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BigCommerce Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Conversion Rate

What’s the use of a website if it lacks conversion rate optimization? Doesn’t it sound more like a brand-new Ferrari with no engine? It will take you absolutely nowhere. Though this is a simple statement, it doesn’t fail to paint an impressive image of how pointless print on demand stores would be without any form of conversion. You have to understand that conversions can keep your BigCommerce Development Company running smoothly. Yes, it is undoubtedly the magnificent ‘engine’ of your business. That is why it is crucial to work hard on the way it can boost your company’s conversion rate.

Every BigCommerce store is renowned for its streamlined customer experiences, easy customization, and sleek design. But that isn’t all. Along with all of the excellent features, it also owns smart backend designs – this makes simple site management possible. All the owners of e-commerce businesses aim to increase revenue and boost customer conversions. However, one might notice that profits are declining or remain stagnated if the BigCommerce store isn’t updated regularly.

Luckily for you, there isn’t much to worry about. We have assembled the simplest yet most effective practices for you to ensure that all your customers are enjoying the benefits of your BigCommerce website.

You Gotta Regularly Update Your Inventory

When you keep your BigCommerce website updated and streamlined with all the latest products, it will encourage more conversions than you could possibly imagine. Research proves that is how BigCommerce works.

It also shows consumers respond far better with way fewer choices available to them. To do this you have to create a clearance or sale section then proceed to transfer all the items you have no intention of re-stocking.

You must carefully go through your inventory and identify all the products which are not selling well. Add them all to the sales page. However, to entice your customers to go through the website and proceed to make a purchase, you have to create clear categories and segregate all the products accordingly. Add features that will alert your customers about new products or how only a few items are left of a particular product.

It will create an urgency that will then cause higher conversion rates.

Work Your Way With Abandoned Carts

You must have special features installed on your website that send shoppers a series of customizable emails motivating them to purchase the products they have left behind.

Moreover, if you include coupons or tell your customers about how quickly stock on their selected product is running out, then it will positively boost your conversion rates and recover almost 15% of the lost sales.

Your BigCommerce development services should follow the best practice when it comes to emailing timing.

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Have You Given A Thought About Optimizing Paid Ads?

What is the best and quickest way you can enhance the conversion rates? It is by ensuring that all the right people (your prospective audience) is visiting your website. It can be achieved by creating different online advertisements that are spread across a myriad of different platforms. You can always attract potential customers by this. However, that isn’t enough.

Apart from creating paid advertisements, you also need to optimize it. It will act as the major reason behind conversion. Are you concerned about how you are going to achieve that? Well, it is actually quite simple. Most paid advertisements demand to know about the goal ( in your case ‘Conversions’) of your advertisement.

When you are on BigCommerce, there are several types of apps and extensions that you can make the most of. Keep in mind to select either sales or conversions as the goal of your advertisement.

You Need To Regularly Revise Meta Descriptions, Content Pages, and Meta Tags

You have to ensure that every search engine, including Google, is assessing the organic value of your website. The need to make regular updates on the content available on the product pages (especially those that sell the most items), contact pages, and the homepage is of vital importance.

Besides, you must make sure to revise the titles, tags, and meta descriptions. It will motivate the search engines to revisit the content on your website and rank it accordingly.

Ensure The Checkout Process Is Simplified

Never complicate the whole checkout procedure. One of the significant reasons why a consumer leaves behind his or her cart before checking out is because of the super complicated process of checking out. You need to design one that is user-friendly and while you are at it create a simple, highly efficient optimized payment method.

To make sure your prospective customers come back to your website to shop more, give them an option to create an account. This will save shipping information along with their payment options making the checkout experience quicker and smoother. Your customers are bound to cling to your magnificent BigCommerce store and come back to it for more.

What About Free Shipping?

Being a BigCommerce developer you simply can’t overlook the power of free shipping. Currently, we are living in a highly competitive e-commerce world where something like free shipping can either make or break the deal. It is true, regardless of what your online shopping website is about. It might sound like it isn’t a big deal, but it actually is.

Customers love the fact of not paying any extra charges for shipping. It will work as a marvelous incentive to attract more potential customers. What you can do is set a threshold for minimum purchase where you don’t face the issue of getting stung. It will help you secure your profit while your customers end up with something that is free.

Take up this opportunity to motivate your customers to shop more so that they can avail of free shipping. Besides, the prospect of free deliver is extremely exciting to shoppers.

Coupon Codes Can Do The Trick

The more the incentive better will be the chances of converting a window shopper into a permanent one. When you give away coupon codes just like free shipping, you encourage a greater number of shoppers to take notice. It will also help to grow the email list and come handy in the future for marketing campaigns. You can do this quickly by asking your users to enter their details and email id to win coupons.

Another thing that you have to put some thought into is how you are going to offer these coupons. One is sending it directly to their email address which is perfect for your current customers. Entry and exit pop-ups will attract other visitors. This way they will take a look at your website which will proceed to purchase.

Pay Attention To The Feature Of Customer Review

Almost every customer goes through the reviews and shopping experience that others had. This is one of the most trusted and sought out ways for consumers to gain the knowledge they need on the product. When you add the product review feature, the chance to attract potential customers with positive reviews of previous customers increases.

Furthermore, you should also show how you have made an effort to rectify any problem faced by consumers.

Thus, these are some of the best ways to boost your conversion rates without breaking a sweat with the help of BigCommerce.

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