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Fashion eCommerce app development: Cost & Key features

Fashion eCommerce app development: Cost & Key features

The convenience of ordering new clothes, accessories, or footwear online and delivering them to their doorstep makes it easy and convenient for shoppers. The stuff of your choice does not have to be found in numerous physical stores. Thanks to the top fashion eCommerce apps, shoppers can find multiple clothing companies and brands on a single platform.
Shoppers can view multiple brands’ products in one place and make quick decisions, but only if you choose the right fashion eCommerce app development approach.

Why do you need to focus on your fashion eCommerce app development first?

It is critical if you are planning to develop fashion mobile apps to understand how they work, what fundamental elements are required in an app, how functionalities are built, and what app development costs are. In this comprehensive article, we will discuss each of these points in detail. It is relatively easy to develop a fashion eCommerce app.

Key features that your fashion eCommerce app development should include

Depending on the type of business you want to operate with your fashion app, you can choose a business model. One can develop an app for a clothing store, connect buyers and sellers on a fashion marketplace, and many other types of fashion applications exist. In this section, we will discuss the different types of fashion applications available.

Details of the product

Fashion eCommerce app development: Cost & Key features

A user should see various product images from various angles and details, such as the fabric or shape of a product, when they click on it after browsing.

Reviews of products

There should be a section for reviewing products, together with photos and information, so new users can check what other people have to say about certain products. Having this information included in your fashion app development is helpful when deciding whether to buy a product.


After the user installs the app, you can encourage them to create an account by entering their email address, phone number, and password.

Manage profile

Users can edit and manage their profiles here, update their phone numbers, add new addresses, etc.


Your eCommerce fashion app must have multiple categories to showcase the products conveniently. You can categorize clothing, footwear, and accessories for men and women, for example.

Personalized suggestions

Today, many eCommerce apps are successful due to this feature. The app shows users relevant products based on their interests and searches and purchase histories, and sales increase dramatically in this way.

Search bar

Every eCommerce app should have this feature. By entering the search terms and clicking the search button, the search bar makes the user experience seamless and easy.

Apply promo code

During checkout, customers should redeem the benefits of a promo code they have for an item.

Payment methods

A variety of payment options must be available to users when they are checking out. The company also provides methods for customers to make payments with their preferred methods, such as debit or credit cards, UPI, e-banking, or mobile eWallets.

Filter products

Users can apply filters while browsing products to view only the products they are interested in. Among the filters, they can use size, color, brand, price, etc.


Offers and discounts can be showcased separately in a separate section for users to see. When users see discounts and deals, they’re more likely to make a purchase.


Users should be notified of the latest offers, sales, discounts, etc., using a notification feature. By doing so, you’ll increase sales and profit. In addition, you can send messages to notify users about app updates, the delivery of orders, etc.


Adding a particular product to a user’s cart is the first step toward purchasing it. The cart may contain more than one product. After adding products to the cart, users can view all the products with their pricing and quantity.


This feature usually drives sales. People cannot buy all items while browsing the products now and will save some of the items they find interesting for later. The wishlist feature allows for this.


It should be possible for customers to return or exchange clothing items if they don’t fit or do not meet their expectations. Customers buy more products because of the return and exchange features.

Order tracking

Enable real-time tracking of orders after they have been placed. Therefore, customers can be confident that the products will arrive when expected.

Reward points

You can reward the customers with points after they make a purchase. Customers can use the reward points to buy more items through the platform. Making people earn rewards points by buying more is a great way to stimulate sales.

Rate & Review

Customers should rate and write a review of the delivered order after it has been received. The customer can either express positive or negative feelings about the product.

Order history

Upon login, customers can view all their orders and details such as purchase dates, prices, and other information.


Customers, including delivery delays, may encounter many kinds of issues, payment failures, returns or exchanges, etc. Customers should be able to reach you by live chat, email, or telephone. They will feel cared for this way.

Fashion eCommerce app development: Cost & Key features

What does your fashion eCommerce app development cost? <?h3>

E-commerce applications are now more necessary than ever. When considering e-commerce app development, one thing we think of is the cost factor.

Despite all e-commerce apps falling under the umbrella term “e-commerce applications,” each has unique features, designs, etc. The cost to develop an ecommerce app depends on several factors.


Before you embark on app development, you must make this critical decision. Considerations such as demographics, target audience, market reach, etc., need to be considered before making a decision. The cost of developing an e-commerce app will vary depending on the mobile app development framework you choose.

There are 3 types of ecommerce apps you can build: native, web-based, and hybrid. Currently, Android and iOS are the most popular platforms. It’s possible to develop cross-platform apps that run on both Android and iOS or to choose to develop apps that only run on Android or iOS.

App Design

An e-commerce application’s visual impact is essential. In boutique stores app development, app design is an essential factor. There are several components of app design, such as logo design, screen design, icon design, etc. The cost of an e-commerce app will vary depending on how much branding or customization you want.

App Features

The features and complexity determine its value, and your idea for a mobile app determines its value. For an e-commerce app to be cost-effective, you can choose to add only basic features. It might also be necessary to integrate more advanced features in your clothing store app development, as well, to make your e-commerce app stand out from the competition. As the number and complexity of features increase, e-commerce app development costs will also increase.


Different geographical locations charge different rates for mobile app development. App developers usually charge an hourly rate, and more complex apps require more time than simple ones. Moreover, a significant factor that affects the cost of e-commerce applications is the development time involved.

Generally, app developers make $100-200 per hour in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Eastern European and Asian countries pay a lower rate. In India, for example, the developers charge $15-$30 per hour for app development.

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