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Calendar App Development Build a Software For Effective Management

Calendar app development: Build a software for effective management

Are you feeling difficulties managing your busy business schedule? Do you need to attend conferences or have appointments with clients? Do you have interviews with business partners? Although you have commitments and dedication, you find that you are late. You have a chance to lose business opportunities due to loads of everyday activities. Thus, the best way to solve the problem is to create a custom calendar app. With calendar app development, you can manage your issues in business life.

You can claim that there is Google Calendar to serve you. Why should I then develop a calendar app? By analyzing Google Calendar, you will find that it does not provide you with all functionalities. Therefore, a custom-designed app is a perfect solution to your problem.

Calendar App Development Build a Software For Effective Management

Calendar app development- Features that make your business more productive-

Why should you build a calendar app? Obviously, your major purpose is to increase your business productivity by leveraging the best calendar app features.

  • Automate your regular meetings

Designed with innovative technologies, like Machine Learning, calendars can use data to provide you with smart suggestions at any time. For instance, when you need to attend a consultation session every month, the calendar app automatically informs you about the time and venue. Thus, there is no need to create the meeting schedule repetitively on a particular day every month. The ML-based algorithms will identify the timing and send you an email notification.

  • Dashboard with statistical data

Data gives us knowledge, and knowledge endows us with power. By using the calendar app, you can manage the number of reservations for your service. Based on the information, you may tailor your services to customers.

  • The availability of templates

The best app development company always integrate attractive and easy-to-use templates into the calendar app. The app users can select the template and add information to create new events within a few minutes. Therefore, it is now fun to schedule your events frequently.

  • NLP Algorithms

While AI has gained dominance in the technology world, Natural Language Processing has grabbed the attention. Due to NLP algorithms, the calendar app enables you to add events and edit them.

For instance, you need to arrange a conference on a particular day. As you have to reserve seats, the algorithm will help you to know about the available venues.

  • Integrate third-party apps

It not uncommon to find apps with a range of tools. Similarly, your calendar app may also have some useful tools to add functional value. Professional developers use different toolkits to integrate the best third-party systems into the app.

You may synchronize your custom calendar app with some other similar tools, like Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar. Moreover, you may also add Salesforce, Facebook, and other apps to streamline your business operations.

  • Track RSVPs

One of the best time management tricks is to maintain logs of every event. However, it is not easy to track all the attendees of every event. While you try to do it manually, you will find it time-consuming.

Let the digital calendar track it for you. Based on its logs, you can schedule events. For instance, there is no need to send your agenda to every employee. You can deliver it only to the invitees.

Besides, to send follow-ups, you may customize the calendar app, and your attendees will confirm those follow-ups.

  • Work for multi-time zones

Have you employed remote workers for your business? Then, they may be from different countries with multiple time zones. Technological advancements have made it easy to gain benefits from these remote working employees. The trend will continue in the coming years.

Let the calendar app identify the time zone with its integrated technologies. You can make your business operations smoother by scheduling events in different time zones.

  • APIs for calendar app development

There are different calendar APIs developed by Google and Apple. Calendar software development professionals rely on these APIs to create your app.

  • Google Calendar API

Google Calendar has become a popular choice to manage events. You may integrate the API with web apps and mobile apps that help in creating, editing, and viewing events in your calendar. The documentation also clarifies the way of using RESTful libraries for programming languages, including PHP, Java, Ruby, and JavaScript.

  • Apple EventKit

EventKit lets you access the calendar data, and it has interfaces to integrate them into your apps.

Industries that need a digital calendar for businesses

Time management has become challenging for businesses in different niches. Moreover, with the growth of your business, you may feel the need for an ever-rising number of corporate events. To manage these events and full-packed business schedules, it is important to use a calendar app with nice-to-have features.

We have now listed some industries that particularly get high benefits from using the calendar app. They can create a custom calendar and integrate it into other apps. The in-app calendar will provide them with a high value.

Calendar App Development Build a Software For Effective Management

Hospitality and travel industry

You may be familiar with travel apps with a built-in calendar. For instance, the travel app, like Airbnb, has a calendar to display dates. Some advanced calendars also enable you to suggest dates to reserve hotel rooms and flight seats. Besides, travelers can click on the preferred dates and book tickets to reach the destination.

Educational sector

The virtual world has become the best destination to educate young learners. In fact, digital educational platforms have become more comfortable to users in different ways. The integrated calendar enables users to schedule tests, lectures, and courses. Also, the app will send automatic notifications about the scheduled events, courses, and some other details.

Healthcare and clinical businesses

A calendar app can be highly advantageous to healthcare centers. You can find medical apps and websites with an integrated calendar. Patients need to use the calendar to schedule their appointments with physicians. Besides, the app can track the drug intake of every patient. You may also integrate the calendar into your fitness apps to get statistical data for physical activities.

Logistics and transportation industry

In the logistics and transportation fields, calendar apps have endless applications. From scheduling the shipping activities to delivering foods, all the business operations need a calendar.
For instance, popular app, like Uber Freight, has an in-app calendar to let shippers check the upcoming and past events. It is also easy to select the delivery date and time.

Social media platform

Social networking sites are something more than communication platforms. Users can book offline events using the calendar.

Open Facebook and find how many users have booked their conferences and events using the simple tool. Twitter and Instagram also calendar features schedule posts.

Now, are you ready to develop a basic calendar and integrate it into some apps? The development and integration process may not sound complicated. However, it is better to rely on professional developers to create a unique calendar app. By using the latest technologies, like IoT and AI, they will develop the best calendar app.

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