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Telemedicine App Development: How to develop a healthcare mobile app?

Imagine the situation when you come home from your office and have suddenly started feeling intense stomach pain. How would you endure this pain to reach a local clinic? Nowadays, anything becomes available on demand. From cabs to food, everything is accessible to us with a few clicks. Today, we may also get these advantages from physicians. Lots of patients prefer on-demand healthcare services to get faster solutions. Moreover, the telemedicine market is seeing a high level of revenues presently. However, if you think of starting a business in this sector, you need to develop a telemedicine mobile app.

Besides, a professional standard telemedicine app will help your patients to receive doctors’ consultation pay for the service.

Telemedicine app development bridging the gap between physicians and patients

Let us share an interesting fact with you. Most of the new patients wait for more than 20 days to have an appointment with a reputed physician. Finally, they are bound to choose the emergency department of the clinic. Over 80% of patients think that technologies will make healthcare services easily accessible to them. Thus, they like to rely on virtual appointments and get in touch with physicians through SMS and messages.

How to develop a Telemedicine app- Which category will be best for you?

Are you thinking of building a telemedicine app? Then, your first task is to decide on services that will be available to your patients remotely. Based on the common telehealth services, we have categorized them in different ways.

  • Interactive telemedicine– For this service, your patients need to make video calls and phone to consult with doctors. Moreover, in most cases, this interactive telemedicine is effective for pharmaceutical instructions, neuropsychology, mental therapy, and post-injury rehabilitation.
  • Smartphone app-based telemedicine– Mobile apps have transformed our lifestyle in every way Therefore, nowadays, patients try to care for their health while staying at their home.
  • Store-and-forward style telemedicine- In some fields, one can avail telehealth services without using video calling systems. For instance, patients may send photos of their dental condition to get telemedicine services.
  • Telemedicine based on IoT– For remote monitoring of patients, there are special devices to record blood pressure, sugar level, and heart rate. These devices can automatically synchronize the collected data with your mobile apps. Consequently, both physicians and patients can check out this data at any time.

Making the concept of the app and implementing it

Building a custom platform is highly relevant to make your telemedicine business profitable. In the coming years, patients will become more interested in easily accessible medical care solutions. Besides, consultation apps with patient and doctor profiles, audio-video calls, chat functionality, and other features are vital for your business.

As telemedicine app development solution directly affects others’ health, it is essential to hire professionals from the best app development company. Therefore, you can collaborate with app developers to go through the development steps.

Furthermore, to design the most resourceful telemedicine application, your developers need to be well-informed about market trends and app functionalities. To have a viable idea, professionals-

  • Research your competitors
  • Analyze your business
  • Make a prototype
  • Test the app

While making business analysis, developers have to find out the problems of your audience. Moreover, they need to understand the major features to be integrated into the app. For instance, some apps need a high-quality seamless chat system to help physicians communicate with patients. Also, some apps display information related to the number of patients, patient reviews, clinicians’ qualifications, and other information.

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Technologies used for a telemedicine app development

To make the app relevant to the present market status, developers always remain up-to-date with the latest technologies-

  • Big Data– Innovative telemedicine apps gather data using Electronic Health Record technologies. The special technology makes it easy to collect and analyze the health data of users. By receiving detailed patient information, doctors can make the right diagnosis. Moreover, the cloud storage facility prevents the risk of losing important health records.
  • Artificial intelligence– We have found the trend of using AI in most industries. Speech recognition, natural language processing ability, machine learning, and chatbots- these technologies have become a substitute for our physicians to provide an emergency solution to patients.

Telemedicine application development- Creating a panel for every user

  • Patients– They need to send online consultation requests to physicians.
  • Physicians– These users view patients’ data, check lab reports, scheduling appoints, and provide consultation services.
  • Lab Technicians– This user group shares lab test reports with patients and clinicians.
  • Admin– As an admin, you may manage your responsibilities from the app dashboard.

Moreover, based on doctors’ roles, we have listed the useful features of telemedicine application for doctors-

  • Doctor profiles– Let physicians create their own profiles by adding their background and certification details.
  • Schedule appointment management– Physicians can adjust their schedules depending on their availability. They may also reject appointments for any reason.
  • Prescription– Help physicians in prescribing medicines using the app.
  • Electronic medical records– Due to the integration of the EMR system, physicians can find real-time access to lab reports and medical records.

Features for patients to navigate telemedicine applications-

  • Patient profile– A dashboard to enter personal data, including a patient’s name, gender, age, and medical history.
  • Search functionality- To look for clinicians, patients can use filters, including language, specialty, and gender. Thus, it enables them to find the right professional for their needs.
  • Real-time visits- Integrate audio-video calling feature for connecting physicians with patients. Therefore, doctors can remotely identify symptoms and signs of diseases.
  • Booking appointments- It is an important feature to help patients book appointments with physicians.
  • Payment methods- Add multiple payment options to ensure convenience to patients. Hence, patients should be able to pay for their visits.

More features that make your app highly functional-

  • Security protocols and encryption technologies- Telemedicine apps with these security features keep confidential data safe.
  • Instant messaging– Real-time messaging between physicians and patients helps in clarifying issues.
  • Video Conferencing– Direct interactions become easy with mobile and computer. By clicking on a button, you can turn on a video conferencing feature to start the doctor-patient consultation.
  • Clinical Documentation– It is useful for physicians to provide healthcare services to patients while maintaining their data privacy.

Are you planning for a telemedicine app development solution?

In the past few years, the telemedicine sector has turned out to be lucrative. So, to compete with your rivals, you can invest in Telemedicine App Development services. Physicians, relying on telehealth, have found-

  • A higher level of productivity
  • Better access of patients to healthcare services
  • Cost reductions
  • Better relationship development with patients

Thus, to develop telemedicine apps successfully, you need attention to every detail. You can consult with your app developers to identify features that you have to include in your app. As your services may be different from that of your competitors, you may look for custom app development solutions. Based on needs, professional developers customize the application. Create the best app for your healthcare business by hiring certified developers.

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