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Yoga app development: Build an App Like Asana Rebel

A little meditation and yoga can rejuvenate our body and mind. The pandemic has almost disrupted the norms of going to a local yoga studio to stay fit. Still, the present health-conscious generation has started relying on yoga apps as one of the alternatives. Without violating the rules of self-quarantine, it is easy to stick to the yoga routine. Therefore, the recent trend could make you guess that yoga app development would be a profitable investment.

Will yoga app development be a lucrative choice?

During the long-term lockdowns for the pandemic, billions of people had been compelled to stay at home. While feeling suppressed to stay enclosed around four walls, they have turned to smartphone apps. These apps have become the universally acceptable source to get any type of assistance. From entertainment to home yoga classes, everything has become easy with mobile apps. Thus, mobile-centric organizations have felt that it is the right time to invest in technologies. Smartphone apps can help in overcoming the challenges caused by lockdowns.

We are not wasting your time with idle talk. You can browse Google to know how yoga apps are gaining popularity in recent years.

However, while investing in the yoga app solution, you have to choose from any of the two categories-

  • You are a yoga trainer teacher, and you have a studio in your locality. Still, you like to gain more customers and retain the present customer base.
  • You are a startup, and you have no yoga-related business. However, you have thought of helping other yoga specialists by providing them a digital platform.

Yoga app development- Learn about the users, their problems, and solutions-

Yoga-app-development-Build-an-App-Like-Asana-RebelYoga app developers go through different technical steps to design the app. Nevertheless, the most important task of developers is to know the target users and find out their issues.

The age of yoga trainers mostly ranges from 20 to 35 years. Some of them have several social media fans. Check out some of their problems.

Problem 1- No time to go to the yoga studio regularly-

Solution- The smartphone apps help them to train the learners by displaying videos.

Problem 2- Customers are looking for a better way to interact with yoga trainers.

Solution- Membership-based apps enable users to chat with trainers and join the training schedule at any time.

Build a successful yoga app

You may not have a new concept about the yoga app design. The best solution for you is to clone the design of a popular app like Asana Rebel. The major goal of launching Asana Rebel is to increase the motivation and efficiency of users. Also, the app lets them learn the yoga poses. Although the app is free to download, it sells subscriptions. Thus, you may also create a subscription-based model for mobile applications.

Yoga apps are of two types-

  • Apps that enable users to engage in self-training sessions by watching the offline videos of trainers
  • Apps that connect users to instructors for real-time yoga training classes

To develop an Asana Rebel-like app, you have to focus on some essential features.

  • Signup option

Both instructors and trainees need to sign up with the app to access the dashboard. However, the dashboards for trainers and trainees are different.

  • Profile development

Yoga instructors like to edit their profiles and their class schedules. Thus, the app should let them edit the profile with a few clicks. The profile details will be viewable to trainees.

Similarly, trainees should find options to search for instructors. They can sign up with the app using their social media accounts.

  • Payment

Yoga trainers can receive payments using digital platforms. The trainees can pay them using different modes, like Paypal, debit cards, credit cards, and other e-Wallets. Moreover, it is easy for instructors to check the payment history.

  • Push notifications

Both instructors and trainees will get benefits from this feature. Instructors can notify others about their presence and availability. In addition, they may announce a discount offer for their services. There are several other interesting ways in which instructors can use the Notification feature. For instance, they can tell the audience to check out the new collection of yoga exercises. Moreover, they can encourage audiences to take part in the yoga sessions regularly.

  • Upload Videos

Your instructors may like to provide video-based tutorials to the target audience. To make your app more advanced, you can add editing features for the videos. Moreover, instructors can upload quality videos for their potential customers.

  • Calendar

Professional instructors are busy and are available for the trainees on particular days. Based on their availability, trainees can book them using the calendar.

  • Manage offers and ads

Some instructors like to offer discounts on their yoga training services. Thus, they will find space for advertising their latest offers.

Additional features that you can integrate into the yoga app

Yoga-app-development-Build-an-App-Like-Asana-RebelYou may find a difference in the cost of developing the yoga app while including these additional features.

  • eStore

The present yoga industry has grabbed a stronger position compared to meditation and workout training programs. Yoga lovers may need to buy towels, yoga mats, and comfortable outfits.

Although the e-store is not an MVP feature, you can include it to sell these products. You will find a higher conversion rate and more traffic to your platform.

  • Blogging

You can make your app distinguished by adding the blog feature. Internet users always like to read useful and engaging content. To build a mobile app for your yoga studio, you may incorporate this feature into your app. Consequently, your app users can share the blog by clicking on the integrated social media buttons.

  • Coach Q&A

As you like to monetize your app, this feature is important. It is especially essential to those who have an offline business and like to supplement it by building an app. You may also integrate a chat system to let users interact with their yoga coaches.

  • Gamification

You can make your yoga app more popular by adding this gamification feature. The gamification will develop a sense of accomplishment among the app users. Also, the app will reward them with badges for success.

  • Events

As you provide training regularly, you may like to host offline events in your locality. It will increase your customer base. However, this feature is perfect for startups in the yoga industry.

  • Live streaming

It is another advanced feature useful for both trainers and students. Live streaming sessions enable trainers to train the app users in real-time mode. Thus, they can show their skills to potential customers.

Technologies used for developing the yoga mobile app

The best app developers like to use the latest technical tools and frameworks for yoga application development. They use Facebook Mobile SDK to ensure faster signup, monetization, and analytics. They also add the in-app payment features by using Braintree and Stripe. Firebase SDK is another feature to include the Push Notification feature.

Now, you can look for the most reliable team of developers to create yoga apps. Think of the innovative ways of monetizing your app. You will earn more money from launching the yoga app for instructors and fitness instructors.

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