screen Lock

There is no need to lock the screen. The best app continues tracking activities till the end of the running and walking session.

Integrated timer

There should be a timer with a start and stop functionality. Users can manage it by clicking a button.

Statistical data

A reliable run and walk app tracking app display different details-

  • Average speed
  • Highest speed
  • Total distance
  • Calories burned

In-run cheers

Nike has added this feature to its app. Get cheers from your running mates, friends, and families. It is one of the best ways to get motivated. Thus, it will be easy to reach the desired goals.

You can find Audio Feedback from others. However, the app will give options for setting the preference regarding the frequency and style of voice feedback. You must not miss this feature for your app.

Run and walk tracking app development: Build app like Nike Run Club

Options for running schedules

Like Nike Run Club, you may offer 3 options to users

  • Quick Run- It is about the instant measurement of the distance.
  • Guided Run- You can find options like treadmill runs, short runs, mindful runs, and speed runs.
  • Coached Run- It is about your opportunity to create a personalized schedule for your activities.

Gamification for higher user engagement rate

Similar to Nike Run Club, your app can become more engaging with gamification elements. It will encourage its users to record their running and walking sessions. As a result, the overall training activities will become more enjoyable. Users may take challenges and win prizes for their effort. Make sure that the challenge will be accessible for a short period. It will create a sense of urgency among users.

When the initial interest starts fading away, you can keep users motivated with gamification. Users will celebrate their success while using the app. Besides, they will feel more confident in their skills and capabilities.

Technologies used for the run and walk tracking mobile app

Professional developers mostly prefer the React Native, NativeScript, and Ionic frameworks. You may ask your developers to integrate Google Maps API for GPS tracking solutions. MapBox is also useful for Route identification at the time of walking and running.

SQLite is best as the database system for your servers. Other database management systems include PostgreSQL and Django.

How much is the cost of your walking and running app?

Developers need to focus on different factors to calculate the cost of walking and running app development services. Your app will be a multi-functional solution. Besides, in case of a low-budget project, you can launch your MVP while tracking the target audience’s response. It is affordable to create the MVP.

The cost will vary with the number of features to be added to the app. However, to get the estimate, you can speak to your developers.

How to earn from the running app?

Other similar apps have a subscription-based model to earn from the subscription packages. You may also choose this revenue model. Launch a free version and ask app users to buy your subscription package. Achievements are shareable with friends. This built-in feature will keep users hooked to the app for several years.

You can now look for a fitness software development company to earn more from your investment. Create a secure app to help users in creating their accounts confidently. Leverage the best value from technological advancements. Developing a fitness tracking app is not easy. Thus, you need to choose the best professionals to do it. Developers and QA engineers will work together to design a unique and innovative app.

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