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School communication app development: Build an app like Remind

School communication app development: Build an app like Remind

The digital world presents us with new tips and strategies every year. Why? It is because there are several turns and shifts in different industries. Nothing is new in the educational sector. School professionals and administrators have rightly predicted that the pandemic since 2020 would affect communication. When the pandemic has stopped face-to-face interactions, lots of educational institutions have started relying on digital communications. To get adapted to the New Normal, they leverage benefits from launching the school communication app. You may also develop this type of app and monetize it in different ways.

Why should you invest in a school communication app?

More than 40% of students claim that digital learning technologies are highly useful for doing their everyday homework. Some students have found value in the app for organizing the schedule. Most importantly, students feel that apps are good to raise their grades and refine their performance.

Presently, millions of learners, teachers, and staff members of schools and colleges use mobile apps for different benefits. You may also design an app by hiring school communication app development professionals. However, there are several educational apps in the market. How will you make your app popular within the shortest time? The best trick for you is to clone the app, like Remind.

Learn more about Remind- The school communication app

The free app, Remind is best for parents and teachers who like to connect with each other and engage in real-time communications. Teachers may create groups, send messages, and inform parents about students. Parents will learn about the latest schedules, students’ notes, and several other details.

While other school apps have focused simply on students and teachers, Remind is something different. By cloning this app, you can easily draw the attention of your target users.

School communication app development: Build an app like Remind

Remind establishes a connection between teachers and parents

Parents are the first teachers to their children. However, children get assistance from parents, teachers, and other members of the school community. To make the relationship stronger with parents, teachers can use the app, Remind. Everyone using the app will learn about the updated schedules, homework, field trip, and feedback.

Remind- A safe messaging app

There is no risk of disclosing personal contact details. Users cannot delete and edit messages. Also, the message history can be downloaded. Everyone can find an option for reporting against scam messages and fraud users. Students may also use the app to receive the teachers’ messages. Thus, to build an app like Remind, you have to make your platform secure.

Remind saves time

There is no need to rely on an outdated website for your school. An app like Remind can help you in sending shorter messages of not more than 300 characters. You can directly send them to the recipient’s smartphone. Moreover, parents and other users will learn about the availability of teachers and get the quickest response to their queries. You may also build an app like Remind by integrating different features. The best app helps users to send personalized voice clips, PDFs, and assignments.

Easy to access from any device

The school communication portal enables teachers to reach parents and students from any device. The recipients will get real-time messages via email and in-app notifications.

Hire professional developers to create a clone of the Remind app. You can easily engage teachers, parents, and students.

How does your parent-teacher communication school app work?

Your app will become the best communication tool for everyone engaged in your school. Teachers can communicate with both students and parents effectively. Users have to create their accounts by providing the basic details. Parents should also register with the apps. Teachers can create groups and send messages to parents and students. Besides, they will identify the messages read by the recipients. The innovative app also helps in attaching files while sending messages.

Like Remind, you may also integrate translation capabilities into your app. Remind is capable of translating over 70 languages. Thus, language will not be a barrier while using your app.

To create a flawless app like Remind, you need to engage a team of certified developers. They will find a brilliant way of making your app innovative and unique.

School communication app development: Build an app like Remind

Features that you can include in your school communication portal

Your school app development company can integrate several features into the app.

  • Quiz- Teachers can test the knowledge of students by hosting a quiz contest. It is a way of keeping students engaged using the digital platform.
  • Booking appointments- Parents can book appointments with teachers to talk about the students’ performance status and other issues.
  • Contact form- By filling the contact form, users can send messages to the school authority.
  • Weekly timetable- The school administrators, teachers, and other staff can create a timetable for students. Moreover, the timetable will be viewable to students and parents
  • Syllabus- Teachers can upload the syllabus to the app. Therefore, it will be easy for students to learn the curriculum and start preparation.
  • News- The admin can announce the school-related news to everyone using the app.
  • Gallery- It displays photos of some memorable moments of teachers and students.
  • Staff directory- The non-teaching staff can register with the app for different purposes.
  • Student’s progress- Parents will learn how their children are performing.
  • Calendar- This feature helps in booking an appointment.
  • Videos/Files- The app should be compatible with different file formats, including videos. Also, teachers can provide some recorded educational videos to students.
  • Upcoming school events- Students and parents will find the app useful to learn about the upcoming events in the school.
  • Absentee note- When a student cannot attend school for any reason, he can leave a note using the app. Parents may also write the note on behalf of their children.
  • Homework tracker- Teachers can assign homework to students and track the status in real-time mode. However, students need to use the app to work on their assignments.
  • Report cards- The app enables teachers to provide digital report cards. The report card will be downloadable to students from their dashboards.
  • Google Maps- The school may have arranged an event at a venue outside the premises. To locate the venue easily, Google Maps will be useful for students and teachers.
  • Language translation- It is one of the valuable features, as we have already mentioned. Moreover, the language of the app can be translated with a single click.
  • Online examination- Teachers can conduct examinations and check the knowledge of students. The digital portal will be advantageous to students as they can appear for examinations while staying at home.
  • Online Payment- Parents can pay the fees to the school authority using the app. You can integrate more than one payment mode and make the app secure for digital transactions.
  • ID card generation- The app helps users to create digital ID cards for students. Both students and parents can download the card and have a printout.

It can be concluded that the mobile app for schools can be a centralized platform for communication. The app will also be useful for sending regular updates to students and parents. Parents feel that it gives them the opportunity to interact with teachers. From notices and circulars to important messages, everything will be accessible from the app.

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