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Recipe and Cooking App development: Build an app like Yummly and Cooking

Recipe and Cooking App development: Build an app like Yummly

Almost everyone likes to a taste of mouth-watering meals. The art of cooking can turn an ordinary day into a special one. Some chefs have chosen cooking as an art. But, home cooks and young students interested in culinary activities like to please everyone by preparing the meal. However, as we have a busy lifestyle, most of us do not have time to go to restaurants. That’s why several foodies have started choosing mobile apps to place an order for their favorite dishes. You can grab the opportunity to earn more by investing in the recipe and cooking app development services.

You do not need to acquire special cooking skills to earn something more culinary activities. Still, there are ways to gain profits from your investment. So, hire professional developers to create your cooking and recipe app.

Recipe and cooking app development- How does the mobile app work?

Mobile-friendly recipe apps enable users to prepare different dishes. Besides, cooking becomes easy with the directions and guidelines. The interactive design of cooking app includes different phases, like-

  • Spark Phase

With images, stories, and headlines, you can inspire users.

  • Phase of Preparation

The recipe app design must engage the visual and auditory senses of the users. Besides, you can apply innovative techniques to sell ingredients.

  • Cooking and shopping Phases

You can add video tutorials and make a shopping list.

Types of Recipe apps

Recipe and Cooking App development: Build an app like Yummly and CookingRecipe apps are of different types and serve different purposes

  • Social cooking apps- Social media users like to use these apps, as they provide some space to share food recipes. Users will like to upload images of cooked dishes. Moreover, there is an integrated library of several recipes with the app.
  • DIY recipe collection– Users can capture recipes from different sources and synchronize them between devices. By clicking a button, they can save the recipes in their app dashboards.
  • Kitchen tools apps– They help checks in converting the units of temperature, volume, and weight. Furthermore, some apps also enable users to set timers for the foods cooked in the oven.
  • Grocery shopping apps- These apps are intended to encourage the online purchase of groceries.
  • Recipe calculator app- By calculating the recipe cost, users can prevent ingredients’ wastage.

Before hiring professionals for recipe app development, you have to choose the type of app that you like to launch.

Recipe and cooking app development-Know the features

Before choosing the features, you have to know- Who are the target users of the recipe app?

You can invest in food recipe app development to attract-

  • Nutritionists
  • Chefs
  • Health Coaches
  • Foodies
  • Startups in the culinary field

Thus, based on the choice of your app type and design, you may find a difference in features. Still, the most commonly used features for these recipe apps are discussed in detail.

Social signup

Let users register with your app by using their social media profiles, like Twitter and Instagram.

Cooking video

It is another functionality helping users to check the cooking steps in a tutorial. In addition, the video makes the cooking process easier.

Voice assistance

You can integrate this feature into the cooking and recipe app. Also, the voice assistance features will let you get the answer to your queries without entering words.

The list of ingredients and recipes

As it is a recipe app, you can never avoid adding ingredients for the users. Without this feature, your app will be of no use. However, app builders find it challenging to integrate this feature. From where will they get the information about recipes and ingredients? There are different ways to do it.

  • Create a perfect database.
  • Use paid/free APIs.
  • Let users upload recipes.

Advanced filtering

This functionality is useful for both consumers and culinary professionals. You have to focus on it while creating the recipe app. Also, users can search for something by ingredients and dish name. Additionally, the filtering and searching feature has different components, like-

  • Higher visibility
  • Autosuggestion to save time
  • The capability of searching recipes by tastes and other characteristics


It is another useful feature helping your app users to share tasty recipes and dishes. Thus, your app developers will integrate social sharing buttons into the app.


To keep your app users engaged, you can include this community feature in your app. As a result, your users can interact with each other and get benefits.

Payment management

Subscribers for your app can use this feature to manage their regular payments.

Features that make your cooking app better

Recipe and Cooking App development: Build an app like Yummly and CookingThe Discover Screen

It is the home screen, and it should keep app users engaged. Therefore, app developers give high importance to this feature. Besides, the home screen will display the most popular and relevant recipes. Moreover, you may also show a special recipe of the day.

Shopping list

In some cases, users cannot cook the food, as they cannot avail of ingredients. Therefore, the shopping list will be a valuable feature of the app.

Grocery store locator

For this feature, you can add Google Maps to your app. Consequently, users can easily buy groceries from the nearest store and prepare the dish.

Food scanner

The app would be able to scan the barcode, ingredients, and other things using your device’s camera


As an admin, you can send alerts and notifications to users about discounts, coupons, and recipes.

Content management

Another important feature of the app is to manage content. Admins can review and update the content of your app.

Cost of developing cooking and recipe app

Several factors are affecting the cost of the recipe app-

· The number of compatible platforms
· App sizes
· The number of features

Thus, you can consult your cooking recipe app development agency to get the estimate. You cannot choose an amount as the standard cost. While you have added several features to the app, the cost will be higher. Moreover, iOS apps are costlier compared to Android apps. The skills of the app development team also make a difference in the cost. Plus, the team comprises backend and frontend developers, marketers, UI designers, and QA specialists.

Ways to monetize your cooking app

To get the best returns from your investment, you have to monetize the app. Thus, choose the right monetization strategies for your app.


Make a subscription model for your app users. You can check out the subscription packages of your competitors’ apps. Hence, your app users would be able to make repeated payments at the end of every subscription period.

In-app ads

Advertising is an important activity to promote a business. As digital ads have become highly popular, you can take advantage of them. Use the space of your app to publish ads of different brands. Thus, you will receive money while your app users have clicked on those ads.


You can earn from sponsorship when your recipe app has gained high popularity in the market. Your app design has to match the sponsor’s brand. Besides, you will earn from the monthly sponsorship.


You can release the app in the premium version. Also, by adding some additional features, you can encourage users to pay for the paid version.


You can now look for certified professionals for cooking and food recipe app development. Besides, certified developers will use the latest technologies to provide you with a future-ready platform. Thus, you will earn more from your cooking apps.

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