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Intermittent fasting app development Build app like BodyFast

Intermittent fasting app development: Build app like BodyFast

Fasting is an age-old practice in different cultures to get different health benefits. It is a way of abstaining from foods and drinks from a particular period. Fasting can prevent metabolic disorders, liver problems, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Nowadays, there is a trend of following intermittent fasting to lose weight. But, to create the best fasting schedule, modern consumers have become reliant on mobile apps. Thus, it is the right time to grab the opportunity and earn more from investing in intermittent fasting app development solutions.

Intermittent fasting is a blend of both activities- fasting and eating. For instance, some of us like to follow the be conventional 16:8 fasting-eating schedule. Your fasting period is 16 hours. For the remaining 8 hours, you can eat any food. Thus, based on your needs, you can create a fasting regime. The innovative apps have made it easy to achieve success in this approach.

Know more about Intermittent fasting app development

The Germany-based app, BodyFast, launched in 2018, is the fastest-growing app to track fasting schedules and build healthy habits. Several users have found the desired results from using the app. Besides, you can find this app available in more than one language.

BodyFast has enjoyed a big success, as over 20 million users have installed it. The UI is integrated with a range of features. As you like to make your app popular, you can clone BodyFast. Moreover, the app is available in both free and premium versions. It offers a few features, like a fasting timer, fasting schedule creation, and statistical reports. However, you can add more features to launch a revolutionary app for your target users.

Intermittent fasting app development- Types of fasting schedules

Intermittent fasting app development Build app like BodyFastWeight loss app development professionals have a concept of intermittent fasting of different types. The different types are-

Whole Day Fasting- It is a schedule of fasting any 1 to 2 days a week. The calorie intake must be under control. On the days of fasting, the consumption of 500 calories will give the desired result. 200 calories will be from protein.

Alternate Day Fasting- On the first day, you can consume 500 calories. You may spread out a single meal throughout the day. Then, on another day, you may eat anything and anytime.

OMAD- It is another category of intermittent fasting when you take one meal every day. Besides, it may be a gigantic meal. For the rest of the day, you will eat nothing.

Time-restricted Feeding- You have to fast for about 16 to 20 hours every day. You can consume zero-calorie tea and water. The apps help create a fasting schedule of about 8 hours.

Free features that you can add to your intermittent fasting app

Like BodyFast, you can include a range of free features to your app-

  • Multiple fasting schemes like 5-2 and 16-8
  • Timer guiding
  • Fasting tracker
  • Track body measurements and weight
  • Different notification options
  • User-friendly water intake tracker
  • Blogs related to intermittent fasting
  • No connectivity

What premium features can you add to your app?

One of the most important premium features of your intermittent fasting app is the subscription packages. Based on the length of the subscription, you can set the pricing rate. Furthermore, the premium users will be able to avail of better health maintenance tips and personal coaching.

  • Personal fasting programs based on your preconditions
  • A new personalized solution on every week
  • Weekly challenges related to fitness and health
  • Trophies and rewards to motivate users
  • Option for selecting from different fasting methods
  • The professional coach helping users to reduce weight faster

Thus, you can add these premium features to monetize the app.

Other features to add functionality to the app-

· Fasting time tracker
· Water tracker
· Intermittent fasting videos
· Fasting statistics
· Feed feature
· Reminders
· Past fasting details
· Stats on weight and fasting activities
· Calorie tracker
· Personalized diet chart
· Set health goals
· 7-days free trial version

In addition, the best app development professionals can find several other ways of making the app unique. For instance, the app can encourage users to click on the image of their meals. Moreover, it should calculate the gap between two meals.

You can also include multiple tracking features in your app. For instance, users can track details of ketones, glucose, waistline, and weight. Another notable feature for your app is the in-app community. Consequently, the fasting groups can engage in conversations and learn more from each other. When your app becomes more popular, the community will be bigger.

How to build an intermittent fasting app

Intermittent fasting app development Build app like BodyFastBefore investing in health and fitness app development services, you have to know the steps for creating the app.

Learn more about the target users

Fitness-conscious persons have different goals. While some desire to lose weight, others like to reduce sugar and eat healthier foods. But, lots of factors, like stress and tiredness, prevent them from reaching their goals. Thus, you need to learn more about the fitness issues of your target audiences.

Moreover, based on your collected data, you can build the best app prototype. It will enable you to develop flawless health tracking and fasting app like BodyFast. You may also focus on the user feedback to refine the final version of the app.

Creating a roadmap for the development of the product

The product roadmap is one of the essential things to build your app and reach the desired goals. The app development companies prefer the Agile-Scrum framework for the process. The Scrum framework for the app development project is effective in serving the purpose. Similarly, Agile refers to a set of values and principles.

How do intermittent fasting apps provide value to users?

Reliable intermittent fasting apps are available with a range of features beneficial to users. However, you must understand how those features can transform the lives of your target users. BodyFast app users have claimed that the use of the intermittent fasting app have stimulated their positive feelings-

  • Increased motivation– The real stories, facts, and motivational quotes are the source of motivation. When the users have started their journey to achieve weight loss goals, these stories will motivate them. Besides, the apps can build a community where users will interact with each other.
  • Have a sense of achievement– The intermittent fasting apps present users with statistical reports. Therefore, users will learn how much they have achieved with their effort. Moreover, some apps encourage them to face challenges. Regular goals will let users stay on track.
  • Remind important activities– The users like to choose apps that make lives more comfortable and easier. They have a busy lifestyle, and thus, there is a chance of missing some important things in life. The app needs to take charge of reminding them to stick to the schedule.


You have now understood the basic design of intermittent fasting apps. So, you can hire a team of developers to launch one of the best intermittent fasting apps, like BodyFast. Make your app compatible with Android and iOS platforms. As it is a fitness app, users may also like to use it from their wearable devices. Besides, try to distinguish your intermittent app from other similar mobile apps.

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