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Language learning app development: Cost & Features

Learning a new language is a tiresome process. There is no magic rule, which teaches you the new language overnight. You have to learn new words, master the accents, and strengthen your vocabulary. Some learners feel bored and ultimately lose interest in their long journey to learn a new language. Thus, to make the learning process more engaging and interactive, there are language learning apps for learners. In fact, it is the latest trend of learning a language using a mobile app. You can invest in language learning app development services and gain a high revenue from them.

Language learning app development- Other successful apps for learners

Duolingo, Read-Along, and other language learning apps have become highly popular. The free, open-source platform, Read-Along is now a speech-based reading tutor. Children above 5 can refine their reading skills and learn foreign languages. Moreover, they can read aloud different stories and achieve milestones. Similarly, Duolingo also helps in learning 36 foreign languages. The app owner receives revenues from advertisements and the premium Duolingo Plus.

Now, have you decided on learning more from developing a language learning app? You have started wondering about the features that you like to include in the app. Some of us develop this app for young learners and students, while others release the app for employees. Before thinking about the features, you need to consider some factors.

Language learning app development- Encourage users with gamification and competition

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Add fun to the language learning session. Some of us like to play games rather than learning languages formally. Thus, you need to combine the learning and gaming process to gain the attention of those users.

Furthermore, without a competitive atmosphere, learners may not find interest in the learning process. You can arrange a regular contest and let them compete with others.

Pronunciation with bots

The right pronunciation promotes a proper language learning process. Therefore, you can add an audio recording and make pronunciation teaching easier.

An option for revision

App-based learning with a self-paced mode does not cause stress to learners. However, lots of learners have a habit of skipping lessons. Your technologically advanced apps can send notifications and remind them to revise their lessons.

Moreover, this revision feature enables learners to memorize what they have learned on the previous day. It is one of the best ways to help learners in learning any foreign language.

Auditory solutions

The practice of hearing words and learning the language is the most effective option for learners. The app should help learners in developing the ability to understand speech in the chosen language. You may integrate short videos and audio clips into the learning platform.

Embed some learning resources

Do not make your app complicated by stuffing irrelevant features. Quality is the most important factor to ensure the success of your app. Thus, you have to focus on the quality of your language learning lessons. Make the best presentation of the lesson to make it easily comprehensible. There is no need to add several language learning courses. Only a few lessons with quality content can be useful for learners.

A separate dashboard for tutors

Every language has different grammatical rules, and it can make a learner confused. Your app users may look for a virtual tutor who will provide them with personal assistance. The qualified tutors will detect their mistakes and teach them the right usage of words. In this way, language learning becomes easier for learners.

Features that ensure a sure success to your app development

A simple registration process

You want only authorized and registered users to use your app. Let your users register with the app by entering their email, name, age, and gender. With a strong password, users can keep their accounts secure.

User profile

Every user has different needs and preferences related to the language learning process. The best app enables its users to provided details about their preferred language, language level, and daily targets.

An interactive dashboard for learners

The dashboard design plays an important in keeping learners engaged in the learning process. Besides, it includes tools, which are useful for learners to simplify their learning journey.

Learning process

Language learning mobile apps present you with different language learning processes. Based on the needs and capabilities, users can set daily targets, accomplish their tasks, and get rewards. The innovative apps make the language learning process highly interesting-

  • Audio phrase translation
  • Image selection
  • Choice of a pair of languages
  • Translation and recording
  • Accurate translation of every word and phrase
  • Phrase creation from the given words

Rewards for milestones and achievements

The user-friendly learning screen must display the accomplishments of learners. The symbol of achievements be crowns, gems, and a simple progress bar.

A virtual community

The major purpose of developing the app is to launch a platform where users can learn a new language. However, one of the best ways to enrich the vocabulary is to interact with others. Thus, you can add a forum section, where users communicate their views and discuss different topics.

Live Streaming

Do you like to engage real language teachers in your app? Then, you have to integrate this live streaming functionality into the app. By streaming the live video, learners can learn new languages from tutors. It makes young learners feel more confident.

Attractive illustrations

The reliable app development company always adds unique illustrations to its app interface. Make the interface look more stunning by incorporating the essential elements relevant to the learning process.

How much does it cost to create a language learning mobile app?

Language-learning-app-development-Cost-&-Features Content Banner2You know that developers have different rates for their app development services. However, the factors, like the app intricacy, app design, and chosen technologies, can make a difference in the overall cost. We have now talked about the most commonly used technologies used for language learning portals.

Interface design

  • Bootstrap and CSS are best for front-end app development solutions
  • Python, JavaScript, and AngularJS are effective technologies for backend development
  • Swift and Java are preferable programming languages for iOS and Android users

Database technologies

A robust and reliable database is essential for app development. Professional developers choose MongoDB, MySQL, and Cassandra as their database technologies.

AI-enabled Chatbots

We have already said that bots are a must for the digital language learning platform. As you integrate the AI-enabled bots into the app, you may find a difference in the app development cost.

Cloud storage

The language learning mobile app must have data storage capability. Developers may choose Google cloud storage and Amazon data servers for this purpose.

Real-time technologies

Virtual tutors will need real-time communications, and hence, you need to integrate data analytics, like BigData, and Hadoop.

Should you create free language learning mobile apps?

You like to develop the app to earn money. However, a free app does not provide you with ROI. Furthermore, the newly launched app with only a premium version, may not attract users. Thus, there is a way to find a solution to this problem. Give limited access to free app users. Choose free-of-cost lessons and encourage users to pay an amount to unlock the premium content.

Do you think of developing a unique language learning mobile app? Hire the most reliable developers and make your app popular in Play Store and App Store. Moreover, the best developers will launch your app, check users’ feedback, and upgrade your app.

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