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Node.js 14 – Speed up App Development with Improved Features

Nowadays, a lot of developers are using Node.js as a tool for app development. The best part of Node.js is that it witnesses updates every year. The latest update was launched in April 2020 and is known as Node.js 14. Also, it came with a lot of added features as well as improvements.

So, let us understand the features and benefits that came with Node.js 14 and how it will help to develop an app. Knowing the benefits will help you to make the right decision when it comes to developing an app. To be precise, you can discuss it with your Node.js development company to get the best results.

  • Convenient scalability for App development

Now, it is one of the most significant benefits of Node.js 14. And due to its scalability, most of the startups opt for this platform to develop their apps. Besides, it is a lean technology tool that is best compatible with the micro-services architecture. Thus, it will give you better flexibility.

Moreover, another impressive part is that, with the help of this platform, the developers can break app logic into smaller modules. So, you can understand that developers are capable of adding more modules without any issues.

  • Enhance the app development speed

If you are coming with a startup, you already know that getting into the market is quite a difficult task. It involves a lot of testing. So, it is the place where Node.js 14 will help you. Well, it is quite a lightweight technology.

Besides, it consists of a lot of tools that will help you accelerate your app development speed. This is one of the improvements that will excite a lot of developers. With the new Node.js 14, both the performance and speed have improved. So, you can understand that, with this platform on their side, the developers can accomplish their work effortlessly. For instance, you will witness that builtin functions became 12% faster. The reason is that the new API is giving them the portal to run through C++ runtime.

Moreover, you will get a considerable number of libraries to help you craft the most efficient app. In addition, you will also find reusable templates, which will help you reduce the application’s size.

  • The low learning curve is good enough for Node.js 14

Now, this is one of the most suited benefits that the developers will find. The best part is, this platform will allow you to share the same and one language when it comes to both clients as well as the server-side.

Besides, the developers don’t have to worry about switching the back-end and the front-end. Furthermore, you don’t need a lot of developers to take care of the server. Well, only one team can serve the purpose of both sides.

  • Mobile friendly

Well, if you are scheduling to launch a startup, there various things that you have to keep in mind. For instance, the factors you have to consider are productivity, response time, competitive edge, and relevance.

So, if you have Node.js 14 on your side, it will be quite helpful to you. It is both adaptable as well as efficient when it comes to mobile traffic.

  • The community support is up to the mark

The community support of Node.js is also impressive. Besides, there are more than thousand of contributors to Node.js 14.

  • New compiler and platform minimums

One of the most convenient parts of Mode.js 14 is that it provides various pre-built binaries. And you can use those pre-built binaries in case of all the operating systems. Whenever a prime release is taking place, the minimum toolchains are regulated according to the requirement. The best part of this release is that it is compatible with Mac OS.

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  • Stability in the diagnostic report

In the previous version of Node.js, it was added as an experimental feature. However, in Node.js 14, you will find it as a stable feature. The purpose of incorporating this feature is to make the diagnostic easier.

Besides, the simplicity is another thing that you will witness with the diagnostics. Thus, you can consider it to be a vital update as it will help you a lot while working continuously inside a project.

  • You will find changes in streams APIs

This point signifies numerous modifications of the Node.js Streams application. In other words, these modifications are known as Semantic Versioning. The motto behind these modifications is to improve constancy amongst streams APIs. It will not only reduce the streamline behaviors, but it will also lower down the ambiguity amongst the different parts of the nodes.

  • Experimental Async Local Storage API

It is another feature that most of the developers will appreciate. Well, it is a high-level experimental API. Hence, with the assistance of this API, it will be easier for the developers to bring constancy to the apps. The reason is it will not exhibit more internals.

  • Experimental web assembly interface

Another interesting feature that you will witness is an experimental web assembly interface. The purpose of incorporating this feature in Node.js 14 is to ensure the security to prevent access to any other fundamental operating system. Well, these operating systems are also known as ‘sandboxed.’

  • ECMAScript Module compatibility

It is one of the improvements of Node.js 14. In the new version, Node.js 14, you cannot find warning at the time of using ESM. The implementation of ESM turns out to be experimental. But, the workflows work with different features, including JSON modules.

Modules related to the transpired environments must be refactored to deal with Node.js. The decisions on the design were mainly for Web Compatibility and Spec compliance. However, we think that the new implementation will present us with a future-proof, reliable model for authorization of ESM modules. Although the ESM implementation is new, you cannot find any risk.

  • JavaScript engine gets an update with Node.js 14

Initially, the JavaScript engine was using the V8 engine. But, with Node.js 14, the engine is updated to 8.1. And this will bring a lot of benefits to the Node.js developer. The benefits are-

    1. 1. Nullish coalescing

The nullish coalescing operator is in charge of regulating default values, which is present in the short-circuiting binary operator. Most of the time, the logical II operator handles it.

    1. 2. Intl.DisplayNames

Well, it is nothing but an API. It helps the programmers display or showcase the translated names of regions, currencies, scripts as well as languages. Therefore, you can consider it to be one of the convenient features that you will get after Node.js development.

So, these are the vital things that you need to know about Node.js 14. Going through the above-mentioned points will help you to attain the best result that you want from this platform. Hence, do not hesitate if you want to use this platform.

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